MTS releases the Samsung Galaxy S III for $579.99 outright


  • PC

    Too late.

  • vengefulspirit99

    580 for such a nice phone? why not?

  • mike

    $579.99 is to high. Koodo priced it at $550 plus their giving away a $100 gift card for free. Which makes the phone actually $450 after gift card. Koodos offer is the best. Or $400 on tab plus gift card makes it $300.

    • daredeshouka

      Are those 100% brand new? I can’t remember if it was Koodo or Wind last time that was selling previously used/returned phones for really low prices. If these are brand new wow I have to go get one!

    • Dan

      It’s Koodo with the refurbs, but those are $350.

    • carl

      If you look at the fine print on Koodo’s website it says “$100 Bonus Gift” for the Samsung Galaxy S3 only. Other phones are offering a “$100 gift card”. I asked a Koodo rep and they said if you get the S3 you only get a $50 gift card and $50 credit in Koodo accessories. So it’s not as great a deal as it may seem but still better than MTS.

  • EvanKr

    You know a phone’s almost reached the end of its lifespan when…

    1. Rumors of a successor in the coming month or two are circulating
    2. Parts or cases for a newer model begin to leak online
    3. MTS releases it

    • ceedge

      ha! number 3, ain’t that the truth. They did inexplicably get the iPhone5 shortly after release this year. Who knows, maybe they’ll get the Note in a year

  • Joyok

    hey, does anyone know what widget is that on the screenshot? looks nice

  • Kurt

    I’m liking that $200 for a two year. I wish more carriers did that.

    • Justin

      $200 on a two year is a decent price..haven’t seen a 2-yr contract price from MTS in awhile!

  • mike

    @Dan koodo doesn’t sell refurb phones lol. They sell brand new galaxy S3’s