LG claiming its 13MP Optimus G module camera is the best in the business


  • Wes

    lg sucks…. i have an lg optimus 2x…. that speaks for itself

    • Kroms

      You sir need to go get an education and then DON’T come back.
      Like ADAM said, why don’t you just go get a Iphone5.

    • Falco

      Ditto re ypur LG comments. I have 2X as well. Camera is major disappointment. I have 2 Sony’s—-Xperia Pro and U. I have yet to see any camera come close, including iPhn and HTC. Number of pixels irrelavent without quality sensors. I have an old T715 that takes better pics, fixed focus not withstanding, Even the Optimus 2X doesn’t have macro focusing in video format. I’m sticking with sony.

  • sukar!

    Yea and the slowest company in providing ICS updates, if they ever do..

  • RyanOver


  • LGee

    If the dev community gets behind this phone then I’m in. LG is the only one who doesn’t lay some bullsh!t skin on their devices!

  • stylinred

    Let’s see it go up against the Nokia N8 let alone the 808 Pureview

    • Thilan

      QFT. Nokia has the best smartphone cameras without question…and have had for quite some time.

  • Skin 1.0

    Why would anyone buy an LG phone at this point?

  • mattprime86

    ^ yea, except that phone looks like a piece of Shit and has terrible specs.

    LG has made me want this phone already.

  • Joseph

    I still say Sony has the better camera module.

    • Falco

      Hey. Joseph, see my reply to Wes.

  • Darth Paton

    Next time I want to print out my own wallpaper from a picture taken by my phone, I might look at an LG. Until then I’ll take a phone designed to take high quality photos, not just a massive megapixel count stuffed into a puny little lens

  • Keith

    Let’s see this go up against the Lumia 920 and see who wins.

  • mattprime86

    This will. Hands down. Research

  • Sam

    when will phone have optical zoom? 🙁

    • robinottawa

      Nokia 808 Pureview has a better-than-optical zoom in terms of results, since it’s perfectly quiet, doesn’t need any moving parts, etc. The only weakness is that it doesn’t zoom very far compared to dedicated zooming cameras. But to have it on a phone with everything else that good, converged, Nokia tech comes with can’t be beat.

  • Adam

    @ Wes – Your a douche. Stop crying about not getting the updates on your 2X. It was still the best phone when you bought it at the time, camera was the best at the time, price was the best, etc etc. Period. Go troll another forum and get yourself an iPhone. The G series looks sick!!! Wes is a F**ktard get over it.

    • Falco

      Hey. Adam. read my replies to Joseph and Wes. No need to get nasty just because you’re wrong. I suppose you like the g reen tint the Op 2,X injects into pics and vids taken on overcast days. LG was never the best. Have you ever seen vids taken with the old Gossip? Right out of the dark ages.