Bell releases the Windows Phone 8X by HTC


  • General Gustov

    Still waiting to see who else will pick up this phone , Bell and Rogers mehh not for me

  • menodumb

    Have this sudden urge to sing Purple Rain

  • Justin

    I wish Rogers and Bell didn’t screw you over, with all these phones coming out monthly, who wants to wait 2 years until they can upgrade 🙁 I have my galaxy nexus, but cannot upgrade and do not want to pay $600 for a cell phone, damn you bell

  • Keith

    Thanks Bell, but if you had a bloody clue about Windows Phone you would know the Lumia 920 is what everyone wants.

  • daguy


    Don’t sign a 3 year contract? Bell gives you 10% off your monthly bill if you bring your own phone, and with the Nexus 4 costing $300-$350 and Lumia 920 costing $450, you don’t have to pay $600+ for a phone anymore.

    Contracts are so short sighted.

    • Qoma

      Do tell, where are you finding the 920 for $450?

    • Qoma

      Nothing, eh? Didn’t think so.

  • Mark

    Would like to get the phone but Bell voice and data plans totally suck

  • John Marshall

    Hmm… this makes it tempting to leave my Telus contract, since I might get rather less screwed by Bell’s V+D plans. Wish I could get a phone with expandable storage, but this one’s still a step up from my HTC One S.

  • MB

    Lumia 920 is more like 550$ no? or many would get it instead of the N4 …

  • jeff

    Awesome but purple is not my color. Red or yellow anytime soon bell?

    • Slappy

      It’s a blue, not a purple.

    • jeff

      Officially its called California Blue, but we all know it looks purple.

  • Greg

    Yea but too bad not a single store within 20km of me has any stock…

    How do you launch a phone and not ship any to the stores?

    • Greg

      Looks like it’s delayed until the 19th, talked to a helpful employee at one of the bell stores and he admitted to the delay…

      Nice launch Bell…

    • Greg

      Just as a follow up, I found a store on Saturday that had stock and picked one up. Looks like it was a very rushed delivery as it was a completely stock unit from HTC, Bell hadn’t even added its own Windows Phone Self Serve app on to the phone.

  • Masse

    Lies… Nobody has it in stock… Nobody knows anything about it… Been to 5 different bells.

  • Brian Wray

    Called every single Bell dealer in my area and not one has any in stock or any scheduled for arrival within the next few weeks.

    This launch was just as successful as the Rogers launch this past Monday that still does not have any Lumias 920 and HTC 8X in stock.

  • Techy Canuck

    Played with the phone and it felt great in the hand. Biggest issue is lack of voice guided Navigation. Everything else looks nice and music sounds great with the high output headphone jack.

    • jefflw

      Is Data Sence activated and working by bell?

  • George

    If anyone does get one on Bell, can they confirm that internet sharing is offered as opposed to the non-Support for previous WP 7.5 products? The Bell site says mobile wi-fi hotspot is available but not that I ever doubt what Bell says, but…

  • tardis

    They say its blue but it looks purple, whats up with that.

  • Qoma

    So if Bell’s offering this now, will Virgin follow suit?

  • Brian

    If this doesn’t strike your fancy, a local Bell store rep showed me on their computer that they will have the Samsung Ativ S coming in the next few weeks as well. $599.99 off contract, but didn’t have contract pricing posted yet.

  • Mathieu

    After calling about 6 store I give up. There is no stock in the area of Montréal.

    What is the idea again to advertise a product you don’t even have a single copy in store?????

  • bblol

    This is hands down the best phone on the market. If I hadn’t sold 4 Nexus 4’s to get an iPhone 5 yesterday I would definitely get one of these.

  • burningbagel

    Bell can have a Godsend phone, but there`s no way I will get anything from them, they are and will always be HELL!!!

  • Villain

    No bell stores in nova scotia have it

  • Cell Guy

    Terrible colour…

  • ronsjo

    No stores in Edmonton have it. Contacted Bell support and all the said to me is it is still “launching”…. and then told me to call all my local stores again. It is available to order online for new accounts but not for existing accounts.

  • Masse

    NONE in Toronto…. Are you kidding me bell?! Bullshit launch….

  • Chris J

    Just a few things. From the pictures the thing really looks purple but it really is more of a blue. I didn’t believe it.

    I do believe that WP8 has mobile hotspots but correct me if I’m wrong.

    They are a little slow getting to the store but I know they are in the process of being shipped, it would just be awesome if they were there for the Nov. 15 release date.

    The rumour is Virgin are getting their own variation of the 8X. Take that for what it’s worth.

    I’m half waiting for the Ativ but the HTC is a beast.

    • George

      RE: Mobile WiFi Hotspot (tethering) – yes it is integrated in to WP8, as it was in WP7.5, but Bell wouldn’t authorize the service to run.

    • Mathieu

      Well, I got one last weekend and it really is purple. Purple enough that I wasn’t able to get use to it so I took it back. I’ll wait for a black one I guess.

      The phone was amazing and was really nice I hand. Battery seems ok but again, I didn’t have much time to play with it.

      Internet sharing is working fine.

      If anyone hear about when the black one will be out, please let me know. Rogers had only purple also when I went to see.


  • Doug

    Maybe launch doesn’t mean what I think it means…

    Apparently it means you put the product on your website and say people that they can buy it, but don’t actually have ANY in stock to sell them. As a long time Bell customer it is so frustrating. Called/visited several stores yesterday, some even had them on display, but none were in stock.

    Such a weird way to do business.

  • Bill Lee

    Same story in the greater Vancouver area: I’ve been phoning every store in my area and no one knows for sure when they will get this phone. I’m starting to think this is an HTC supply problem as Verizon in the US is having supply issues as well.
    It’s very frustrating (also amusing when I have Bell employees try to tell me this is their first Windows phone and then I show them my HD7 and tell them they’re wrong).

  • Mathew

    Still….none in Bell stores in Edmonton. Fail.