Rogers confirms that 2600Mhz LTE is available “in all markets where we offer LTE AWS 2100”

When the LG Optimus G launches on Rogers, Bell and TELUS, customers will be greeted with identical-looking phones on each carrier. But Rogers is differentiating itself by offering a version of the Optimus G that takes advantage of its 2600Mhz LTE network. Such spectrum is little used across Canada, and is facilitated by Rogers and Bell in a partnership called Inukshuk Wireless – which was initially created to allow the two companies to provide high-speed fixed wireless internet to rural areas across Canada.

More recently, however, the companies have been using the spectrum in larger cities such as Toronto and Vancouver to push higher-speed LTE networks. But many customers, especially those who are planning on running out and buying an Optimus G on November 13th, are rightfully curious to know whether they’ll receive LTE on 2600Mhz in all the areas they would on the equivalent AWS device. Rogers sent us a statement assuring everyone that wherever there is an LTE signal on an AWS phone, 2600Mhz devices will also be covered. The benefits of 2600Mhz are higher speeds in higher capacity areas (100Mbps on the Optimus G; the network itself has a theoretical maximum speed of 150Mbps).

“The Rogers LTE 2600 MHz bandwidth is in all markets where we offer LTE AWS 2100. In most markets where 2x20MHz (2600MHz) is available, the LG Optimus G is capable of theoretical max speeds of up to 100Mbps. In smaller LTE markets that have 2x10MHz (2600MHz), the LG Optimus G can reach theoretical max speeds of up to 75Mbps.”

The 100Mbps limitation is with the phone, not the network.

So there you have it: Optimus G owners are covered for LTE, even on Rogers’ 2600Mhz network.