Virgin adjusts $57/month plan to compete with Koodo and Fido, offers up 2GB data with Unlimited talk and texts


  • Don

    Competition, lol.

    • koodo

      With Google Voice; Dell Voice etceteras.
      All we need is a $40 -$50 data-only plan.

      If you are in the “Wind zones” their $40 plan is the way to go!

      What makes ROBELUS think that people “HAVE” to pay over $50 per month?

    • Greed

      They want ARPUs exceeding $60.

  • justin

    Stay RIGHT away from Virgin mobile. They got you contracted, they’ll be insolent about returning phonecalls, hell in a contract, they’ll remind you of it, reguardless how many promises they break. Take it from me. I am a very unsatisfied virgin customer

    • Pete

      “very unsatisfied virgin”… 😀

  • John

    Fido has the better plan, the tab never gets paid off. While with Fido you can get a one s or a galaxy nexus on a 2 year.

  • Cory

    “adjusts” right, its just price matching like the parent companies.

    Competition in this country is such s**t.

  • Dave

    This would be a good plan for like $40-45…

  • Aiden

    This is actually a good plan. Not great, not bad, but good.

  • Rich

    I’ve actually had great experiences with Virgin — their customer service and overall ‘laid back’ style is refreshing. There’s a reason why they have the best customer service rating amongst all carriers (even before Bell bought them).

    That aside, although these carriers are still copying one another, the reality is you are getting more features compared to what you would have before.

  • General Gustov

    When I get my NEXUS 4 , this just gives me so many options now and its great to see , but they can lower the price I think to about 45$ and this will be a great plan.

  • Tejas

    I don’t even know why Bell and Rogers have a marketing department ? All they have to do is follow Telus’s promos and plans hard could that be ? They can save lot of money by simply getting rid of their marketing and advertising dept , and just blindly follow what Telus is doing 🙂

  • Kid.Canada

    I like how the Wireless industry misuses the word Competition, let’s be honest, it’s super obvious the collusion thats happening here so you can’t fool us…

    • Gideon

      So true, now the next step is to prove it, take them to court, and win. Then have them cut cheques to every wireless subscriber in Canada to reimburse them for the excess charges over the years.

  • Jay

    What about increasing their $45 plan? It only comes with 250MB, Koodo offers double that for the same price. I would like my data plan doubled!

    • MattyMattMatt

      All the plans now match koodoo, except that data overage is cheaper with virgin. I think the important thing is the full subsidy on gs2 or razr v… considering this counts as a voice plan.

  • max

    Is it considered price fixing?

    • koodo

      Thanks to the innaction of the CRTC; this is what operators call “Competition”

      -Can you think of another Country where 3yrs are NOT ILLEGAL??

      -Where else in the world they have the 8-month old S3 for $0 ON THREE YR CONTRACT and they call it a “DEAL”??
      -I call it a joke! if they offer phones on 3yr they should offer WARRANTY FOR 3 Yrs ( the cost would make it reduce to 2yr max in a few months.)

      But the CRTC is Missing in Action in Canada.
      We have to vote with our wallets.

  • wile e. coyote

    this plan looks good. I have 3 phones at virgin and the service is great.

  • gjeff12

    The big 3 should have shared ads. It would say something like “$60 plan available on Rogers, Bell, and Telus.” Then they could each add one distinguishing feature to create the illusion of choice. Just saved them millions of ad dollars.


    Where’s the crtc…..this just shows you how the wireless industry is like in Canada. This is just crap…collusion sucks….none of these companies compete they just match one another. I am totally against this practice.

  • Captain Truth

    No matter what any company comes out with, you people will always complain. A couple of months ago when unlimited plans didnt exist, you were all whining about how 65$ for a plan with top 10 no cid or vm and 1gig was a joke and it should be unlimited at that price. Now you have canada wide unlimited talk text cid vm AND 2gb of data for EVEN CHEAPER and youre all still crying. You guys want to pay 20$ a month? Go to public.

    • Tommy Texter

      You’ve missed the point entirely. Yes, the plans are somewhat better, though far, far from what most would consider a “great deal”. It’s the sleaziness of the Big3 that people are unsatisfied with.

      The CEO’s have coffee in the morning, agree on pricing, and the plans are in effect the day or two after.

      We are being HOSED!

      Are you willingly blind to this, or is there something else?

  • max

    Good plan compared to big 3 standard, but it’s only worth it if you have your own phone because this plan doesn’t give you subsidy on high value phones

  • Uncle Bobby B

    How do writers of these articles find no problem in misusing the word competition? Surely they realize that it’s basically price fixing behind closed doors. I don’t understand, mobile syrup should just speak the truth and not use phrases like “competition is becoming fierce”…. It makes me sic.

  • Tejas

    Even the gas prices in my area differ by a tenth of a cent at different gas stations , but the Big 3 are one of a kind

  • marlboro

    Fido as the visual voicemail included, Koodo doesn’t have that technology yet and Virgin is offering voicemail 10. Koodo 3$ more then the other 2. I believe Fido has the better deal right now. Of course if you don’t need visual voicemail, I guess it all comes to the same.

  • screamer

    So where is the competition??? Now somebody should offer the same thing for 50$ and than so on. All the way down to 35$ and I am in.

  • John

    Everyone bashes the big three and there three year contract. What is winds tab then.

    • Big Bob

      WindTab is a positive loan on your phone, which you are completely in control of. Couple this with fair prices on unlimited plans, and you’ll see how badly you are being disrespected by Robelus.

  • shark

    i just switched to the plan this past week. with 1gb of data. can i change to 2gb as well? or is it automatic?
    but further more…i just went to the virgin site and it still shows the plan as including 1 gb not 2…so internal doc or not…how or when does this plan come into effect. the article implies its already in effect but i dont see it on their own site?

    • Gilmourrules

      They will switch you I called in Saturday evening and like you I was on the $60 plan… it took all of 5 minutes… Now in saying that I don’t have any contract…. so to switch wasn’t an issue

    • shark

      i called in and they didnt switch it. reason they said is that the plan doesnt show online the 2gb with plan. only the 1gb. until it shows online they wont switch my plan to include it. so i wait….

    • gsg

      You can switch your plan online when you login to your account; there it shows the 2gb data. The main site still shows 1gb as of this reply.

  • Michael

    Please not that this $57/month plan is considered a “Choice” Plan and not a “Combo” plan. What that means to the consumer is that it cannot be used to get full subsidy on new smartphones. (I.E. You will be paying $399 for the Galaxy S3 if you choose this plan).

  • mrB

    So will the parent companies follow? This is nearly my plan with 2gb instead of 1 for $3 less.
    I’m on Rogers, can I switch to fido at all?

  • Sam


  • Pahech

    Frankly, the plan costs are like gas prices. The companies only match because they rather maintain their current ARPU, customers, and growth rate rather than dropping their ARPU a bit and gain a modest amount of customers, or dropping their ARPU a lot and gain a lot of customers. The latter two scenarios are rarely going to happen because other telecom companies will likely match your new low price. For companies, that’s just a lot of unnecessary risks for little potential gains, and in the end, from the company’s perspective in the search for profit, makes absolutely no sense to beat a competitor’s price.

    Even if they aren’t actively colluding, it’s really very simple why they aren’t beating each other’s prices.

  • Alex S

    I am currently with Bell and off contract. However, my iPhone is locked to Bell. Can I switch to this plan without needing to unlock my phone because it’s the same network?

    • Daniel Bryan

      Yes you can, Any Bell phone will work on Virgin, Telus phone on Koodo, Rogers phone on Fido.

    • Andynew

      I was a bell non contract customer as well. I switched to Virgin Mobile this past weekend. I got the $57 choice plan. They can definitely switch you over since you already have a phone. Their customer service is fantastic in comparison to the others. I’ve been a Bell, Rogers, Telus, and Virgin customer and Virgin by far is the best experience.

      However, I do have to say when you press “O” and get a customer service rep it’s a hit and miss in terms of service. But If I am not happy with the person I am speaking with I always tell them to forward me over to the solutions department. The level of service there is phenomenal. You will not regret being a customer.

  • Gilmourrules

    I have been A MOBILE customer of all three over the years …back from when the cell service was launched… does anyone remember MT&T cellular and their “superpaks”… Nowadays you should OWN your phone don’t expect the companies to do it for free… This plan is very suitable for pretty much MOST of the general public. Perhaps some of the people on here actually worked more and complained less about something that is indeed a luxury and not a requirement you might enjoy the service more.
    Good On You Virgin you match keeping your customers happy… !!! and for some a bonus of an extra gig of data for less… nice one

  • ICJ

    CSR just told me that they do not have this promo in their system?

    • Gilmourrules

      They know about I just switched at Virgin and the CSR I spoke with said switching people to this new plan is what he had been doing since he started in the morning. It was not updated on most of their documents so said the CSR I spoke with

  • JeanieM

    Can this special be used with T-Mobile?
    That’s the only service we can get off the beaten track!
    They charge an arm & a leg, and even with insurance, the “deductible” on a broken phone for a ‘refurbished’ phone is $130.00 each time the phone breaks, malfunctions, etc
    Ironically, the photo on the “insurance” booklet shows a phone dropping into water, and yet water damage is NOT ever covered by this insurance!! How hypocritical is that????
    If I could jump to another company that actually had service in unincorporated areas, I’d leave T-Mobile in a minute!!!

    How do I find out if their service works in the country???

    • Tom@Bell

      Ummm, no. Doesn’t work like that I’m afraid.

  • Plan Shopper

    Ahhh, thanks Virgin. Just switched my wife’s number up to this and upgraded my $57 1gb to this too.

    This is the same price I was paying with a Rogers retention plan that gave me a lot less service and more limitations.

    I’m liking being a member of the Virgin Canada club.

    Oh and before the Wind enthusiasts start, I would be a Wind user if they offered service in my area but they don’t. Closest serviced city is 50kms away.

  • Manny

    Think back 2 or 3 years ago, we would have never seen the kind of plans we’re seeing today, the word “unlimited” was something that Rogers would often play around with when describing some of their plans. I still remember getting a blackberry plan with 7mb of data on it and 25mb was considered unlimited. I remember arguing with them that 25mb meant 25mb that unlimited actually meant unlimited.

    In any case, all we’re seeing now is the result of the little damage that companies like Wind, Mobilicity, Public Mobile & Videotron have inflicted on the big boys. We’re still at least another 2 years away from seeing any real competition. If you look at how Wind who’s probably the biggest of the new players is progressing, within a couple of years they will have sufficient coverage to really compete at which point the big three will really take notice, right now they’re trying to stay somewhat current but not really giving away too much.

    I just recently got a retentions plan from Rogers for 60 bucks unlimited canada cid/vm/3gb/messaging and I thought it was pretty good, could i have gotten it cheaper through MOBI, WIND, PUBLIC? yes, absolutely, but for me coverage was really really imporant, I travel all around the province and the country and in the case of mobilicity for example I was on the first floor of a building in the heart of downtown toronto and didn’t have any signal, I can’t work like that. Bottom line guys, you get what you pay for.

  • skazzers

    They could not take ANY initiative at all to make this a mere $2 cheaper than the rest?

    All they do is match each other, this is competition fail. All the big 3 offer similar service and similar phones. What’s the difference?

    Why would anyone sign up with Virgin vs Fido?!!?!

    • loyalest

      The separation is that virgin gives what they call member benefits. Tons of discounts at other retailers, footlocker, bodyshop, cineplex, scene, h&m, flightcentre, expedia, what other provider gives that to you?

  • max

    Give wind some time, bell’s coverage used to blow in the early 2000 and they where still expensive, the argument you get what you pay for isn’t always valid. The big 3 took a good 20 years to have a decent coverage. Looking at wind mobile’s progression rate i’m sure they will have a reliable network in big cities very fast.

  • crunch204

    I just tried to get this plan, and although the virgin solutions rep was helpful, THEY CLAIM THIS PROMO PLAN DOES NOT EXIST. They would not give me the bump to 2GB, they claimed it was still only 1GB. I had him call every department to verify but would not give me the bump. Virgin customers BE CAREFUL

    • J

      I was able to switch to this plan with 2 GB. It would probably depend on the CSR.

  • Valade Provence

    I checked on and called them. No 2GB. Only 1GB.

  • Al

    Has anyone actually got this from Virgin in Ontario? I don’t see the plan on their site, and rep I spoke with mentioned only 1 gb of data on the plan

    • Aiden

      It’s the same “57 Choice” plan that’s currently on their website, but if you’re a “new” customer or a current customer that’s willing to sign a contract and buy a phone through them then you can qualify for the 2GB of data. Otherwise, only the 1GB is available.

  • Aiden

    I just called Virgin, as that’s who I am currently with, and the 2GB promotion is ONLY available to NEW customers, or when you’re “upgrading your plan.” I asked what the upgrade meant and basically you have to sign a contract and buy a phone through them, so if you’re like me going month-to-month on an unlocked Nexus the promotion isn’t available. Just thought you might like to know.

  • shark

    well i went into a store as i got run around on phone and online i was given advice to go that route in person…..and it was dead on….it worked…went in store and 1 minute later walked out with 2g added onto my choice plan. it maybe tough to get but it can be done.

  • Me

    I think it’s funny when I see people on this site complain about three year contracts that should be “illegal” – seriously, nobody MADE you sign a contract to get a phone at a subsidised price. You could have purchased a phone outright and activated it on a month-to-month plan. And for those of you who are angry because you signed up on a plan that looks expensive now, guess what? A few years ago, those plans looked CHEAP.
    Think about how much things have changed in this past year, even in the big companies. Data has come way down in price (compared with 2 or even 1 year back); thresholds have been raised (most plans start at 1gb instead of 500mb); overage charges have been lowered ($15/gb instead of $0.05/mb); cancellations and upgrades are based on a tab instead of an arbitrary cancellation fee; many plans include huge (1000+ or even unlimited) amounts of minutes; plans include unlimited incoming and outgoing sms/mms (rather than having to tie a limited number of sms into your value pack), LTE coverage has been increasing at a blinding rate (to major cities), and the handsets are more powerful and can do so much more than they ever could before (quad-core, touch-screen, with high-definition screens and cameras, with the option to make video calls).
    Seriously, let’s take a step back and enjoy what we have.

  • mediajediX

    If you speak to “solutions” they should be able to give existing customers the 2GB $57 plan. It takes a little bit of waiting on the phone but they will do it.