Facebook turns on “Share” button for mobile web, coming soon to Android and iOS


  • Munir

    I wonder why it wasn’t there in the first place! Is the coding too hard?!

  • MailmanDelivers

    That took too long

  • RJ

    The Facebook app for android is still brutally bad

    • Dave

      I’ve never understood all the negative reviews on the market place. Everyone say’s it’s bad or s**t or some equivalent which always refrains me from downloading the updates, but when i do, it always runs fine for me. You just need a better phone.

    • 45

      I have a Galaxy Nexus, and I really dislike the Facebook app on it. It’s pretty laggy, and sometimes it just takes forever to load things, when other apps/websites load instantly.

  • Rob

    Agreed that this took too long and should have been there from the start. I’ve always wondered where this feature was. Seems so obviously missing.

  • Alpha

    Kitten Mittens? Do people really have so much time that they sit around viewing/creating/uploading this stuff?

    Wow, I feel so old and out of touch.


    It’s slowly getting better, the Android App I mean. It was terrible for awhile but it’s becoming much better to use. I’ve been bugging them for a while for a share button and we’re finally getting it Yay. I’ve told them they need everything that the Web version has as mobile tech is taking over. I’m so glad Zuckerberg forced his employees to use the Android App to see how terrible it was and motivated them to fix and improve the damn thing. Finally Zuckerberg does something right lol. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada).

  • Mike

    Facebook?…. snooze…

  • trdartz

    I would like them to implement the “unfollow post” feature on the mobile app

    • dave thans


  • Rob

    If they keep at it, facebook might be as good as Google+ one day, but I doubt it.