Rogers confirms that 2600Mhz LTE is available “in all markets where we offer LTE AWS 2100”


  • Adam

    better than Bell who has a separate coverage area for 2600mhz.

    • N4

      1-They should stop citing “Theoretical Speeds”!
      HSPA+ Theoretical max is 21, and hardly get 12-13 (50%
      I do not know LTE “Theo-Max” but I get 20-24Mbps MAX! on Rogers.
      My friend has a Koodo Samsung S2X (DualCell HSPA+ max 42Mbps) and gets 19-22Mbps on BELL, almost the same as LTE.

      So if this new LTS Max is 150Mbps I think is safe to expect 30-50Mbps.

    • N4

      In the US operators can’t cite the max laboratory ideal speeds anymore.
      They have to use street, replicable speeds ( close to the antenna but still closer to reality!)
      Wish we could do this!

      The Optimus G is still is a battery hog compared to the N4 and still $300 more just for LTE radio, no thanks! N4 for me.

  • gwydionjhr

    Are there any other LTE phones on the horizon that can take advantage of this spectrum?

  • John Lay

    The whole LTE spectrum is getting very messy. We will have 2600/2100/1700/700 MHz which “some/all/none” of them are compatible with the rest of the world. Kind of wasting frequencies channels and capital investment which in turns causing customers to pay more

  • Kid.Canada

    Fvck your LTE Rogers of you ain’t gon’ raise this stupid cap. You’re so greedy that you’re gonna cap us on bandwidth which costs you guys nothing. Greedy Big 3 bastards…

  • iJellyBerryOS8

    With all this LTE coverage, you’d think Rogers didn’t need to bid on the 700MHz auction…

    • Nothin But RIM

      You would think.. however the interest in the spectrum isn’t about quantity it’s about capacity. 700mhz has more capacity then the higher ranges and thus has a stronger signal. The range allows for deeper penetration so doing things like continuing a call in an elevator, warehouse or even the subway are easier to accomplish.

  • Adam

    Hopefully this speeds of the development of quad-band LTE chips.

    Europe mostly uses different bands than North America. A phone that can roam on LTE anywhere would be great.

    Penta-band HSPA/Quad-band GSM/LTE woud be the ultimate phone. I dont’ mind a thicker battery if it means truly global roaming.

  • c0bra

    Damn that looks a lot like a large iPhone. I’m surprised LG is getting sued up the wazoo by Apple.

    • c0bra

      Sorry, I meant I am surprised they are NOT getting sued by Apple.

  • Dopey Mobi Chicka

    Oh boy, agree with above, AWS spectrum getting confusing for the non-initiated!

  • Adam

    Still think Rogers needs to buy Mobi and convert their sites into LTE. Bell has Telus as a partner to lighten the cost of rolling out 3 different LTE networks. Rogers has to do it all on their own.

    • Dopey Mobi Chicka

      I love your comment “Rogers has to do it all on their own.”–Adam.

      Not insulting, just laughing with you. To think Rogers is sitting at a corner sulking like a toddler is a funny thought.

      Mobilicity will very likely be bought out by one of the Bigger 3 ANYways, just because Rogers can.

      Mobilicity investors WOULD LOVE to be purchased be one of the Big 3. Mobilicity customers on the other hand…well, you know what they want!

  • crimsona

    LTE fragmentation is far worse than gsm ever was

  • leobg

    2600MHz has even worse penetration than AWS. Couple of walls inside a building and you get no signal.. Lower the frequency is, better the penetration is. This is why everyone wants the 700MHz ‘beach-front’.

    • roman

      You’ll be lucky to get signal inside of a cardboard box.

  • Kezghan

    This is good news though if you like to use International phones as a lot of them have support for 2600.

  • Leapfrog

    A few corrections…

    Theoretical HSPA+ is 42Mbps (Dual Carrier), not 21.
    Inukshuk spectrum was initially bought by Microcell (Fido) during a federal spectrum auction, not “bestowed upon” Rogers and Bell.

    My 2 cents worth…

    • Daniel Bader

      Corrected the Inukshuk portion, thanks.
      As for Dual Carrier HSPA+, that isn’t mentioned anywhere in the article. Not sure what you’re referring to.

  • STY

    Funny, when Wind and Mobi have AWS, Rogers wants to say it’s horrible. But when Roger’s uses AWS, now it becomes top notch.

  • Ced

    Difference between AWS with HSPA and AWS on LTE …

    You get very good LTE speed … with a very bad signal … not the same things with HSPA !

  • Bob

    I have an Opimis G 2600 that Rogers CLAIMS will work everywhere that their other LTE phones work, but I only get 4G in my houe where my son’s GS3 gets LTE all the time…both on Rogers.
    They even sent me a new phone…same thing.
    Same problems in Kitchener too….no indoor coverage where other LTE’s work fine.
    I think they still have some work to do !!

  • Berr

    “A true Global LTE phone would need more then just “Penta” band…”

    You should check the Motorola RAZR HD LTE XT925. It is not a pentaband in term of HSPA+. But it is in LTE 700 / 800 / 1700 / 2100 / 2600