Google says it is “winning the mobile war” with Apple, has no plans to build out Windows apps


  • Peter Griffin

    Go Google!

    • tooold

      Google’s getting pretty cocky – and they have every right to be

    • InfinitiGuy

      Windows Phone?

    • Daniel Bryan

      typical google sheep baaaaaaaaaa

  • Tom

    I’m glad they aren’t totally in control.

    I’m not in favour of chaos – by any means – but I don’t trust any company enough that I would want them to have total control over my smartphone platform, given how important to our lives these platforms are becoming.

  • TK

    Meanwhile u guys just did the worst phone launch ever that pissed off a lots royal customers

  • Janelle

    Mmm.. Tasty key lime pie =)

  • Qoma

    “Google says it’s better than competitors; doesn’t plan to support competitors.”

    I’ll wait for the news story that says “Google admits competitors are a little better than them; plans to aid new competitors in building their market share.”

    • Brandon

      I’m not sure if you were being sarcastic or not, but why would google give market share to competitors? And if they admit competitors are better, why would they help them? Not that they are better than google anyways. For the sake of Canadians, please admit you are an american.

    • Qoma

      Yes, it was sarcasm. In that, duh, Google thinks it’s better than it’s competitors, and duh, they don’t want to make one of their competitors’ weak app selection better. If they said the opposite, THEN that might be considered news.

  • Alex

    In quantity, sure. Look what it did to Windows.

  • pawn

    Duh… Winning!!!

  • John Marshall

    Well, with most of the world’s mobile data passing through Google’s ecosystem, and having to sign into a Google account to use basically any of it, I’m sure they can be implicitly trusted with it.

    As a Windows Phone user, I may be using a platform that has “no users”, but at least I’m sitting out the war.

  • Joeltime

    I just want them to build the Nexus 4 I ordered 2 weeks ago.


    RIP APPLE!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny

    I don’t want the war to end. I like to see ’em fight because it brings innovation on both sides. But I’m still waiting for my Nexus 4…

  • greg

    Good for Google and Android!

    I’ve been an Apple user and supporter (OS, phones, ipods) since the late ’90s, and I’ve seen the company basically take over the mp3 player and laptop industry, and Apple almost took over the cellular industry if not for companies like Samsung and Google. I’m not even going to mention RIM since they currently have such low user base.

    However, the longer and the more I use Apple products the more ridiculous it feels to support a company which came out with “upgrades” like the iPhone 4S, or the “new” iPad at such a quick turnover rate and basically screw their supporters over for quick profit.

    Apple is doing it again with the iPhone 5Ass, and will continue to do it until consumers tire of the company pushing quick turn-around, mediocre products at the expense of its supporters.

    Apple as a company should be very, very afraid of Google (and Samsung), and stop trying so hard to be like the Microsoft of the 90s. Look where Microsoft is now with their user base and bad products, and learn from that company’s mistakes.

    • Alex

      So, you support a company that has multiple incremental upgrades within a single year vs 1 a year? It’s the same on both sides. Neither one is altrustically better then the other.

  • Scott

    For me it’s simple – competition means innovation, lower prices, and better service so consumers win. If any one company “wins” then all the rest of us lose. So long live competition!

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Microsoft, you reap what you sow. Next time think twice about encouraging false malware claims against Android in social media outlets. PWNED.


    “The core strategy is to make a bigger pie,” he said. And what a tasty pie it is.

    KEY LIME PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • danion

    wasn’t the same with the iphone ? they were the winners in front of everyone, just like nokia(symbian) or RIM (still, the the best tuned platform and finest quality build but no marketing), before them. now they struggle to kep what they got because they were (thinking) they’re winners, even they were surrounded. tomorrow google might not be anymore google but a multitude of variations each of them with their own supporters and developers…’m on android now but i would bet on windows in the end…will see…

    • Alex

      This is true of anyone who is in the lead. No one is in the lead forever.

  • Don Johnson

    I can see it all now:
    #1 android
    #2 BB 10(I’ve been checking them out the last little while, looks great, for people who need a keybroad or a device for work)
    #3 Apple (Apple better bring out something game changing, not just a new connector port, or they will be 4th)
    Apples stock down 25% ($172.41) since mid September, RIM up $123% for same period. I’m going to retire my Iphone 4S in Febuary, and try Blackberry.

    • BlackBerry Comeback!


  • Jesse B

    It would be nice if they actually spent some time making WP8 apps….I get a pretty arrogent vibe from them when they just brush it off and say “no”.

    • Legendary

      The recent Windows Phone marketing campaign on twitter that was just an attempt to try to get people to complain about android (#droidrage was the hashtag that they picked) kinda blew up in their face, and probably didn’t endear them to Google.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    They also won the stupidity award by making a Nexus 4 phone with a glass plate back that can easily break. Good Job Google. You won the Darwin award for stupidity

  • Manny

    One iPhone vs the world I guess… Apple will always remain the original …

  • Toto

    Hopefully Apple will be reduced to pieces in a year’s time.
    I hope see Google, Microsoft and RIM grab Apple’s market share

  • Dan Brook

    If this rivalry has demonstrated anything, in the very least we can say that competition is absolutely important. The very basis for taking one another to court is to stake a claim of ownership to a ‘defining’ trend that is absorbed by a huge market. Google (Android) can revel in their market share, but it is always a bad strategy to want “all of the pie”. “Some of the pie” is okay, it yield innovation and better strategies. “All of the pie” yields a less than favourable market position. It’s interesting that nobody has really identified the logical result of these proceedings; namely that the two platforms are more alike than we are led on to believe. They have to be based on the judgements between Samsung v Apple and Googe v. Apple. The irony is reading the comments that claim ‘one is better than the other’ when clearly they are not that different.

  • Graeme

    Users aren’t using windows 8 I am willing to bet he’ll eat those words within one year, and within two years there will be a google maps for windows phone 8.5

    • Legendary

      He didn’t say that they’ll never develop for Windows Phone, just that it doesn’t make sense right now.

      By developing for android, you get access to Android’s market share and you also develop for Blackberry 10 (as Blackberry 10 runs android apps).

      By developing for iOS, you get access to Apple’s market share.

      By developing for Windows phone, you don’t get much at the moment.

    • chuck

      Personally I don’t care for anything Google. Bing Maps works great and the only service I wish they didn’t own was Youtube. Plenty people use Windows regardless of what google thinks. Go ahead Google pretend I didn’t exist and I’ll just ignore you in the process. No buddy has a bigger echo system them Microsoft. Their arrogance is on another level.

  • Micheal

    Funny he says that yet since ICS 4.0 Android is trying harder and harder to look like Windows Phone even the redesigned and new Android Apps are mimicking Windows Apps but they are just not as pretty.

    • chuck

      Ain’t it the truth. That’s why I don’t give Microsoft slack about keeping things under wraps till it’s ready to launch. In the beginning they showed it off in March when it releases in Oct/Nov and all Google and Apple did was copy the features. Everybody phone is better today thanks to ripping ideas from Windows Phone.

  • Apple Fan

    On the other news, Apple has decided to license iOS to IBM and Dell for their upcoming phones and tablets, in exchange for $2 billion per year of loyalty fee. You can use iOS Apps and iMessage on many devices. After the annoucement, Google Android stocks drop by 50% over night….

    obviously not a real news, but a distinct possibility. If Google can saturate market with android, so can Apple, no big deal.


    $2 billion stupid