Sony Xperia Go launches at Fido for $300, plus an unlocked “limited edition yellow” at Sony Stores


  • asdf

    OS 4.1 ICS… LOLOL

    • RIMtheRIPPER

      ICS and 1300mAh Battery?? LOL!!

      -$300 with ICS 3.5″ and tiny battery? or add $30 for the N4 ( the N4 is $310 plus $16-$20 shipping) Add the money to UNLOCK the Xperia and the N4 is ahead.

      -The only thing with the N4 is that you have to wait for thevnext Nov 27-shipment to see if you can get one. after that it will be the Dec 11th.

      -Expect the N4 to catch up with Demand by mid-end of February ( after the “holidays” you have the Lunar new year huge in Markets where the N4 will be king!)

    • RIMtheRIPPER

      The HTC One V pre paid- at Koodo goes for $200 or less and is the better phone of the two.

  • iphoneee

  • General Gustov

    Whats the big deal about Nexus 4 ? meh , not for me .

  • @Kwongie

    “Sony Store is your best best”
    one s too many

  • Is This Bb10?

    But I can get a Nexus 4 for the same price!

    • RIMtheRIPPER

      Or less if you add the $ you need to unlock the Difterya.

      The N4 is changing all business models:
      Phones like this will drop to $99-$150 (This phone was launched in Feb 2012 and still has no upgrades) While “high end” phones will drop to $400-450 if they want to sell.

      -the N4 is out of stock in both the US and Canada; people that thought that customers prefer to sign on a 3yr and pay “only $99-199” for the phone have to wait for one next two -three shipments and the numbers in December to see if people are really buying th N4 or they just released a few phones for sale to look like they are selling well.

  • How Do I Get a Nexus 4?

    Unfortunately most people WON’T get a Nexus 4 for $309. Only limited quantities will pop up on the Play store at random times and will be sold out within 5 minutes. It’s a marketing ploy be Google. Shame on Google.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    I’m commenting because this story only had 9 comments.

  • a*s whole

    no you miscounted, there was 10 replies.

  • Ron-C

    A rugged little phone!

    In terms of battery life, I have an xperia mini pro running on a 1200 mAh battery and ICS, I can easily make it last over 2 days, of course a 3 inch screen also helps.

    1300 mAh battery with ICS and 3.5 inch screen should see similar practical results. It’s also rugged and a decent price tag. If you compare it to high end phones that are more than double the price, it is a really good mid-range phone with decent specs and features, and doesn’t have an easily crackable glass back unlike what some people like to compare it to, and also has microSD expansion.

    The yellow one comes straight out unlocked, though that’s the somewhat disappointing part because I would prefer black.