Microsoft launches Smoked by Windows Phone successor: Meet Your Match


  • lolz

    If they aren’t giving away devices like Smoked by Windows Phone – you shouldn’t call it its successor.

    • ivo

      Did you watch the youtube video? He was giving away the phone.

  • J

    Can we store phone-only contacts (SIM obviously doesn’t count), or is it still mandatory to sync with their servers and sign away my privacy?

  • Miknitro

    Reminds me of a comedy skit called,…

    “Lowered Expectations”.

  • Steve Dion

    How about they support exchange servers with self signed certificates. You know like Android and iOS devices. Same issue since WP7

  • Wade Boggs

    Of all, the Microsoft KIN/WP8/Sinofsky news going on, how am I not surprised you choose to post this

  • oldschool

    Beautiful OS and hardware so far, but with no apps they ain’t gonna go far.

    That’s why I had to turn my lumia in for a gs3, and I don’t even care for Android.

  • BBM

    In reality you can match anyone with any phone. It’s all the sales person your dealing with. They will show you how many better experience you can have.

  • Matthew Roberts

    They compared the new Windows Phone to the MyTouch… Ugh, c’mon compare it to the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5… I actually like the new Windows Phone and I would love to have some fun with it, but this math-up wasn’t fair, haha =p

    • Paul

      Browse the other videos they put up yesterday. There are ones with iPhone 5’s and Galaxy S3’s in them.

  • hunkyleepickle

    I want to give you a try so bad WP8, but Nokia, Microsoft, and Rogers have done absolutely everything to prevent me from doing that. If i could have bought one, even on contract!, 3 weeks ago when you ‘launched’, i would have given you a fair shake. As it stands i’m so close to a Note 2, and still waiting for Nexus 4 when that whole mess works itself out. But hey, i keep asking, everytime i’m in a Rogers store, “Got any Lumia’s? nope nope nope nope…..

    • Mr. Reliable

      Rogers allocation was released today. So, if your local store actually ordered some, you’ll be able to find 920s as of today.

    • Really want it on Fido

      Mr. Reliable, but will they let me outright and use it on Fido, not that I should have to, they will be getting my $ eitherway.

  • Adriel

    So. . .the Windows phone was better because it had a different focal length on the camera??

  • JBR

    I’m with Matthew… How fair is it to compare brand new hardware to the MyTouch? If this was the SGS3 would it be that much of a difference that someone would be wowed by it and just HAVE to switch? It looks like it has some cool features, the OS looks good, different and I like the accessibility of a person’s entire online profile right from the homescreen. However, apps? Support? Not sure.

  • OgtheDim

    Sounds more like a contractual obligation marketing idea (i.e. “We don’t care what you come up with, just don’t emabarrass us like the last one” ) then a well thought out one.

    • some guy

      Pretty much. It was quite entertaining though to see all the Android and iPhones smack down the WP7 devices, with the reps then trying to not give away the phones, haha!

  • MattyMattMatt

    Seems staged… also, those phones arent even in the same class…

  • trytofa

    Let,s compare the number of apps…..

  • Horndog

    Who cares! See the Asian babes being advertised up on top and to the side! I have a “hard” time picking which one to take to the spank bank lol!

  • Nib

    I actually think that live tile dedicated to his wife is pretty cool, does android have a widget app similar to that? I would download it.

  • Rich

    The only thing you need to smoke your competitors on is price.

  • Mac

    I wonder how jelly bean will play against them WP8. I also love how they try to make this share anywhere with one click thing sound like a new thing.

  • Mark

    Pretty white girl with outdated phone, COME ON DOWN! You’re the next contestant on “This Commercial Is Aimed At Young Men With Upgrade Eligibility”!

    A Kia dealership had a similar sales promo a few years back. The Sorento I test-drove stalled at the first set of lights. “So…nooooo thanks, I’ll stick with me tried and true.”

    Throw a iPhone 5, S3 or Note 2 in the ring, Microsoft! Take on the big dogs!

  • TheBoze

    Pleas italicize or put quotes in the post subjects. I still have no idea what that header says after reading it a few times.

  • John

    I wonder if they realize i can make just a “tile” style front page on my android.

    I wonder if they realize how many advanced features come with stock google, or how many MORE features there are when you run AOKP or CM10.

    Its great that people might get swayed towards WP8 simply because more competition = better. But lets be honest, WP8 isnt anywhere near Android.

  • StalkerOfChernobyl

    Is WP8 able to connect to hidden wifi networks now?
    I had a LG Optimus Q a year ago and got rid of it just for that reason – it wasn’t able to connect to my hideen wifi network. Even after Mango update (7.5)
    How a thing like that can be missed?..

  • ShadowFist23

    I’d rather like a hardware keyboard!

    Not happenning, huh? Oh well then…