Announcing… 20 Days of Device Giveaways!


  • elaina marcotte

    good luck everyone! thanks for the great contest!

    • Eduardo

      Down to the best three products on the list!! Good luck everyone!!!

      But seriously… I wouldn’t mind any of them… hint, hint.

  • colin gilchrist

    good luck everyone

  • Linda Klages

    I’d take anyone of them.

  • linda desjardins

    would love to have one

  • Skantha

    Pick me chirstmmas

  • Priya

    Choose me please

  • karrie williams

    iwould love to win

  • klvnhng

    I see you’ve saved the best for last… 🙂

  • Radha Bipta

    I wanna win…. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jose David

    I’m from México, am I allowed to win??

  • Matt Aves

    Plz pick me!!

  • Jimit Mehta

    would love to have one of 4 especially..cough cough

  • marie-eve lachance

    goodluck everyone 🙂

  • kishore

    awesome contest

  • D T

    What a great contest! Thank you

  • Mike

    Santa, I like all/any gifts.

  • Xoria

    How do you become a forum member it says my email is banned but I never joined before

  • pat miller

    i havenever owned a cell phone would love to win one.

  • Hussain

    I got my first phone, the Lumia 920 yesterday and I can’t get off it! It is just amazing!

  • Mike M

    This would be awesome, everyone else could have the android phones but I want the Lumia 920 PLEASE & Thank You 😀

  • Sanu Gupta

    Followed mobilesyrup in all the three platforms from thr beginning. Still yet to win. Hoping residents of India are eligible too. 🙁

  • Lorne

    I am slowly runnin out of chances to win 🙁

  • Aron Tuazon

    Rogers Nokia Lumia 920! Excellent Giveaway that comes from a great site!

  • screamer

    That is a phone that I would keep. Is the nokia bettrr than my galaxy? I love my galaxy but typing is so bad for me

  • vlaz

    Hope I win it!

  • Carol-ann Lockhart

    what a great giveaway love it!

  • lukeiphone

    Hope I win one this time 🙂

  • Derek Brown

    Hey guys. As per the above, I won the December 8th draw. (I’m still woohooing!) How do I claim my prize?

  • Danyal

    Thanks for your generousity 🙂

  • Xoria

    How do you become a forum member it says my email is banned but I never joined before

  • Robert

    Congrats Tha Nerd. Happy Holiday!

  • Tenkoran Moses

    Ope i could win one of these smart phones . Never had one before. Anyway congrats Tha Nerd.

  • Tenkorang Moses

    But wishes ain’t the basis upon which we merit. Good luck to all who qualify.

  • Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal

    🙁 ……WIN…… 🙂

  • avinash daga

    i want to win ! please ! i am doing my best

  • zenawi G/hiywot

    OMG. I wish I could win one of your smart phone.espicialy NOKIA lumia 920.

  • skantha

    for Christmastime need this one.

  • Yaniv

    it’s an android miracle!

  • Danny

    it would be beautiful win one of these fantastic devices. More beautiful if you are still using a samsung i600 like me ahah 🙁

  • Manuel Caycedo

    It’s my birthday!

  • Donald Campbell

    First the Nokia 3310 –> then the 6600 –> could the 920 be next… ?

  • montrealer


  • Matthew Aves

    I would like to win one!

  • David

    Next is another Lumia 920, pick me PLEASE!!

  • Kaye McMahon

    great contest want to win

  • Jeremie de la Cuesta

    Is this contest only open for Canadian residents??

  • Will Maitner

    Take two, they’re small… 🙂

  • coderkk

    Win win win….

  • yhlaikk

    I want smartphone

  • vignesh

    i am crazy in android phones…if u choose me it will be help to know about it deeper…

  • Anish

    Nice giveaway. Count me in …
    Can i get the rules ?
    is it available worldwide ?

  • Grant Olson deshane

    liked on facebook couldnt find a place to enter so duno if my odds of winning are good but i read the instructions n it said all i had to do was like on fb type thing, gl everyone

  • Dan (Kilgore T.)

    Is this just for Canadians?

  • Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal

    December 14th: 🙂

  • Dumitru Cristina

    Is a dream for me.

  • jp talbot

    I’d take anyone of those

  • chris2

    Cool contest!

  • skantha

    one week before Christmas what gift.

  • Doug Rennick

    Great prizes, thanks

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I want one

  • Mary L

    Thank you so much for the contest and all the awesome prizes

  • Kelly

    crossing my fingers for a win on this one … had an unfortunate mishap with my phone and a toilet =-/

  • Ian Kwan

    What are the odds?

  • Hanson

    I love these contests! Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  • jonathan

    who won the rogers nokia lumia 920?

  • Kim Pike

    Merry Christmas

  • Iskandar

    Great to see the winner…i wish my name on the list too (^^)

  • Barb Emil Alexandru

    I hope ill have some luck.

  • dumaha

    Omg howcome I never win anything every time… this sucks, when am I gonna ever win a phone from one of those contests??

  • Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal

    MobileSyrup bring my dreams to reality 🙂

  • elaina marcotte

    fantastic! thanks for the chance, good luck everybody!

  • pawel

    Nokia Lumiaaaa !

    good luck every one!

  • Matt.

    please pick me 🙂

  • irene k

    it is a lot of contest on yjis holidays but this one the best

  • Jonathan W.


  • shane anderson

    My phone is so crappy… Hooka brotha up!



  • Q

    when am I going to win something?! I’m on this website like 24/7. Well, I’m hopeful. 🙂

  • francis

    I really need a new phone. Please.

  • Janice Reece

    Good Luck everyone who has entered …. it would be a great win.

  • Chief

    I like how the majority of the winners are on twitter

  • Jam Kirby Virtucio

    I hope that I will any of them. It would be the best christmas I will have if I will win any of the prizes. Thank you in advance! 😀

  • Jam Kirby Virtucio

    I hope even though I’m an Asian, i will win a prize here. I always visit this site 24/7 🙂

  • Sandeep

    Anyone is fine with me 🙂

  • arcsvibe

    Another cool contest! Good luck all and keep up the good work MobileSyrup!

  • David N

    good luck to all!

  • thomas

    I like it how only 1 person on Google+ won so far…

  • Nishant

    Hope I am Dec 14th winner….

  • B3nny

    What an awesome giveaway – MobileSyrup — Right on! Not only do you give the chances – it also allows other users to get the chance to acquire a new phone.

  • Noorulain


  • hollywooduke

    Mcluvin it 😉

  • Jonathan W.

    Is it just me, or is the winners list not update?

    • Qoma

      Yeah, I haven’t seen a winner posted since the 13th. What’s goin on?

  • Abhinav

    fingers crossed ! 🙂

  • Inc


  • elaina marcotte

    woot woot! thanks for the chance!

  • Param

    Please pick me… santa 😉

  • hurric

    MobileSyrup…why do you tease soooo much..ahhhhhhhhhhh dying here..

  • patti lovecky

    great contest..thanks for so many great things to win,

  • Jeff Langsner

    Oh man…I so want a Nexus 4 or Rogers LG Optimus G 😛

  • Dandroid

    Where are the winners for the last two days?

  • skantha

    this time is my time!!

  • Andres

    Come on christmas! 😀

  • Thomas

    i wish i would win…

  • Kersat

    Congrats to Maximillion Nuedorf, Jason Dea and Hizzoner for the their win. Happy Holidays

  • Jasper John S. Cecilio

    Would love to win any of those gadgets..Just wanna replace my Nokia C1 -.-

  • COBwiggy

    Please pick me 🙁 My Nexus 4 was stolen and I am desperate for a new phone 🙁

  • Raymond Carpentier

    Glad I will be able to shave whith this new phone.

  • X

    I like how the iPad Mini is to be won on “End of Days”! lol

  • sean huton

    Yay for Mobile Syrup!

  • Rien

    Dear Santa, I’ve been waiting for you for so many years yet you have failed me but now just please accept my wish and whisper MOBILESYRUP to put my name on their list. Please just for this Christmas. 🙁

    • Rien

      Dear Santa, I’ve been waiting for you for so many years yet you have failed me but now just please accept my wish and whisper MOBILESYRUP to put my name on their list. Please just for this Christmas. 🙁

      -Rien Villanueva
      Twitter & Facebook Follower

  • britt ryan

    liked on facebook. BTW thanks for having this awesome contest 😀

  • Mohammed Ibrahim

    Amazing prices to won………..would love to have one

  • Jean

    I would like to win…..

  • Shad Wanless

    Today is AMAZING!!! Virgin Motorola RAZR V = Happiness!

  • Anson

    Definitely don’t mind any of the phones … but prefer HTC …

  • elaina marcotte

    thanks again for the chance, good luck everyone!

  • Alex R

    Why haven’t I see this earlier???

  • Daniel Ochoa

    Please let me have the nexus 4 🙂

  • Mary

    love all of them

  • Manni Kaushik

    I want optimus g lol

  • skantha

    marry Christmas

  • Barb Emil Alexandru

    Good luck everyone!

  • Edixon

    would love to have one

  • Marsha Arditti

    I would love to have one.

  • Ryan

    Still waiting to win… Still using this old Captivate! A little help please!

  • Kersat

    Congrats Ashton Moteeram. Happy Holidays.

  • Barbara Kesterson

    Still waiting to see my name posted 🙂

  • JP

    Congrats everyone! For everyine else including myself…there are a few more days left..keep your fingers crossed.

  • Hop

    I’m hoping for an early XMAS present this year…. :-))

  • Shirajum Munir

    Me pls…

  • rmead706

    It’s gonna be mine. HO HO HO Merry Christmas

  • Wia

    😀 so nice of this website

  • Debra Derosier

    nice contest wow ty

  • Debra Derosier

    win win win pick me

  • Sean Huston

    Snowmagedon today in B.C. : )

  • Rajan

    All I need is a HTC One X

  • Brandon S

    December 18th: HTC One X – Facebook/Google+/Twitter follower Brandon Starcevic!

  • Stephanie Billy

    Facebook:Stephanie Billy

  • PearsonDKA

    Good luck to everyone with the remaining days!


    Thanks again for this contest.

  • Geek

    Let’s see if I can score one of gadgets for X’mas.

  • Patricia L.

    Just the opportunity to win one item would be exciting.
    a great contest too.

  • mat

    I want one ! !

  • Patricia L.

    The opportunity to just win one item would be exciting.
    Such a great contest too.

  • Lela Lilko

    I hope I win!

  • Shad Wanless

    Hands down best giveaway so far! #Gottahavehtconex

  • elaina marcotte

    thanks again – good luck!

  • JayBlingham

    I’m so jealous! lol I was really hoping yo win this year. Two stupid years left on my contract, and having to use a 2nd hand beat up phone I traded for on Kijiji. Not looking forward to that 🙂

  • Howard

    I hope I win, good luck everyone!

  • Adwin L

    Mmm, spanking new toy…
    I mean!…

  • Mizher

    Hay, great contest
    I’m crazy about smart phone, i’d like to win one

  • Nick Hiltz

    I would really like to win something so I have an xmas gift this year 😛

  • Kelly Gruber

    This is AWESOME! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to the mobilesyrup family!!!

  • Katsuki

    awesome, best contest I’ve seen so far.

  • Anil Khot


  • Marsha Arditti

    Gret contest

  • Duuuuude

    Good Luck!!!……to me….

  • jay

    ok 6 more chances for me to win

  • martin

    I was going to get one of these for my next phone

  • Kersat

    Congrats Kevin Heacock. Happy Holidays

  • MisterX

    Good Luck all!

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    Awesome winnings! Good luck to us all! 🙂

  • aboudi

    best of luck to all

  • mri

    all winners are from us?

  • Carol Perry

    I would love to win a Bell LG Optimus phone!

  • BR_Impulse

    Christmas giveaways are nice~ Good luck all!

  • shell h

    If you could pick me on the ipad day that would be perfect. thanks.

  • TK

    there must be a system glitch!! I don’t see my name on it!!

  • Shirley Pasqua

    I would love to win a contest, so pick me for mt first ever.

  • Steve Dion

    Good luck everybody.

  • Sean Huston

    Win : )

  • Denis

    this is my first time to enter this contest. hope my first time is going to be a winner. good luck to my fellow contest entrants as well

  • OMVR Ramos

    Can I please have the BEST CHRISTMASSS PRESENT EVER!!!
    I want win from (

    LG OPTIMUS G > myOld BB

  • Nikolas

    im always unsure that if im actually entered in the contest.

  • skantha

    O Christmas

  • elaina marcotte

    almost to the end! great prizes!!

  • Mark Friesner

    Daddy needs a win!

  • pranav thapa

    I am from India can i participate in the contest
    i need Lumia 920.

  • Carrie Williams

    Can u plz pick me,my phone is junk ty.

  • GeekYoshi

    I swear I never win anything but I am hopeful that I will win something in this one

  • David Heyden

    Free is always good

  • Derek Brown

    Has anyone who has won actually heard from Mobilesyrup yet? According to the winner’s list, I supposedly won on the 8th but haven’t heard a thing from them, and they haven’t answered me on this forum, via email, etc.

    • Derek Brown

      Disregard my last. I have now heard back from the mobilesyrup team.

  • Ryan

    Still looking for the W. This Captivate isn’t getting any younger!

    I don’t want to beg…

  • Jeff Goebel

    There must be some error. My name hasn’t been picked yet. My fortune cookie promised new forms of communication were coming for me.

  • maaz

    still 5 more to go/…… hope nevr ends

  • Gerry

    2013 will be a great year in tech for us, the consumers.

  • martin

    Awesome phone

  • Wayne Nowacki

    Yes, give it to me, could use to go towards a Nexus 10 tablet or just keep the phone & have it unlocked to my network in the States

  • Matthew

    Gift me … please

  • Marsha Arditti

    liked and entered

  • Dumitru Cristina

    good luck everyone! thanks for the great contest!

  • Iskandar

    oww..the last day Google Nexus 4…so great!!

  • thomas

    I would love to win the LG Optimus G

  • pimp

    Just cuz I know it makes you guys mad.. pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Lakh jhajj

    Tell me something,how do you guys pick a winner?. Why the hell I don’t see my name there on any of the devices?. you guys better put my name on iPad mini or nexus 7 or nexus 4 or else I am unliking or unfollow mobile syrup

  • Kersat

    Congrats Chinh Nguyen. Happy holidays

  • Harry c

    I wish I win one

  • Shirley Pasqua

    I would love to win anything. I need new laptop, don’t have IPad, phones are out of my league. Just pick me and I’ll be happy

  • Lela Lilko

    I’d love to win any of these!

  • Joey

    Can I win please?

  • Mark

    Good Luck Everyone

  • James

    I’m pretty excited that I haven’t been announced as a winner. That means I’m still in the running for the Nexus 4!!

  • Yvonne Pley

    Yes it would be nice to win any of these lovely phones! Good Luck every one!

  • Jam Kirby Virtucio

    let me win please! oh please! 🙂

  • Steven Roose

    Nexus 7, Nexus 7, Nexus 7, Nexus 7 … NEXUS 7!!

  • crystal liu

    i want to win please. i want new phone ^.^

  • crystal liu

    i want to win pls. i want new for this christmas

  • Rosa C.

    All I want for Christmas is an Ipad mini! (and any one of these would be nice too!)

  • Rosa C.

    All I want for Christmas is an IPAD MINI!! (Also any one of these would be nice too!)

  • wvpv

    ::fist bump::

  • Jesus Rendon

    I want one!!

  • Pratyush

    I Just want to say that
    I will be really Happy if I get any of ’em!
    I never won any and would love to get one!
    I Hope this is enough !

  • Christi

    i really really want this IPad Mini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d be so blessed! Oh plz pick me! I have a 13 yr old son but we can share! I’d love to suprise him with it! I’m an Apple fanatic! Ty for this opportunity! I’m on twitter @chryztiee

  • Cathy C

    RT contest Follow on Twitter Fan on FB liked and shared on FB and would LOVE to win Ipad Mini Good luck everyone!

  • Weslley

    I’d be nice to get one of those on the day of my birthday 🙂

  • Fernando R

    oh no 3 days tooo goooooo!!!!!!!!! 😀 me me me!!!! in ether casem this was sick! best prices on any Canadian site! thank u guyz!

  • Brandon S

    Merry apocalypse!

  • Jason M.

    Thanks for the awesome opportunities MobileSyrup, Happy holidays and GL everyone

  • Christi

    I so want to WIN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for the opportunity! I’m a single mom of a 13 year old son and this would bless us so much! I’m in it to win it!:) Good luck everyone!

  • Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal

    I ‘ll remain winner no matter if i don’t really win 🙂

  • Hmza Fahz

    iPad mini today!!!

  • pdreimer

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  • @SpicyPants

    Mini iPad! Mini iPad! Mini iPad! Mini iPad! Mini iPad! Mini iPad! Mini iPad! Mini iPad! Mini iPad!

  • Jay


  • Lucy

    Hope to win something. Christmas Blessings to all !!!

  • Adebayo Taiwo

    I want to win

  • elaina marcotte

    apple please! thanks for the chance!

  • James

    I love contests!

  • Marsha Arditti

    A great prize.

  • Shad Wanless


  • Sean

    iPad Mini! Now that’s a contest.

  • Karendar

    I want any of the prizes left, but I’d love an Optimus G. 😉

  • Brittany Doll

    You don’t even understand how much I would freak out if I won an Ipad Mini, legit would have a mental breakdown.

  • Heather Manning

    We wants it. We needs it. Must have the previous. – OMG, iPad Mini!!!!!!!

  • Rick

    🙁 I never win anything

  • thomas

    Who won on dec 20th?

  • Raied

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Mark

    Good luck, good luck, good luck…love you MobileSyrup

  • Richard

    Count me in

  • Aaron

    go mobilesyrup!

  • Debbie Petch

    These are awesome prizes!

  • Denise Klay

    Love the idea of owning one of these a great item think I would put it to good use.

  • jay

    sweet its the nexus 7 day

  • skantha

    i hope this time for me.

  • priya


  • Marsha Arditti

    Great giveaway

  • cindy c

    sounds good

  • WC

    give to me!!!

  • CJ

    Happy Holidays and Good Luck Everyone

  • Darren Rivet

    hope i win!

  • jeff


  • Michele Delgado

    What great Xmas gifts you’re offering! Count me in!

  • maaz

    still…i m having 100% hope…

  • Erika Foley

    To be one of the lucky ones would be wonderful. Thanks for hosting such a great contest! Merry Christmas to all!

  • Brandon S

    This is the one I’ve been waiting for! I keep telling all my friends about it! Happy Holidays and good luck all!

  • Jacob Vollrath

    I’m ready to win now, just draw my name already.

  • kapil

    christmas is coming i want to win

  • kapil

    christmas is coming i want to win

  • Mark Berlingeri

    Good Luck to all

  • Akash

    Plese..!! Select me..!! I have liked your facebook page..!! And joined on Google+

  • mohamed


  • Sir William

    I’ll catch a granada to win this!

  • Kofi


  • laurel

    i keep hoping and sharing and criss crossing everything good luck @tomgirlbc

  • Danilo Tigno

    Great give aways… I like the Nokia Lumia 920

  • ismail

    i m the winner.

  • MichaelMoss

    Favor, and i wish you all would win!

  • MichaelMoss

    Its All Good

  • Denis

    3 days to xmas. My wish is to win the Google Nexus 7. I hope my wish will come true tonite

  • Moses Amosu

    I am from Africa, can I win it too?

  • Orillian

    Almost Christmas! Nexus 4 will be a perfect Christmas eve gift for someone. Love this phone!

  • emmanuel osagie

    pls pick me am for nigeria

  • Yusuf


  • tina

    I would love to be able to give something like this to my son

  • Yusuf

    I need it please

  • elham mnch

    20 days of device giveaway

  • Scott Ingram

    Please God I hope I win!

  • Mike Neufeld

    I could use one to give to my daughter for her new years birthday!

  • Sondecyril Obinwankwo

    I love to have one

  • Sondecyril Obinwankwo

    Ithat is great.I will like to win one

  • siavash lalehzar

    iam siavash from iran. i want free nexus7 . the best. but in iran icant buy. i am very poor. [please one send me .

  • Donna Doyle

    Merry Christmas and good luck

  • zoobiz

    pls if African is included on dis promo i would love to one of de lucky winner

  • jake

    would like to see someone in,need of such a gift who could never afford it good luck to have a wonderful x mass,hope next year better for everyone

  • bob

    i would love all of these hopefully with gods blessings ill win one ive beem tyrough a lot of hurt and stress this year and it would be a blessing

  • bob

    It would be a blessing if i could win ive been through a lot of hurt and stress this year

  • Vatheem

    I love nexus.

  • Oleg

    “20 Days of Device Giveaways!”

  • Natasha Mullins

    I want one please!! I have the worst brickphone!

  • Philip

    Hey, plzzz pick me

  • Philip

    Please i need one

  • pigletville

    Would love to win the nexus 7 today. My best friend who is visually impaired and loves his N7 because the screen size is perfect for him cracked his screen this morning and is lost without his favourite android device. I’ve searched all day to find him a new one…..sold out everywhere!

  • puri

    It Will be previllage to have and once

  • Ryan

    Still have my fingers crossed for the nexus 4 on the 24th.

  • quick

    Would love to win this!

  • Shad Wanless

    NO JOKE all I want for Christmas is a Google Nexus 7

  • Rodolfo

    I still didn’t win any FAIL 😛

  • Martin Brideau

    Very nice giveaway!

  • aboudi

    good luck to all

  • Rinoy

    Please pick me to win the Nexus 7! Thank you.

  • Made Capo

    I would love to win my first tablet

  • elaina marcotte

    this would make for a merrier christmas indeed! gl everyone!

  • Eileen H

    I would love to win!!

  • sanjay

    Ilove this

  • Prakash Chattikal

    Even tbough beggers have no choice, I stil dare to dream a smart phore or a tab.

  • Aini Akmalia Abdul Karim

    Guys, I have liked, followed and subscribed to you guys. Please select me as the winner of Google Nexus!

  • :Kersat

    Comgrats to Emily Hamilton and JP Vazquez. Happy holidays to you both

  • Geoff

    I really wish that doing those things actually helped your chance of winning. Or even just something more active than having liked them on Facebook in the past.

  • Betty S

    Good Luck to all. I would so like to win one of these prizes

  • Marsha Arditti


  • amelia goyena

    i want to try google nexus 7 – a wish to win this.

  • Sheila G

    any prize would be awesome, but i have my eye on that Telus HTC…. no name beside it yet!!!

  • @quinciemhea

    i want to win this google nexus 7.

  • David Ballesteros

    I hope I win now. :X

  • thorty

    Oh man, only two phones left!!
    Maybe its my lucky day!
    since all galaxy s3 failing sooner or later i changed my mind of getting one

  • Steve Dion

    Geez, this is the one I really want. The Telus model is beautiful all black.

  • Mike

    I would love to win…Merry Christmas to all.

  • JD

    I would LOVE the Nexus 7 and/or Nexus 4 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Myles

    My birthday’s tomorrow, please let me win the Nexus 4 :$

  • luck jhsjj

    C’mon only 3 more to go,let me have any one of these. Thx

  • pravin

    At least for today, select me.

  • carlos

    good question I’d like to know the answer

  • ade w

    please give meeee….!!/?

  • greg baker

    Pick me please would love a new phone !Merry Christmas

  • DR

    Android OP

  • Dana

    Well my GNex just fried itself so I really really hope I win one of these next two days or it’ll be a long time before I can afford a new phone.

  • Kofestar

    I will be grateful to receive one of these please.

  • Stephen Lee

    Woo ! Hope I win! Mobile syrup is the bomb

  • Rodney

    I can’t quite justify buying a new phone but it be just awesome to win one. Especially if it was the the Nexus 4.

  • Denis

    Two more days left. I hope I win something. I am still hoping and still have a high hope that I will win something before the contest ends. Wish me luck guys

  • Dennis Ly

    hmmm I want the nexus 7 so bad.

  • Farhan

    Nice to have one

  • Shank

    My probability of winning… 0.00317% 😀 😀

  • ttrevelian

    Down to the last 3… now it gets interesting!!!

    Good luck and happy holidays!!!!

  • Ian R

    Im holding out for the nexus 4!!! ive been good mobile syrup uh I mean santa!

  • robert chapata

    I certainly would love to win that @smartphone,please please please…..

  • robert chapata

    I would certainly love to win any one of these smartphones,please please please…..

  • Jt stone


  • Selorm

    This is generosity, i love this promotion. Left with last three standing prizes, good luck to us all.

  • Shad Wanless

    My Cowboys lost, I have a headace, And I never win, so i’m willing to be that today will not be my day just like the other 18 days.

  • Jocelyn Juhasz

    I don’t really care what I get. I just really want a new phone. But for all the people that already won, I say: “Congrats” and to all the people who have been trying and hoping from the start, I say: “good luck”. And to me, I say: “You get what you get and you don’t get upset, even if that means not getting anything.” Thank you everyone! Happy Holidays and, please, at least try sticking to your New Year Resolutions. Thanks!

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    I hope I got lady luck by my side I never win anything

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  • Yogesh Saxena

    May I possess the religious virtues, which are marked with ten characteristics viz. patience, forgiveness, self denial, honesty, purity, mastery over senses, sensibility, knowledge, veracity, and cheerfulness for winning Contest?.

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  • Abdul Baseer Ustad

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    Congrats Xmas Winners!!!!!

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    Mobilesynup I would be very greatful, if I would smile into this new year with one of your device

  • Saviour Effiong

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    Santa baby, slip a Nexus under the tree, for me 🙂

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  • Erika Foley

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