Microsoft launches Smoked by Windows Phone successor: Meet Your Match

The Store is open; crowds are teeming in. Now, all Microsoft needs to do is attract new users to their growing lineup of products.

Meet Your Match. This is the new Microsoft enterprise meant to sufficiently impress iPhone, Android and BlackBerry owners into switching brands, and platforms. Windows Phone 8 is a huge leap from its predecessor, but to many users it looks identical. How does Microsoft accomplish the transition, and market the right device to the right person?

Set up in each Microsoft Store, Meet Your Match is the successor to the controversial, often-derided “Smoked By Windows Phone” challenge which we took part in this past summer. This time, instead of merely focusing on speed, Meet Your Match, as its name suggests, attempts to find the right Windows Phone for your particular needs. It does this while showing off not just the speed of the Lumia 920 or Windows Phone 8X, but how better your experience could be inside the new Microsoft operating system.

According to a blog post on Microsoft’s Windows Phone blog, “Speed is great. But most people aren’t looking for a phone that’s just fast. They’re looking for a phone that’s a perfect match for them—their style, the things they do, and the things they love. It’s a different take on our Smoked challenges, focusing not just on why Windows Phone is faster, but also on why it’s better, easier, more useful, and more fun.”

Microsoft has posted a bunch of clips on YouTube to demonstrate all the ways that Windows Phone 8 beats Android and iPhone. Whether it’s true depends on what you need, but there is no mistaking the fact that WP8 is more competitive than its predecessor.

You can find out for yourself by going to the newly-launched Microsoft Store at Yorkdale Mall.

Source:  Windows Phone Blog
Via: TechCrunch