Images: Beautiful renderings of the all-touch BlackBerry 10 device


  • Jim.Shorts

    I like

    • RIMservation

      You would think that 3 motnhs before having phones in stores they would have a REAL PICTURE.

      Dec 2012 and they still have:”Artist Renderings”??

      I have an 8530 and love RIM but they are simply hopeless!

      If the phone is in “Gold” stage why not start posting Photographs and not Renditions or Interpretations.

      Call me in March when I can go to the store and hold one BB10 in my hand. If I like it I will buy one, otherwise I will pass. Canadian or not I buy the phones I LIKE and NEED.

    • NOOB!!!

      Not liking the huge “BlackBerry” branding on the front……… Looks cheap!!

  • KimJong-iil

    froyo ?

    • Amadeus

      Why can’t we have good comments for change?

  • jay

    Is the new bb10

  • TZM

    I like as well.. looks great.

  • iphoneee

    that looks like ifone

    • QC_Al

      Because it’s a rectangle with rounded corners…oh yeah, Apple copyrighted that right? How about larger screen, smaller bezel and NO HOME BUTTON.

      Ya, looks just like it…lol

    • phreezerburn

      Someone’s already come out with RIM has a patent for a circle with 2 pair of elongated sections of different lengths.

  • Andrew

    Wow, beautiful! Never thought I’d say this, but this seriously makes me want to switch back to BlackBerry!

    Ah, the good old days of my Curve 8330.

  • COBwiggy

    White one looks awesome

  • Cody

    Very surprisingly I’m impressed…

  • Bob Dole

    Is this bb10?

  • Max

    Breathtakingly gorgeous!

  • Mike

    Do these people not understand how Apple owns rectangles and rounded corners? And touch screens, soft keyboards, and the air you breathe?

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    I’m sticking with my OneX, but I really like the look of the new BB.

  • oldschool

    Beautiful, can’t wait to grab one.

    And RIM, don’t forget about the BB10 upgrade for the playbook for couple hundred people still using one, myself included.

    • Carol Bream

      Wouldn’t it be lovely if BB actually gave us the OS 10 on our PlayBooks. I actually like mine, but didn’t wait for the BB10. Sorry, RIM.

  • Money is everything

    I just jizzed in my pantyhose!

  • zelalem getachew

    Lovely but I can’t …

  • Dalex

    Wow… even with my phone being the beautiful One X, this is a stunning device… Way to make an impression… I might just pick this up.

    Patience is not my thing though, so I hope this is released quickly after January 30th.

  • marion

    gimme gimme gimme

  • John Marshall

    Shiiiinyyyy… O.O

  • Anonymous1

    It won’t look anything like that. I will look like the Dev Alpha devices minus the Dev Alpha branding.

  • speedbump

    I guess all will hinge on the quality of software

    • pacalis

      Nice looking device.

      But all will hinge on the quality of the ecosystem.

    • phreezerburn

      100 great applications is preferable to a million glorified shortcuts. Pour through just the “weather” selections on Android, iOS and Windows Phone and marvel at how it all renders down to two or three actually accurate apps worth picking from. Even the news readers are easily dominated by a few very well implemented apps with the rest being merely chaff and all of those can be accomplished with a browser.

  • NS49

    I thought it would look terrible but DAM, those pictures are one of the best looking phones I’ve seen! Hopefully the OS is just as good looking (from some videos, its not that pretty)

    • RIMservation

      They are renderings.

      Rendering= Photoshop design of an Artist in photoshop of what they woul like the product to look like.

      In the entire mobile industry RIM is the only one that uses Renderings. Everybody else simply announce the product and then they simply post pictures.

      But since the product is not finished, they hired an artist to post these cool Photoshops and then they post an “Finished product might look different”

      Classic RIM. BB10 phones at the local store are still around 3 months away. The N4 will actually catch up with demand by then.

  • Bob Dole

    IM gonna buy 10 of them and give all 10 of them away! cuz im awesome and i love everyone!!!!

  • coop3422

    Nice looking device. If BB10 has an impressive first year and they get apps made for eveything I currently use, I may make the switch.

  • Stu


  • 2c

    RIP RIM !!!!

    • Johentie

      another useless troll … sigh… when will people grow up?

  • Plan Shopper

    Those are the nicest pictures yet. That white one is extremely hot! White hot.

    Making me rethink my Nexus 4 purchase but the Nexus is so low $ that I’ll get the BB10 as well and just switch between devices.


    renders show it off well

  • 2c


  • Gene

    I’m sold. Just hope the camera is great and somebody ports mx player over to BB10.

  • mike

    Aside from the bezel being too thick its a very nice piece of hardware

    • Back in Black

      The bezel is touch sensitive, and there for a reason.

  • iFizzle

    They better hire the guy that made these renderings to redesign the original to make it look like these ASAP… They look pretty awesome…

  • Aiden

    Canadian …and Beautiful!

  • Joe Jim Bob the third


    You are a bloody obvious shill, so go shill and vomit FUD elsewhere. Moron. The things you say are stupid and pointless drivel.

  • Andy Kabasubabo Koni

    Very impressive hardware
    if the software can hold up.
    ill switch from iPhone

  • Hmza

    Make it unlocked for 100-250, I’ll take it!

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), Jack

    RIM at $13.55

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Very Nice !! I hope the price is reasonable also

  • ActivesiN

    I wonder what will show up first….bb10 or my nexus 4 that I ordered on the 3rd……

  • Ron Mexico

    Problem with these renders is we’v already seen the real thing in photos and video. And it looks like a cheap POS.

    • Johentie

      sure it does.. and how does it look cheap? have u seen it? held it? know what it’s made out of?

      no? then shut up!

      if anything blackberry flag ship phones always have good quality..

    • Anonymous1

      Johentie: I HAVE used the final product. It does feel cheap and light. It’s not a pretty device at all.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Stop looking at the photos and video with your flip phone.

      -Bionic Troll, made from parts of 3 lesser trolls.

  • Get. A. Clue.

    It’s a concept you i****s… Get a clue

    • QC_Al

      Ya….a concept. Pre-order your “concept” phone as of today online @ Rogers….f’n moron.

  • Kersat

    From everything I’ve read and seen,this should put RIM back in good standing.

  • Johentie

    for those that are saying these are renderings..yes they are.. but there are PLENTY of HIGH DEF pictures out there of the real thing.. and it looks exactly the same!!

    so go crawl under your rock and pretend ur right about RIM having only renderings and nothing to show and prove..


    • Anonymous1

      It’s becoming more apparent that you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • TouchMyBox

    Hopefully they ditch the giant logo.

  • Anonymous1

    Are most of you blunt? That is just an artists rendering. The phone will NOT look like that. LOL @ people downvoting my first reply because I spoke the truth.

  • Why

    That is so ugly!

  • YSM

    400 is the price

  • Word

    Render looks nice, if Anonymous1 is right and it feels cheap, they better hope it’s quick to boot, doesn’t freeze, hourglass, have problems with trackpads (for the 9900 lookalike), etc. Otherwise they’re done. And I understand Canadians should support Canadian products, but not if they’re crap thanks. Would you buy a Canadian car if it was a giant POS? no.

  • Rob

    The design looks incredible good job RIM!

  • sp

    white… YES PLEASE!!!!

    white looks amazing!!

  • BHH

    If this is the real thing, wow I really like it. Can hardly wait until January 30th.

  • Wait for it…

    It looks like a huge bezel that they’re hiding behind the glass to make it look like its part of the screen.

    • Back in Black

      It is part of the screen (sort of), the bezel is touch sensitive and facilitates some pretty cool gestures used in BB10.

    • Why

      The bezel is not touch sensitive you i***t.

  • nathan

    I thought black was nice but white is sexy as;djlf

  • jess

    I want one of these in my hand now please.

  • grahamf

    Actually the white one will be white-on-black, with a black bezel around the screen.

  • Mohamed

    Dang, I may bash RIM a lot but this phone look beautiful, Koodos RIM Koodos.

  • Allan

    Love it!!! Now get it to market ASAP!!!

  • ckizzle

    Looks awfully similar to my Droid Razr HD I just picked up. Which is a good thing!

    Now, only if they figured out the software so I won’t have to pull the battery out to unfreeze the damn thing.

  • Spanish Prince from Toronto

    This better have at least 1.5 dual core processor, 1gb of ram, and 8mp camera, 1080 video playback

  • skullan

    *In my Rocco Siffredi voice* Sexy… sexy… oh, you’re sexy… Look at that, look at that. Oh ya, come here… Sexy

  • menodumb

    Should remove the big Blackberry lettering and just keep the logo instead .Cleaner ,and a recognized logo anyways .


    Hi everyone. Did I miss something?

  • len

    I love my Nokia 920… but dam that’s a nice phone… omg… if I had money I would own that my 920 and the One X+….. sigh

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Great job RIM. Glad you people are not total morons like Google and LG by putting a glass plate on the back side of a phone.

  • Justin

    Nice looking device indeed!!

    Altho only one full-touch (dual-core, L-Series), and one qwerty-style device (N-Series) at initial launch..
    That is fine…

    Until the later part of the year when the rumour has it slated for a fast (quad-core, A-Series?) full-touch to release.

    I understand they want their new product out by now, and a lot of people are waiting for this exciting time! But I am sure some are questioning initially, “should I wait till the faster, quad-core rumoured, more of a superphone device releases, or just get the new L-Series at launch in Jan/Feb?” Why not give people more of a choice at initial launch, and let them choose which one they prefer, rather than six months down the road when locked into a contract and their current L-Series device is “old” already because of a newer device!

    When I read of an A-Series, now I kinda wanna wait for it…seems to be only an extra 6 months wait till it launches vs getting the L-Series now….

    —Patiently waiting BB10! 🙂

  • migo

    That looks very nice. If it’s close, I’ll be happy. I get the feeling it’ll be a bit thicker though.

  • SheepSix

    Looks great but it doesn’t need to be this thin. Please please don’t sacrifice battery life (or the camera ala 9900) just so the device can be thin.

  • Lucas J.

    Those are really nice, I don’t care what anyone says. They just look sleek.