TELUS’ LTE network now reaches 61% of the Canadian population


  • gjeff12

    Maybe Rogers could learn something. They may have been first but but Telus/Bell destroys them in coverage.

    • Poller

      I’m not ugrading to an LTE phone until phones come with an LTE radio that doesn’t tax the battery.

      Nexus for with its Dual channel HSDPA+ and Telus (AND BELL) Support for Dual Cell Offer 21Mbps speeds, which are close to LTE without the reduced battery life.

      Nexus 4 FTW!

  • EvanK

    I talked to a Bell rep here in Winnipeg, and apparently they’ll be launching their LTE network “alongside Telus in January of 2013”. So Winnipegers, expect some Bell/Telus LTE in Q1 of next year.

  • Dave

    Telus is the best phone company

    • EvanKr

      Far from the best, but compared to the Bell and Rogers, I’d call them the best of the big 3.

  • Fromandah Bolz

    …and Telus is mobilizing forces to invade New York.

  • Matt

    When will it be in Sudbury, Ontario?

  • monsterduc1000

    How about Calgary to Edmonton? One of the busiest highways in the Country…

    • boib

      it does not make sense to cover highways while many important cities are still not covered

    • SAMM


    • EvanK

      Don’t expect highway coverage for a while still, many major cities don’t even have LTE yet. And besides, the 401 is much busier. Not only is it the busiest highway in Canada by far, it’s one of the busiest in the world.

  • john

    Newfoundland cough cough….

  • Claw

    That’s great.. now how come I can almost never get an LTE signal indoors in Ottawa?

    • Chris

      Because AWS spectrum is s**t for building penetration

  • hmmmm

    wow even Thurso has LTE now…so maybe we’ll get it here in a few months too.

  • Jon

    No lte in Saskatchewan yet 🙁

    • g011um

      I think Telus and Bell are at the mercy of SaskTel. I don’t believe either company has towers in Saskatchewan; they piggyback off SaskTel towers. So… good luck seeing LTE here within the next 5 years

    • GrapeApe

      Actually there’s a sharing agreement (including tower builds) with Sasktel for the last build (improved our roaming when going east/west), but have no idea if it extends to LTE as well as HSPA. Supposedly the last build came after all the major locations when people and resources freed up from the initial HSPa roll-out elsewhere so likely the same with LTE, essentially phase2 of the other players’ builds.

  • screamer

    No clue and not interested in lte. Because everywhere WiFi and where not I am driving!

  • Craig

    > LTE network now reaches 61% of the Canadian population

    Maybe when I’m home, but I really don’t need LTE at home because I’ve got wifi. Where I really need and want LTE isn’t in those yellow blobs on the map, its BETWEEN those yellow blobs – you know, when I’ve taken my MOBILE phone away from home.

    So, basically, Telus, don’t piss on my leg and tell me that its raining. Your 61% is meaningless.

    • GrapeApe

      Yeah, you don’t need it on the road. What device/app are you using that requires more than 10Mbs?

      Oh right, can’t wait the 2 seconds for your Cat video on YouTube to buffer.

      LTE should target home and office locations first, then fill in the gaps. The gaps are fine with 21Mbs HSPA+ let alone DC or LTE.

  • ExcessDan

    there are many parts of Toronto that I still drop from LTE to super slow ‘4G’ though as well as the Barrie and Windsor area. not sure how accurate this map is.

  • Frank

    No LTE at home or work…but I do get it on my way to work on my car! Something is wrong here Telus in Toronto!