LG nets small profit in Q3 on higher sales of LTE smartphones


  • jess

    i dont know, i still think lg should stick to making tvs. I find thats their best product, cell phones not so much, usually glitchy and crap the bed after 8 months.

  • Osama

    ya i was gonna buy the OG but the camera quality looks weak compared to the sony… Im waiting for the T or One X+

  • Miknitro

    They’ve an uphill battle ahead of them.

    GL=Good Luck!

  • Brn

    Nexus 4 should help, no?

    • Anthony E.

      @Brn: Not if no one buys it because it’s an LG product. :P.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    its good for android to have more companies other than samsung making money

  • Peter

    Consider Samsung and LG was world top 2,3 in past couple of years for feature phone. Thus, we should know that LG has potential to win uphill battle soon in smart phone market.

  • HMM

    Thanks to Apple!

  • Mark

    They have so much phone support for LTE 🙂

  • Jimbo

    Using the Optimus 4X HD and it is a very good phone. As good(maybe better) than the S3. (much better screen) However, if LG continues to abandon there products, leaving them without timely updates, and locked bootloaders, they will not stop the slide. They have ticked too many past customers off and the lack of trust is going to be very difficult to regain.

  • Errrr

    Surprised see LG making a profit in smartphone industry.I thought they only make money off of laundry machines.

  • David

    That’s a welcoming news. The world needs more competition.

  • Frank

    This trend will probably continue, assuming the LG Nexus is a success.