RIM to produce final BlackBerry Jam music video, but they need your input for song ideas


  • BB

    This is stupid.


      This is all good and jan 30 launch event blah blah, but WHEN can I walk into a store, hand the clerk money and in return get a physical BB10 device?

      Looking for an ACTUAL F***ING DATE…

    • Really?

      What is this? a joke? Launch the bloody phone and cut the nonsense with music videos. You don’t see Apple, Google, and others making dumb videos that nobody cares about.

      GROW UP RIM and cut your $hit.

  • skazzers

    Developers don’t know how to jam. The only jam they know is the one in their sandwiches!!!

  • iphoneee

    Hey hey hey..goodbye

  • skinnypig

    My input: please don’t make another music video…

  • Brad Pidswcalny

    you guys are all the dumbest people i have every seen in my life and obviously do not love technology.

    more players in the market = a better market

    now get smart i****s …..like geez are you all 10 years old ?

  • Brad Pidswcalny

    @DATENIGHT do you not know thats what a announcement is there to tell people when you can go and buy the device ? learn some common sense.

    BB10 will be more than anyone expects. Rim owned the market once, its not unreasonable to think they can do it again.

    they have a phone in theworks (not one of the 2 launch phones) that will blow the specs out of the water


      Learn some common sense? How do you “learn” common sense LOL! You RACIST!

      Great, Jan 30 they will give us a date on which they will announce what date they plan to announce when the phone will be available lol. Where is the phone lol, its already 2 years late, RIM?

  • journey

    “Don’t stop believing”

    • Bubble Snake!

      I was going to suggest this too, you beat me to it 😉

      Unfortunately, I have stopped believing 🙁

  • Brad Pidscalny

    @DATENIGHT you are just a troll, go back to your iphone. because you clearly know nothing about BB10 or all the Dev languages it supports or how its micro kernel actually works.

    if you did you would have alot more patience and support for the only company in mobile who is still innovating, sure they were stagnant for awhile but they saw the error of their ways.

    and where as the linux kernal already existed it still took google 2 years to build a stable release of android if you dont remember i 2g iphone came out in 2005 and the first android phone the G1 or htc Dream if you live in canada witch i think you do and i do as well came out in 2007.

    i dont think rims late at all. i think if rim released BB10 on their origional release date the market would not of been ready for it and the launch would not of went as well as i believe it will go when it comes out

  • icyhotonmynuts

    My song vote: Yakety Sax

  • icyhotonmynuts

    I watched the video.. could those old guys be any more obvious they are reading from a teleprompter/cue cards?

    At least hire some genuine actors, or get people from the company that believe in the product so much they can talk on camera without looking like they’re acting.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Douchebag YouTube video: “Send us your song ideas. We want to hear from you”

    Disabled comments.

  • Brad Pidscalny

    @icyhotonmynuts the point is to not hire actors. they wanted to have the BB Executives doing the videos to not only show the commitment to the BB10 platform but their commitment to the consumers. you dont see google/apple/samsung/htc or any other companys Executives doing some of the grunt work.

    i think its nice to see them not sitting by and hoping it all turns out well they are actively working to make sure it works

  • Bubble Snake!

    Since “don’t stop believing” was already suggested, I’m going to suggest “Van full of r*****s” by “@nal çunt”.

  • OgtheDim

    How about……..

    Don’t you want me NOKIA?

  • QC_Al

    The Final Countdown…..’nuff said. Can’t wait to see the final product 😀

  • Rory

    The End by The Doors

  • Miknitro

    “Low Rider” -War

    “Jeepster” -T.Rex

  • ile2010

    How about they produce a BB10 device?

  • ExcessDan

    my idea is for them to hang up their instruments and not embarrass themselves or RIM any further

  • Zeake

    Here as song idea. “DO fear the reaper!”

  • Dave

    Sexy Sax Man ft George Michael

  • joseph 1982

    what about… running with my bb10

  • Tim

    “Come and Get It” – Badfinger (McCartney)