Google Drive for Android and iOS gain native spreadsheet editing, we don our spectacles to evaluate


  • Graham

    About freaking time!

    Fantastic news.

  • Crunk

    Repost – It’s good stuff for iOS, the old Google Drive App was worse for editing spreadsheets than the website on Safari! The new app is a step up from the web site, which is the way it should be.

    Now hurry up and finish Google Maps for iOS, we’re dying over here! Your website keeps forcing me to log out and log in in order to remember my saved places 🙁

  • Mischa Price

    Well this is great but i would have rathered there be a presentation editor for mobile, because i do most of my presentation on google docs because of collaboration and i always forget i can’t edit on the drive mobile app and it become frustrating

  • haxor99

    Not bad, but in my 5000 row spreadsheet there is now no way to get to the bottom of the sheet outside of scrolling manually all the way down.

    • crimsona

      Yeah I’ve found that even hiding rows doesn’t show them as hidden on the app.

      The interface is heads and shoulders above the old one though

  • Ryan

    Damn, such a good update for iOS. Awesome to use on the iPad too, essentially a doc/sheet editor now as well.

    Finally they added the option to save/open attachments from other apps into Drive.

    Thanks Google.

  • Chris

    About time… When they acquired Quickoffice and the project I was working on was duplicate of Drive, I thought at least Drive will have good editors at least. Took them 6 months to integrate the document engine.

  • skazzers

    Yesss…. now I can finally do my calculations on the highway.
    If rob ford can read while driving, I can excel with excel!!

  • Henaway

    Holy crap is this an improvement!! I use a Sheet to track my bowling scores/average/etc every week, and before this, none of the fields would calculate without submitting and refreshing and all that nonsense. Now … BOOM! There it is. This takes their spreadsheets from, “Yeah, I can use it on my phone, but it isn’t easy.” to something I will be using much more frequently in the future!