WIND’s network goes live in Peterborough


  • What’s with Android?

    And at the same time, the Big 3 expand LTE to several more cities.

    Wind is too slow.

  • justsayin

    Looks more like “part” of Peterborough

  • sickens

    Nice. No coverage where I live, no coverage where I work. Ugh.

  • hoo dat

    I’m through Peterborough quite regularly in the summer, heading to my brother’s cottage. The network has been live up there for for over a year now. Of course with no-one on the network the speeds have been amazing!

    As to the bone headed moron who is comparing WIND’s network to Bell’s and finds it lacking, all I can say is NO S**T, SHERLOCK!!!

  • Kyle Tuck

    While it’s nice that they are expanding, they could probably win more customers by plugging the gaping holes in their existing Home Zones. Coverage downtown Hamilton is almost non-existent. It would also be nice to see speeds in Hamilton that match those of newer markets, especially the upload speeds.

  • Jon

    No, they win more customers showing they do both. Expand and add to existing network.

  • Pablo Moses

    Wind is moving to the right direction===>Forward.

  • sd

    I thought wind was live in Windsor…. or at least I was getting a signal on Kyle way back from a roadtrip.

    • D

      The signal is live but hasn’t officially launched and you cant buy WIND phones here yet.

  • All I do is Wind!

    Wind is making noise these days, some GOOD noise! 🙂

  • serpico

    I 100 % agree with Kyle Tuck , Calgary is another good example of Switzerland cheese coverage = lots of spotty areas .

  • Bad Apple

    To all whiners: Yeah, stay with robelus group. Let them suck you dry. I don’t give a flying duck about their lte… Somehow being with Wind saved me a grand amount of money. But that is not your problem. You, whiners, are all about a speed. Which you do not understand anyway. Let them, robelus group, suck you dry! I guess you like it….

    • Kyle Tuck

      I am with Wind, and will support them because I’ve had it with the big three, and because Wind works “good enough” for where I am most of the time. That does not mean that I have to sit back and say nothing while Wind expands to new areas when I can’t even use my phone in the core of the city I live in.

      I cannot whole-heartedly recommend Wind to family and friends, even if they live in Wind’s coverage area. The best I can do is tell them to try it and hope that the shoddy coverage in supposed “Home Zones” doesn’t impact them too drastically. I know of MANY people that will not switch to Wind because they have heard about the poor coverage (and yes, they’ve already heard about it before they talk to me).

      Do I care about lack of LTE? Absolutely not. Would I like to see better than 90Kbps uploads? Absolutely yes.

  • Lolllll


  • Nick

    has Wind made known any 2013 expansion plans? anything further north in Ontario? Sault Ste Marie anytime?

  • aregularonhofo

    It’s really great to see Wind Mobile growing/expanding and making Mobilicity look like total fools, while there are some gaps still to fill in would you rather be with Mobi where for over a year not even their home zones have seen any improvements with continous tower breathing and i****s keep posting on praying for faster data speeds while long-time subs are basically conned with false promises…give credit where credit is due and obviously without Wind the Big Three would never had made any changes in their services/rates and Mobilicity is simply damaging any chance we have to really go after the incumbents. It’s time to switch to Wind Mobile and make your support count unless you’re a fanboy like bluenote73 (the fake Lazer Android) who benefits from lying to the inexperienced. Promote Wind Mobile and back the new entrant who deserves credit as after all their legal hassels they are finally moving in the right direction with financial backing.

    • T1MB0T

      Fagoo.. no comment on wind being sold again?! Well come on.. it bugs you I know.. what is worse, knowing they were bought and sold 2 times or that they are still for sale.. swami said if the right price comes he will sell.. to anyone.. ouch!

      look at all the fb complaints.. I think you and nuke have to stop swapping spit and had better get working on the fake posts!

  • William


    • Zen10

      There is already some coverage there, and had been there for a long time. I won’t rely on it, though. It’s spotty as hell, and it’s not “official”.

      Google Coverage Mapper, and take a look for yourself.

  • 7Dwarfs

    I have been with them almost from the very start. It was a shaky beginning, let me tell you – lots of holes, quite a few dropped calls, calls not going through, text messaging sporadic, and I can keep on going. It was painful. I kept and extra line with Robelus, but was trying to use Wind more and more.

    And so about a year in, I was very much comfortable with using Wind altogether, so I finally cancelled my Robelus line. It was a good day, let me tell you, haha, it was light the weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    So I am over 2 years in now, and let me tell you, it’s night and day. Whereas it was more or less a huge mess in the beginning, right now I can fully rely on my phone as my primary communication device. Haven’t head a dropped call in forever, and can’t say that I’ve had any issues at all, actually.

    So yup, I’ve stuck with them, and I am glad that I did. For the price I am paying now, I am getting everything that I could ever need, and the plan only gets more valuable as Wind build out.

    Bye-bye Robelus! I think that you have enough of my money, and you won’t be getting any more 😉

  • Sexii Biitch Movement!!!

    LOOOOL, this look like my penor!


  • 2c

    wow wind is grabing long term players by the balls.

  • Gus83

    Remember that coveragemapper isn’t always that reliable. I’m the one that recorded the red line North of Peterborough all the way out to Buckhorn Lake. I can tell you, that DOES NOT EXIST. You just get a poor quality Rogers signal out there on the lake!

  • picks

    There is expanded coverage in Kingston as well along with 2 new stores, one in the Kingston Centre and one in the Cataraqui Town Centre.

  • Dopey Mobi Chicka

    Bye Bye Mobilicity! Mobilicity are a bunch of liars. Two years since Friends and Family 2010 and the coverage hasn’t improved at all.

    Go WIND go!

  • DrBadass

    I am a avid wind fan who owns a wind plan, But that just looks like a p***s.

  • dc2000

    WIND, can you start focusing on western provinces? Ontario isn’t the center of the world, ya know? Peterbrough;s Population: 78,000; Victoria’s population: 344,000. Who’s crazy now?!

    • Joseph Z

      Well, Wind is trying hard to expan to Victoria, BC but so far nimbies were opposing and slowing the process..

    • D34D

      Blame to the so-called “activists”, who want their phones to magically work without towers being put up in their areas. Their brains are already fried, so what are they worried about?

      Victoria was good to go close to a year ago. It’s just sitting idle, waiting for NIMBYs to smarten up a little…

      This will sound sexist as hell, but I don’t care… Have you noticed how 90% of NYMBYs are older, fatter women? Coincidence? They have the biggest mounth, and understand very little or NOTHING about technology.

      Hey NIMBYs, give up your cellphones altigether. Show us that you’re not just talk…


  • 5Gs

    Go Wind Go! Make me proud! I am glad i am your one of the first customers!

    • Bobby Destroy-her

      you so right! you a member of the no gag reflux club? nuke, old johnn ( mr no teeth ) warren the spoogemaster.. mccans and bobby the twink.. all proud members!

  • Jeremy

    Peterborough finally officially has wind service… I’ve been using wind with a Toronto number for the last 9 months here

  • noknok

    we need Wind in Montreal, i mean Videotron is even worse than the Big 3