Apollo Music Player comes to Google Play Store courtesy of CyanogenMOD


  • S2556

    I want google music to open up their API so I can use these apps with my google music collection

  • Pssst

    Everyone but MS has a lead story up about WP8 incurable freezes and random restarts

    Still waiting for this very important issue to be addressed

    • sp

      LOL …cause the rest of us who were smart didnt fall for the WP8 OS..

      dont worry..in due time you ll get your story.

      til then stop posting it in every damn article. sheesh…

    • sp

      @Psss .. guys at MS probably are still in shock about the whole iPhone is the best thing. iMessage going out for 5 hours to them was a shock maybe…

      people kept bashing RIM on BBM going down and what not, but when iMessage goes out..they dont mention it cause they look crazy for backing a system that supposedly “JUST WORKS”

    • scrooge

      And that is relevant to this article because…

    • Tom

      As an Android fan, I gotta say that Android has had its share of issues too. And iOS6 is now giving people massive overage charges on their cell bills. All mobile OS’s have issues, let’s not take too much glee in each other’s problems.

  • Psss

    To be clear, I am not accusing of bias

    They also did not report the 5 hour iMessage outage on Sunday

  • sp

    i think Apollo is a great program. i use it on my S3 running CM10.

    i like the accessibility of it. the interface and such. so much more user friendly than music player on iOS (i use a iPod Touch..)

    Apollo for the win!!!

    • bads

      Have you tried other music players previous to Apollo? Just curious how it stacks up. I have been frozen in indecision and using the stock player on my S3.

  • Psss

    Although they are loathe to mention the KIN expose from today about launching with known problems… Sounds mighty familiar

  • ile2010

    There are hundreds of commenters here on MobileSyrup that are happy WP8 users. I can only conclude that this problem doesn’t exist and you are lying about random reboots.

    However I do agree the silence on the 5 hour iMessage blackout is strange, I couldn’t imagine what I would do if I didn’t have Skype available for a day.

    • sp

      i agree with you. i did notice on twitter a large portion of people mentioning an issue with iMessage having issues connecting.

      MS where is the story on this?

  • 45

    I’m currently using PowerAMP, but I like what I’ve seen from the CyanogenMod team, so I’ll probably check this out a little later to see how it runs.

    • 45

      Just checked it out, and I prefer PowerAMP. Oh wellz.

  • ActivesiN

    Apollo and Zplayer are my favourite music players on Android
    good to see Apollo is available on the play store now