TELUS HTC One X+ is “coming soon”


  • Mark

    This is pretty amazing! Might be my next phone

    • N4

      The One X+ only offers you:
      LTE, 64GB mem STILL NO SD CARD! and 1.7GHz instead of 1.5 for the Nexus 4

      The Nexus 4 has TWICE AS MUCH RAM and the fastest updates:
      N4 comes with 4.2 and the HTC comes with 4.1…and that’s just the begining.

      AND the HTC comes at $600 or $240 More than the N4??
      No thanks I’ll pass!

    • N4

      If Telus releases this phone One cent over $460, it will Fail!

      People are comparing the N4 to any other phone:
      Is LTE and or SDCard slot worht $250-$350 more??

    • Face it…

      “People are comparing the N4 to any other phone”

      That’s just 1% of nerds on technology blogs/forums. The rest of the population doesn’t even know a new Nexus is coming out, and if a small minority of them somehow did hear about it, they wouldn’t even be able to tell you how much it costs, what it packs under the hood, or even that it’s made by LG.

      Just putting things into perspective.
      Bu “people” you’ve meant “1% of nerds”, I assume.

    • some guy

      So no SD card on both means that 16GB is the same as 64GB of storage? Kind of an odd comparison.

      Of course the Nexus will get updates loooong before the One X+, but that doesn’t stop the phone from working.

      Android is about choice, so don’t rag on someone who is interested in a different phone than you… No device is perfect.


    Telus and phone way to pricey , will wait to see who else will carry it

  • Eric

    How soon?????

  • Gajenius

    This would of been a contender but not anymore since the nexus 4. How are android manufactures going to compete with nexus 4 specna and price point. Good luck but my next phone is diffently a nexus

    • Athleos

      I know people that got the nexus phone, I sugested they should read up on the reviews before buying anything. They didn’t listen and got stuck with a really bad phone. I fully expect the HTC One X+ will be the third phone to ever receive 5 stars from ‘techradar’. It’s not about the money for me, it is about having the bset cell phone on the planet and then joyfully gloating about it.

    • Athleos

      (Just a typo fix, sorry) “It’s not about the money for me, it is about having the BEST cell phone on the planet and then joyfully gloating about it.”

  • Max

    Wish telus stopped gauging customers for straight up costs for phones.

    • N4

      And 3yr contracts!!

      Just heard a commercial about no charging activation fees anymore:
      Tell me of another industry that charges you $35 to start getting your money??
      That Charge NEVER made any sense.

      The N4 directly from Google and UNLOCKED has the power to bring the 3yr contracts down (as in people won’t need so sign 3yr cons to get subsidies) people will simply go month to month from operator to operator, looking for the better PLAN not the Cheaper Phone as it is now.

    • some guy

      You obviously have never dealt with any Telco/ISP/bank/credit card/etc. etc. etc.

      They all charge you to use their service or setup their service which they then make money off you and hand you more fees.
      Does it make it right? Highly debatable. Do I like it? Not a chance. Do I get those fees waived or appropriate compensation to cover those fees? As much as humanly possible.

  • phil

    btw front facing camera is now at 1.6mp… and is a lot better when comparing photo with original one x.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Isn’t the One X+ late at this point? Where the eff is the RAZR Maxx HD? They should be releasing that phone.

    • phil

      from my opinion, one x+ is better than razr hd maxx for screen, processor speed, front facing camera, playstation store ready, it has NFC, camera is one of the best on the market and it’s a beauty. I’ll agree with you maxx hd battery id nuts… but it’s not all.

  • pawn

    I want this!

  • Dylan K

    This is the One X we should have gotten. Tons of storage and usable battery with that screen, comes stock with JB. I wonder if Telus is exclusive?

  • Osama

    i hope Robbers gets this soon, does it have an SD slot and camera shutter this time?

    • Dylan K

      64GB of storage and you still want an SD card?

  • Todd Moore

    To all you guys waiting for the Nexus 4, it has no LTE!

    • N4

      The N4 doesn’t have LTE, hence it has a better battery life.
      The N4 has DUAL CELL HSPA+ meaning 42Mbps max speed instead of the classic 21Mbps.

      with 21Mbps you usially get 11Mbps, double that and you will be getting about 22Mbps ON HSPA with Bell andTelus only (no Rogers), compare that to LTE (Usually 25Mbps) at the cost of extra battery, and there you have it!

      The only thing to consider when getting the N4 is:
      Is getting the 16GB-no SD card worth it saving $300 to me??
      It’s up to you!
      With $300 you can buy a Nexus 7 with HSPA+ radio AND 32GB of internal memory!
      The N4 changes everything!

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    NEXUS 4!!! That is all.

  • Mike

    Great, now my One X looks old and yucky. *sigh*

    • Tomatoes

      Your phone has always looked yucky, not old though.

  • Tomatoes

    With the HTC 8x you can apparently still push the LCD screen in just like the One X. It also still has a crap camera and poor finishing around the USB port.The buttons are still too flushed and still have horrible placement. So I am guessing that this will still have all the problems that plagued the original One X. When will you learn HTC, when will you learn.

  • Hal

    BTW, the 4.1.1 update has started to roll in Asia for the original One X, so we should see in 1-2 month the update for our One XL…

  • raszesze

    I wonder if telus will start selling the original one x at discount rate. Similar to their refreshed phones .. maybe @ 349 for one x on month to month

    • some guy

      If that happens, I might snatch one up for the Mrs!

  • E

    For all those preaching the Nexus 4, don’t forget it’s an LG. Just saying.

  • tvirus

    ugh as expected this doesn’t have the sexy red accents like the international version… I have an S3 right now, it is an absolute beast but with the amount of time that I’ve been using it I now understand why people say the quality really does feel cheap! I’ll get this new phone if it doesn’t kill apps like crazy like the original and since HTC is revamping it why still 1GB of RAM?!

    hey guys I was wondering how hard it is to unlock an android phone? I seen online there are “unlock codes” what are they exactly? I’m stuck on Rogers and I’m thinking of this beautiful One X+ so it seems I’ll have to get an unlocked version… if so is it easy to unlock an international device?

    thanks for y’all feedback if anybody actually reads this long post lol

  • pavan kumar

    nice to have thise tab

    • joseph

      for the guy user name tvirus, go to it ll cost y 21$ with tax incl.

  • andy c

    i’m convinced google purposely cripples the nexus devices so they dont compete directly with the higher end android flagships.

    galaxy nexus: poor camera

    nexus 4: no LTE

    having said the above if the difference between what i get for my Gnex on kijiji is less then $100 for the G4 directly from google I think i’ll bite. can’t stand the camera on the Gnex and can live without LTE

  • Wheels

    I don’t get what the problem is with 3 year contracts your going to be paying 50 60$ per month no matter whether you by your phone outright or on a contract so why wouldn’t you get your carrier to help pay for it . Isn’t paying 159$ better than 400$ or am I missing something.

  • jay

    Ahhhh to late to bring this on the market. With the nexus 4 around the corner who will buy this phone? Contract is up okay but other than that!!!

    Happy owner of a S3

  • Nic

    I’m getting this loved the screen on the one x every time i go to best buy i stop and stare at it. I’m trading my s3 for this… the build quality on the s3 has nothing to compare to this.

  • pedro

    This makes me drool. HTC does it again!

  • L3TH4L

    Everybody can drool over the nexus all they want, as far as I’m concerned, every Nexus model I have seen as s*** the bed from it’s inception. I can’t fathom how an LG version of it is going to improve that history.

    Build quality – HTC hands down.

    Development releases, I’m running custom ROM’s as it is so all you Nexus people can play around with your stock android while I and others enjoy the same thing, perhaps a day or two later but with the benefit of not only Sense (and don’t give me the bloatware kife, any overlay on a Quad Core is still going to be buttery smooth), but Beats Audio, and so on. Do I need more storage than 64 GB? Let’s be honest, if it was that much of a hinderance, why aren’t people with a 32 Gb S3 complaining that they cant get 64 GB or bigger SD cards and support for them.

    It’s ridiculous, people will literally find anything they can to use as justification for why this is anything other than what it is…A great device that’s setting the standard for what is to come.