LG Optimus G Review (TELUS & Rogers)


  • Anon

    Knowing LG, this is going to get 4.1 in 2014 and that’s it.

  • Craig

    I’m sorry. I just don’t trust LG. Too many bad experiences.

    • Distortion Field

      For anyone who says they just don’t trust LG, does that mean that you also wouldn’t consider the Nexus 4, which is made by LG?

  • RyanOver

    despite the price…. Rooted with a custom ROM, and their you have it.. an extremely powerful smartphone with LTE (which the Nexus 4 don’t have)
    Good Job LG

    • Me Ted

      Oh of course. LTE is the dealbreaker for me. I mean, how else am I going to download my torrents to my phone? Or wait; maybe that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I’ll take the Nexus thank you very much.

  • Serious

    No jelly bean for you! Good day!

  • willy wonka

    LG – perfect if you want a phone thats DOA on the first day you bought it…. meaning promised updates and then later on a notice saying you won’t get anymore support or updates/upgrades! Stay away from this phone, and get the Nexus phones instead!

  • shahkam

    weird how the ui looks like touchwiz.. notice the camera ui? icons on the homescreens? even the video player.. nice try lg

  • aiden

    I thought I’d never say this but…Good job LG! I want one…

  • rootblock

    Android Central reported a locked bootloader on this phone. A terrible shame.

  • Alex

    MY first Android was the LG Eve (released dec 09, I got it mid 2010) it had a switch to go from LG launcher to AOSP. I’d like to see such AOSP switches in modern devices!

  • Nathaniel James


  • Raven66

    I take Motorola RAZR HD LTE over this phone any day. Battery life for Motorola blows LG away.

  • mmathieum

    Nexus 4 FTW!

  • Mr Mystery

    Id prefer the new Note, it’s a more productive device.

    • Hardened

      A device isnt’ productive … its HOW the user uses its tools that make YOU productive.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Nexus 4 is better value.

  • Miknitro

    Nice, but not 300 dollars nicer then N4.

  • Osama

    the tablet killed the smartphone/cameraphone era…

  • Brad F


    Looks nice, but LG’s kind of tarnished their reputation with crappy phones lately (L3, anyone?).

  • timisoso

    Super AMOLED sounds good, ultra would have been better…

  • 173

    Good ol’ LG, still can’t take a decent picture on their best device.

  • brunes

    Locked bootloader kills this.

  • sp

    same score as the iPhone 5….

    makes you go hmmmmmmmm

  • GSlide

    I’ve had this phone (AT&T’s model) for a week now. No complaints, just excessive praise. The way they laid out the settings menu was a good move, it’s easy to locate normally hidden features. NFC, Wi-FI direct, good battery saving features and removable storage. The AT&T’s version comes with removable storage and I suspect a removal battery as you do have access via two screws. The Quick Memo is brilliant. Everytime I whoop my girls a*s in Song pop, I take a memo and doodle a gloating remark to her. Phone is pretty fast and the camera is on par with the best of them, save the Nokia.

  • GSlide

    They definitely thieved some features in the UI and Keyboard from iPhone and GSIII…but it’s all good, makes the phone that much better.

  • Jesse S

    Thought about it, pondered some more, then ordered a Note 2 instead. After a day of using it the size is no longer an issue, and with all the extras on the note, very glad i skipped this LG 🙂 Are the Rogers and Telus variants all 8mp versions? I had seen very good reviews on the 13mp camera in these, i wasn’t even aware that a 8mp was available… better question, Why not have the 13 in all models??

  • TJ

    Had phone for 3 days so far, while their skinning of Android is still somewhat amateurish, the device is blazing fast and easy to use. Things are laid out in a rather intuitive way. Main complaint is the menu key rather than the standard multi-tasking key, but you get used to it after a while. Picture quality has actually been above average, I own the One X and the Xperia Ion and the pictures do turn out rather close in most lighting scenarios. The video camera isn’t the greatest though, it just doesn’t track smoothly when you move the camera and leads to a rather uneasy viewing experience. All in all though, for the price you can’t really get a better feeling device; the build quality is outstanding. Do wish I had been able to obtain a Nexus 4 instead but considering the months we’ll have to wait for them to get back in stock it’s probably only worth it for the diehards who are desperate to save a couple hundred bucks.

  • schultzter

    Any chance of getting your summary tables, from the end of each review, in side-by-side comparison? If they’re available on the site I can’t find them anywhere. Thanks,