TELUS expands LTE coverage into Brantford, now reaches 65% of the Canadian population


  • BBM

    Nice.. LTE in the casino.

  • jay

    Look brantford, im happy for you and imma let you be happy with your LTE.

    But… what about winnipeg!!?!

    Sorry, obligatory post.

  • aliwhatsit

    you can tell they really need that 700mhz spectrum.

    • Dave

      The current LTE rollout by telus/bell/rogers at frequencies higher than 700 MHz is market driven.
      Why wouldn’t they want to rollout on 700 MHz given lesser frequencies = longer wavelength = better signal propagation = less towers to upgrade = less cost to provide LTE and beyond?
      Don’t believe me about the signal propagation? Compare the distance from your house to the [defunct] location of the TV tower versus the distance from your house to cell tower.

  • DBder

    Like me and MS on

    Facebook is so last year, it’s like the new myspace now

  • Jerry

    LTE is nice, but its not super fast LTE. At least my iPhone battery will last longer (switching between LTE and 3g all day was murder on the battery)

  • Joe

    Not hating on Telus here, but 12-25 average? My Rogers HSPA+ can reach 14 MBps down in the middle of the day

  • hunkyleepickle

    Give it a another year, and lte will be overloaded and not much faster than hspa+ . especially south of the border.

  • darren

    I usually get 30~50 on Telus LTE

  • Dave

    What’s the point of LTE is you don’t have an unlimited or at least 10gb of data… I dunno but watching youtube or checking the mail doesn’t require 50mb speeds. I’m on hspa+ and have never had a problem, the only time I would switch to LTE is if I could get a massive data plan so I could torrent HD movies on the go on my android phone or tablet…

    • ASB

      My apartment has really crappy free internet, so my phone is usually on LTE when at home.

      Ever since moving here, I have been finding myself easily reaching my 6gb limit.

  • matt

    In st. Johns i get 50mbps down with rogers lte, got tired of waiting for telus to launch it about 2 months ago

  • Jon

    And still nothing I’m saskatchewan 🙁

    • Porilaisten

      Don’t get your panties in a wad.

      SaskTel is launching theirs in Feb 2013. Hopefully you live in Regina or Saskatoon.

  • owl

    Brantford, “home of the Great One.” That would be Sir Alexander Graham Bell, whose stick-handling improved quality of life for billions of people, and created jobs for millions. Including those on this website.

  • Ken

    100% coverage LTE coming to Spuzzam BC. LOL

  • Matt

    I hope to see coverage in Sudbury by the end of the year…

  • Gregory

    Still waiting on Georgetown, ON. They have the town surrounded – Brampton, Milton, Guelph – and all the farms around us are lit up, but nothing in Georgetown proper.

    Sigh. At least I can save battery on my iPhone for now by disabling LTE mode on it.

  • Jessy

    I got LTE in Trois-Rivières, QC since yesterday. However, speeds are weak, I actually don’t see any real difference. Max I got was around 11 Mbits.