Image of the BlackBerry 10 N-Series QWERTY keyboard leaks online


  • Benz

    Best keyboard hands down, but ill be buying the full touch! Keep those stock’s rising!

    • Lucretia and Shaniqua

      Is this BB10?

    • LGBT Compatriot

      Did RIM invent the keyboard? OR was that Alan Gore??


      F4CT: The keyboard on this device is bigger than the screen.

    • Alnur Ismail

      Here it comes!!!!!!!

      GO RIM GO

  • Jake

    I’ll be buying the full touch too, but good on BlackBerry for offering choice. There are a lot of die hard keyboard fans that are gonna love this phone, and yes they do make the best keyboard in the industry.

    • Graham

      I agree, but right now it also feels as though they make the ONLY keyboard in the industry. Whither high-end android devices with hardware keyboards?

  • Dalex

    Hey look, it looks the same… booooring… Where’s my Galaxy S4 ? 😛

    • stating the obvious

      It’s in the samsung thread a few pages back

  • mark e. mark

    It’s got a space bar and everything!

  • Plazmic Flame

    @Graham – You are right. Blackberry makes the ONLY good keyboards in the business now. Others have tried but they keep releasing stuff with mediocre software. You won’t see a GS3 or iPhone with a keyboard because everyone has been chasing the iPhone.

    What’s going to be amazing is that Blackberry is going to land the two punch combo by offering the full touch experience AND the tried, tested & true physical keyboard.

    Can’t wait to leave my iPhone 4S for the N-Series!

  • Kid.Canada

    Why are “leaked” photos always in shitty quality? They seriously gotta stop using those iPhones…

    • mark e. mark

      my iphone 5 takes incredible pictures…but you aren’t here for truth are you/

  • Steven

    @Kid.Canada: here’s a disclaimer: I only like the first half of your post. Show me an in-market Android that can take better pictures than an iPhone 4s and we’ll talk.

    • d3v14n7

      HTC One X, Galaxy S 3…

    • d3v14n7

      Oh, not to mention pretty much any decent and modern Nokia smartphone in the last 3+ years…

    • GOD

      Even the Sony Xperia Arc with the 12 megapixels…

    • LLJoelJ

      Sony Xperia T….

    • LLJoelJ

      Basically any Sony smartphone moving forward will take better pictures than the iPhone. The iPhone borrows its camera sensor from Sony.

  • Jase

    Oddly uncurved in layout; on the 9900 or 97xx, the ‘Q’ and ‘P’ would be slightly higher than the ‘T’. Plus, microphone symbol with the ‘0’? Seems vertically-compressed as well. the actual keys are smaller.
    Are they reducing curves in the devices?

    • Dan

      Yes. Getting rid of the curves means that the keyboard will take up less space vertically, which means more room for the screen.

  • menodumb

    Welcome to 2003 RIM


    Looks like a QWERTY 🙂 I won’t “touch” the full screen. Waiting on the BB10 with QWERTY nothing compares for shortcuts, typing and the bigger screen will be a bonus.

  • Slimjim

    Shorting the stock. Hurry up and release this so it can bomb.

  • G -man

    BlackBerry owns QWERTY.
    Soon they’ll own the rest.

  • astudent

    mother of god

  • Hooo daaat

    I will buy the full keyboard, I have galaxy s3 and it is great but I miss the full keyboard + I figured that I don’t use alot of apps n stuff so I will go to the keyboard since it is way easier to msg and more simple.

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!!

    ill be buying one with the keyboard.

    • hoo dat

      2C, wasn’t funny when you started, even less funny now just tedious. It doesn’t matter where you post it, you still come across as being a t**t.

  • sanchela

    Nokia N8. 12 mp camera 3 years ago could take way better pics that your iCrap5 for 800 bucks these days

  • sanchela

    Also, that’s an incredible keyboard. Like the one I had on the Nokia 3310. Glad BB finally got there.

  • Sampson Simpson

    Yep, it’s a keyboard.

  • COB

    I honestly look forward to seeing what the touch one is like, and BB10, I love blackberry but the terrible selection of apps kills it for me.

  • eddiebaseball

    Statement made by RIM.

    • d3v14n7

      Exactly what “game” does it change? It’s pretty much the same keyboard that RIM has been using for almost a decade now… And what “statement” is RIM making with their QWERTY or touch devices? Android, WP8 and even iOS does everything a blackberry can do, and then some… There is absolutely no statement or game changing here, just the same old devices with revised specs and an updated OS.

    • hoo dat

      It’s not a game changer? You obviously don’t read much do you?

  • Zeake

    Is this bb11?

  • JP


  • Mike

    Don’t get me wrong but Blackberry 10 will be cool and all, but RIM is missing a huge mark with missing the Holiday season for people to be buying new devices. And when Rim does release BB10 after January 2013, Samsung will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy S4 around the same time in February 2013 and You know whats gonna happen, Everyones gonna be waiting in line for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 and Rims probably gonna cry cause their not gonna be selling to many BB10’s and their shareholders are gonna be piss@d off once again, cause RIM made two huge mistakes, 1) not launching for the holiday season, and 2) launching at the same time as Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch. You watch and see. My predictions have always been right so far from posting on Mobile Syrup.

    • QC_Al

      Wow, pardon us for not recognizing your demi-god status with your being able to predict the future and all…You must be right again, after all the 2012 Xmas season will be the last one ever, and RIM trying to go up against the 4th generation of a re-hashed regurgitated device with a little more horsepower than the last…ya, they have no chance. They would have been much better off releasing now and going up against iPhone 5 and WP8 and the new Galaxy Nexus, and the “Bond” phone, and………..i***t

    • Brad F

      lol @ bond phone comment hahahaah, that ruined any argument u might have had right there

    • QC_Al

      have you read the specs on it? Again, go troll elsewhere.

  • khota

    So what’s new here? Just the same old keyboard? You can imagine the levels the BlackBerry nation will go to: they are now salivating on a keyboard!!!

  • chillwinston

    @ mike S4 launched in february? Shows you dont know what your talking about Samsung will unveil it in February at the mobile world congress before launching a few months later at the earliest but nice try the. Guess you cant always be a smartass… I mean right.

  • Ron-C

    I want to cheer on RIM, cause it’s Canadian, hope they can catch up and be awesome.

  • ActivesiN

    wow…this keyboard and bb 10 will destroy IOS and Android…..

  • Coolio

    Should I wait for the BB10 device? I want something like the Bold 9900! Or should i just get the 9900 right now? I am having a hard time choosing! Please help me!

  • Vengefulspirit99

    all about preference guys. I prefer a touch screenn but many also prefer a kkeyboard. I remember back a few months ago when Samsung was suppose to release a s3 with a keyboard… wonder what happened to that lol

  • TKG26

    Gonna be a thick phone

  • Djk

    They reduced the curves because apple owns curves. 🙂

  • QC_Al

    @d3v14n7. iOS, WP8, and Android do everything BB does? Really? i didn’t realize that those devices/software did 128 bit data encryption for security…or compressed data so you can do twice as much texting and downloading on your plan…BB MAY have been slower up to this point, only because it was busy keeping your data safe and (again) compressing data, allowing you to download way more than the other platforms using the same amount of data. When people wake up and relize this (maybe after getting their personal banking information pirated from their device) it’ll make sense to them. Learn a little before you post.

  • QC_Al

    @d3v14n7. As well, an “updated OS” couldn’t be farther from the truth. Again learn a little before you post. The NEW OS doesn’t share a single line of code with their “Leagcy” OS. This one WILL change everything. Come February, go hold one in your hand, play with it a bit and THEN make your biased closed minded comments…

  • skazzers

    I hate to say this but with the Nexus 4 already out, RIM lost me as a customer and I’m sure plenty of others have already purchased Galaxy S3s, Nexus 4s and Iphone 5s for the year.

    BB10 is going to come out after the holidays when most of the gift shopping will already be completed.

  • Brad F

    that’s the same keyboard as….. ANY OTHER BLACKBERRY! i could have taken a picture of a 9700 and passed it off as this

    • Porilaisten

      Why reinvent the wheel?

    • QC_Al

      You can tell that from a fuzzy pixelated picture eh? You my good man are amazing…hmmm the 9700 had a curved keyboard it seems to me. And your eyes are calibrated so you can tell the actual size of it as well? Go troll elsewhere.

  • Jm

    what a waste of a post… a keyboard really?

  • lukeiphone

    Looking forward to bb10

  • Brad Pidswcalny

    Its amazing how many people on canadian mobile news site sit here and bash canadas best mobile company… RIM has poineered the cellular world all the way back to the humble pager, and the fact that they have almost 80 million subs.

    or the amount of people i know personally and impersonally that want to ditch their high end android or iphone to grab a blackberry.

    I firmly believe the linux kernel has met its match. and before any of you fanboys attack me linus was and is a genious but its time to pass the torch ! QNX has developed from the ground up a micro-kernel that not only has the ability to multi task like a champ it can run circles around the android kernel. as i am currently an android user running 4.1.2 paranoid android i mean its great andbetter than stock thats for sure, but my fiance put it in way that lit up a light bulb in my head

    “when i got my first android, the galaxy ace it was amazing but whenigot my second and third android….it was nothing amazing just yeap another adroid here there all the SAME, samsung,htc,lg….ect

    we desperately need RIM to change up the mobile space once again !!!!

  • FocusChallenged

    Holy crap, would it kill for people to know how to use a phone camera? You can focus the screen by clicking on the screen once. The feature has been around for years and it seems like most ‘leakers’ have no clue how to use it.

  • BB10SUX