Microsoft Surface gets run over at 60mph and survives


  • Betty

    can a BB10 device do that ???

    • kris

      we have to wait till 2015 to find out

    • InfinitiGuy

      They should have turned around and ran over it again 🙂

  • astudent

    I would be more impressed if the car slowly ran over it at 10 mph and still in working condition (longer duration of time under the car weight), then again at a faster speed there is more centrifugal force..mmmmmm…..screw it, call the Mythbusters.

  • DrBadass

    Holy Shit!?

  • Brayden

    My iPhone didn’t survive a 2 foot drop onto hardwood…..

    • 45

      Neither did my friend’s Nexus 7.

      This is pretty impressive. Good job, MS.

    • Rio

      You cannot compare a car moving at 50+KM/h to a drop

      It is more likely to break during a drop than a car running over it with decent speed

  • geokilla

    I’m surprised the guy is alive…

  • jess

    impressive work , though was the a set up. who knows

  • G

    Run over by a toy car lool

  • RyanOver

    my phone survive a drop from a second floor house. it,s still working


    • Boycott Bell Rep

      so that was you? i had to put in a work order because of the crater near the side of the road.

  • USA! USA! USA!


  • Chris


  • Chris


  • Chris

    Mmmm sweet lemonade!

  • george

    I could not care what the thing could do. I would not buy another MS product. Years of poor products has cost this company any possiblity of any reasonable goodwill with customers.

    • george


    • george

      Some toll seems to think something has been hurting my butt. Odd comment/suggestion. I bought a hp/ms vista laptop for $2200 or so dollars about 5 years ago. It was so slow it was unusable. Has not been used in about 58 months, at total waste of money.

      Ms hardware is terrible. I had a keyboard which died when a tiny bit of water dropped on it.

      At work, I have been using ms produst for about 15 years. Not a day goes by where I do not say “piece of crap”

      A company that needs to rely on antitrust activities and lobbying to survive will not survive.

      All that said, their software has gotten better recently, but ms is doomed as no one will buy their products unless force to. You need to create goodwill to survive long term Google are you listening.

  • george

    Obviously a MS stunt with MS trolls.

    • some guy

      You seem really butt-hurt George. Is everything ok, buddy? If you need to cry, it’s ok, just let it out. I’m here for you.

  • jrfox87

    Who really cares if their tablet can withstand this? The screen will still shatter if dropped face down just like pretty much any other tablet out there.

  • Imakesense

    A 2 ton vehicle ran this over and only the edges are damaged? I personally haven’t seen something run over and “go flying”. I’m skeptical. If it’s real, MS needs to get out of the tech market and get into making ironman armour.

  • bionicus

    I would rename the article title to “Microsoft Surface gets run over at 60mph and survives, but its still crap.”