TELUS HTC One X+ dummy devices arrive in store, launch imminent


  • Mark

    My next phone!

    • JohnCash

      Have you seen the price for the phone?

  • JohnCash

    This is a good phone, but just like the other $400+ phones, they will be compared to the N4, they all WOULD have a Chance at the moment until the next shipment of the N4 arrives but:

    -The Lumia 920 comes only in BLACK, LOL!
    -The Optimus G, with Ice Cream Sandwich and LOCKED is $650
    -The S3; a real contender to the N4 with SD card and LTE still hasn’t dropped its price from $600.

    -Finally the HTC ONE X+ has LTE,no SD card but comes with 64GB and comes with HALF THE RAM of the N4; it will be locked and it doesn’t offer much more than the S3; price is king this season if they sell it for more than $500 it will get lost into the crowd of “Locked phones more expeansive than the N4 that get slower updates”

    Its evident that the best value ths season is offered by the N4; requiring LTE or SD Card or bod is an option that will cost you at least $200 extra, more $ to unlock the phone and more work to get faster updates.

  • jay

    Cellphones should only be around 300-400$ but the carriers don’t want this.

  • ScytheNoire

    Was going to get, but now I want the Droid DNA. Bring IT to Canada. I’m tired of Canada always getting leftovers months later. It’s ridiculous.

    • kris

      the droid dna is for verizon only. it runs on cdma bands. good luck using it in canada

  • Mr. Miyagi

    Of course Telus didn’t get the one with the cool red accents!!

  • Peter

    Optimus G is much better than this phone.

  • Jason

    Sorry for the dumb question. But which is which in the picture?

    • nely

      I’m pretty sure, the one on the right is the One X+

  • James

    I’m very satisfied with my HTC, definitely the most beautiful phone I’ve ever owned.

    CM10 is running swell on it, and LTE is amazing. I’m confident that anyone who purchases the One X+ is going to love it.

  • menodumb

    I don’t see why they still use dummy phones since you can’t test the most important feature …………the screen

    • thracky

      Live demos are expensive and are huge theft targets.

  • Frank

    I’ve been an HTC fan since the beginning. But with the one x having so much potential but yet limited with no removable battery which I can live with and no expandable memory which I can’t do without…i tried the GS3 and all I gotta say is wow!!! HTC has lost its touch, they still make amazing phones but 9 available gigs on the first One x is no acceptable. Yeah we get 50 now with the one x+ but after having the GS3 now I cannot return to my HTC favorite. Maybe one day once HTC learns removable sd and battery are required!

  • nelson esq.

    Makes no sense for me to want to get this when the processor is built on the old 40nm process.

  • Sid

    Is the One X+ a pentaband phone? Can i take it to Wind or Mobilicity?

  • MickLiq

    I’m guessing this is going to be $650 no-term. The Optimus G is $650 no-term – it has 32GB of storage but the S4 Pro…on the other hand, AT&T has both the One X+ and Optimus G at $549.

  • tvirus

    I’m a current owner of the S3 but like I’ve said before HTC’s build quality is absolutely amazing! With that said they really didn’t “upgrade” this phone much at all… STILL 1GB RAM! Another thing I want to mention to Ian if you’re reading this is that please do a thorough review on the multi-tasking I have read and watched MANY unboxings and reviews but all these tech sites including the popular ones seem to always forget to mention the biggest issue with the original one x! So Ian when you review this please let us know if this phone can only handle 8 apps only because that is the rumor for now and also please let us know if the web browser still reloads every freaking time! HTC for a short period of time have put out some awesome build quality but the multi-tasking is just killer… yesterday Taylor at phonedog said the HTC DNA although having incredible specs STILL exhibits page reload and automatic app killing I mean the darn thing is QUAD CORE how can it still do this!?

  • Cole

    I see it’s colder in Ottawa now.

  • technathan

    SERIOUSLY considering this as my next. Toss up between it and the N4. One X+ has 64GB, LTE, and sexy design, N4 has Jelly Bean 4.2, super-low cost, and comes unlocked. Decisions, decisions…

    • JohnCash

      It’s your call:
      The N4 comes unlocked has the fastest upgrades this side of the Mississippi and comes with 16GB, all for $380 shipped.

      The X+ has LTE, 64GB, HALF the RAM, is locked and has the upgrades at the speed of Telus. You have to “forcast” how popular this phone will be, if a lot of people buy it, it will have lots of support on the XDA forums and will have many ROMS to chose from, otherwise…as they common phrase goes: “You are F#$%^ed!”

      Finally you have to consider the reselling value. On average if you want the LTE and extra storage it will cost you $300, plus the reselling hit, plus if you drop it or loose it it will cost you another $650 bucks.

      A lot of people are skipping the battery killer A>K>A> LTE and the extra storage. A Clasic scenario is to forget the phone at a bar (cuz you will have money for drinks if you buy the N4) then you just buy another one for $380 vs getting a hit for $650 (But you won’t lose it at a bar cuz you will be phone-poor and will be drinking homemade eggnog)

  • technathan

    …and I don’t mind that TELUS got a version without the red accents. Looks a bit more professional and minimalist now.

  • Jon

    Now for the price… I hope on contract this phone is no more than the Optimus G… If so, I think I have found a winner.

  • technathan

    @JohnCash I know, I know – it’s a tough call for me. But what’s the point of having all that cutting-edge hardware (N4) if you’re only going to get real-world network speeds of what? 5-10Mbps? It’s theoretically capable of 42Mbps I know, but it will never see that speed in real life. Whereas with LTE (X+) you’ll get around 25Mbps.

    Would be nice to go unlocked though and give the finger to contracts…

  • MickLiq

    For those ranting about the One X+ being “locked”, I can already tell you that:

    – bootloader is unlocked via HTCDev
    – Root has already been achieved
    – Early version of CWM is available to flash custom ROM’s
    – Am sure you will be able to carrier unlock

    I have a One X and have been running Jelly Bean 4.1.1 with Sense 4+ (same OS as on the One X+) for a few weeks, because I did all the above on it. So no, it’s not 4.2 yet, but pretty close, and for those that like to flash, the updates leak pretty quickly.

    I think at $550 (the US price), the addition of LTE, 64 vs. 16 GB and polycarbonate build is justifiable for the price delta of $200 vs the N4. C$650 (we’re still guessing) is a rip.

  • Sparro

    From what I know the One X+ Telus is getting has the red accents around the camera and the capacitive buttons. Don’t know why that dummy unit does not.

    • MickLiq

      No, the Telus version does not have red accents. Check the TelusMobility website…

  • pedro

    I think that’s my next phone all the way!