Winner announced in our Google Nexus 4 contest!


  • Whoo Daat

    Why only white people win? lol

    • commenter

      In addition to having the whitest name possible… Scott Baker, no offense.

    • hurric

      nah ..first winner was asian in 20 days of…

  • jay

    congrats that would of been a sweet one to win

  • jamie scott

    Damm, thought it said Jamie Scott at first 😛 maybe next time!

  • Mike

    I never win nothing 🙁

  • Guy

    I feel like Charlie Brown………..a looser! 😉

  • Jon

    Hmmmm it seems like they only pick winners from Twitter. Guess I will have to make a Twitter account

  • Steve Rran

    I like it in black!!

  • STFUDouchebag

    “Why do only white people win?” :3 Really? So they go through all the entries and they say “Hmmm this guys surname is Abdul.. He has to lose because he isn’t white :/ ” then they say “Ahhhh! Scott Baker! That’s a white name! 😀 He wins! :O” Now go look in the mirror and call your self a dumbshit.

    • Whoo Daat

      lol it was a Joke..jeeeeez relax..

  • Tom Riddell

    I want it 🙂

  • nikolas

    Sweet deal

  • Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal

    “20 Days of Device Giveaways” 1 day ‘ll be mine 🙂

  • denise neil

    “20 Days of Device Giveaways” hoping one day to see my name