TELUS to officially release the Samsung Galaxy Ace II x on November 21st


  • Mike

    I wish they would stop peddling with garbage… $60 more and you can get Nexus 4… if your lucky…

    • Koodo

      As usual the Koodo version sells for $200 at FS and BB now and at Koodo by Friday.

      With ICS ths phone should not be more than $150
      (Funny how ROBELUS simply call it “Android 4” to cause confusion) after all in THEIR minds 4.2, 4.1 and 4 are not that different are they?

  • John Lee

    Chances for this phone to get updated to Jelly Bean? Probably never.

    • Snick

      That’s actually a good thing. Jelly Bean killed my Nexus S (same phone as this).
      It should only be ported on phones with a dual-core and at least 1Gb of RAM.
      Even if I wanted to use the new features of JB, they’re just too slow to be useable.

    • Dennis Leboeuf

      This is the Galaxy S3 mini outside of canada so it most likley will recieve Jelly Bean

  • EvanKr

    Wait, they’re actually CHARGING you for this phone on a 3 year? You’ve got to be kidding me…

    • Koodo

      I find it hilarious how the BB9900 that barely sell over $250 at Kijiji, retail at TELUS for $600 and they STILL charge you for the phone on 3yrs on a minimum plan of $50 per month!

      N4: This changes everything!

  • oldschool

    Will everyone please stop humping the leg of the Nexus 4? It’s still an LG, which means this $250 mid-level Samsung will outlast it.

    • Koodo

      LG offers as good hardware as enybody else; the thing with LG is the lack of updates as in: get an Optimus G (Almost same hardware as N4) and your updates will go something like this:

      Google releases ne version of Android
      -Google releases it fo their “Naxus”
      -Months later LG is gooing to get it; is not; it is finally gets it
      -LG Asian Versions get the update, then Western Europe; Latin America; Belize…..and then Telus version is in testing, almost there..coming soon, delayed by a few weeks…Ta Da!!

      -The Telus version is here!
      -What??? the next version is coming two weeks from now??

      Or you can get a Nexus, save the unlocking $$ and put that towards a screen protector and a good case..cuz the N4 can last you more than 2 yrs.

      -And no, not even the N4 will last you for 3 yrs, 3 yrs are simply stoopid.

  • General Gustov

    Meh , for 50 – 100 $ more you can get a great phone in the nexus 4

  • ile2010

    I would never buy a phone that only comes in either black or white anymore

    There are options for style-conscious individuals now

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    Why wouldn’t this phone be $29 on a 1 year contract?

  • J.X.

    Single core? What is this 2010?

  • ile2010

    WP runs great on single core processors #androidproblems

    • some guy

      Yes, yes they do.
      Doesn’t really take much processing power to fire up those tiles and plain text menus, so I would hope WP7 devices run better on single core processors.

  • Mike

    Should be $0 on a 1 year term. $29 on a 3 year term is ridiculous. Its only a $250 phone not much to subsidize. On a $600 being $79 on a 3 year term is understandable. but this is only a $250 device to be subsidized theres no logic there at all.

  • Bryce

    Tell me when Telus is getting the new Lumia. TAKE MY MONEY

  • Mike

    and besides theres really no logic for having this phone priced at $250 when koodo has the best phone the Samsung galaxy S2X for $50 more. and right now you can get the new NEXUS 4 for also $50 more. $250 is over priced for a low end device. This should be priced at $125 mark.

  • Mark

    The official “Take Advantage of Not-So-Tech-Savvy People Wanting A Smartphone” phone.

    3 year term is almost criminal. Shame.

  • hhero

    Its funny how everyone is talking about adding.the extra 50$ to buy the n4 as we all know 80% of the customer won’t dish out 300$ to buy it right away and half of you guys are probably aiming for higher end android this phone right here it’s for people who wants to make an transition or for the parents that don’t want to pay 60$ per month for their kids to own an iPhone or a galaxys3

  • Frank

    arggh Telus what about the HTC One X+? Isn’t that “coming soon” (and they just said “this month”, and posted HTC’s trailer on their Facebook)? And also the Samsung Ativ S is “coming soon” as well?