Wind Mobile stores in Windsor and Peterborough under construction, launch imminent


  • Sam

    Who cares!

  • iPhone

    no iPhone 5, no Wind. Sticking with Bellus thanks.

    • JohnN

      Hey, iPhone:
      It is your money – you csn waste it as you see fit!

  • Plan Shopper

    3 years ago I signed a 3 year contract with Rogers hoping that Wind would get into the Kawartha Lakes area. *sigh* Maybe one more 3 year contract and we’ll get coverage.

  • EvanKr

    Winnipeg [I]has[/I] to be next, it’s the largest city that they haven’t set up shop in yet (aside from Montréal and Québec City, so it would make the most sense.

  • All I do is Wind!

    That’s some good news, Windsor has been waiting for Wind to arrive, that’ll also be their location for the new customer service call center; therefore, hopefully the CS complaints will go down.

    Although some people are getting impatient, Wind is expanding at a good speed, which is a very goood sign!

  • MattyMattMatt

    But, so slow and unreliable.

    • STY

      Then how come there are reports of over 9 Mbps download and over 3 Mbps upload on other forums.

      Oh I know, and it’s understandable, you either are worried about a job, or stock options, like most who try to perpetuate this false info.

  • jack

    that store front looks disgusting bad lol

    • Porilaisten

      Yeah, it looks like a dive.

    • STY

      Yeah, that’s the important part.

      Wouldn’t want to save over $50 a month, and never have to worry about minutes and time of day, etc. if the store front looks bad. Much rather our money goes to the gold Robelus towers.

    • TntKin

      It’s a dealer store, you can tell by the sign and the window displays

  • serpico

    Let’s hope the will get a real coverage = signal in the Home Wind Zone .

  • dc2000

    Let’s try to focus out west eh Wind?… Seems like they rather focus on the east than anything, even in a smaller community with 100,000 – Victoria, BC beats that by any means.. C’mon, so sick of waiting. Ontario is the USA of North America, they get everything before us…

    • STY

      It goes both ways. We can’t get those fantastic 15/15/15 deals that you can get from Shaw. Someone I know got offered a 10/10/10. Rogers and Cogeco never offered anything that cheap.

    • Miss in Windsor

      It does suck that they’re not out West yet. However, Windsor gets overlooked for MANY things. We get passed by, and the common “joke” around here is that Ontario evidently stops at London, since they commonly “forget” to expand things down here. So it’s nice to finally have a company remember Windsor and give us a break!

  • 2dfx

    Good to see Alex Perrier is still providing lip service to Wind. Keep fighting the loser’s fight there, Alex!

    • kickstart

      Sorry guy, it was me – another Alex. I’m from PTBO and my brother took the photo.

      To other who say it’s a dive – yes, the Charlotte Mews isn’t a prime location for it, but it is downtown and just around the corner from the main drag.

      I just like putting news in. I don’t find Bell/Rogers/Telus LTE networks as interesting because I have no vested interest in them (i.e. getting Home service where before there was an Away zone).

      Oh and correct, Peterborough has had service for about a year or so.

  • JP

    Sooo… Wind expands. In Ontario.

    Not exactly an increase in “national” coverage.

  • Steven

    Wind Mobile sucks. You know why they called it WIND? Because it “BLOWS” lol.

    I got one of these wind mobile phones as a secondary phone, and i live in the Toronto area, and the reception for this phone drops in and out all the time, reception is horrible. Do not buy a Wind phone, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY A WIND PHONE. It will be the worst money you ever spent.

  • evrest

    I have been wind customer for 2 years and I left that to another operator reasons are:
    1- very weak an scattered coverage
    2- dropping call
    3- the most important one though- unacceptable Customer service. Very Novice and beginner agents, it works from 9 am to 10 pm can you beleive? every single call has needed at least one hour wait.
    4- less handset choices

    I have respect for competency, however less payment meaning less quality. That is rule of free market

  • raman

    As a newcomer – 2 years ago – I found wind very very attractive. With unemployment, no income lots of expenses at least I had a phone, no car just inside city of toronto. Then once I started to work and travel around no way to continue I havd needed reliability, coverage and speed non of then was provided by wind. How I could explain to my boss multiple dropping call, no coverage? anyway I left wind to Rogers. Thanks wind anyway providing a primary, minimum and basic service especially for newcomers like me.
    However progress in life needs enhancement in tools so farewell wind!!

  • Daniel AJ

    I hope Winds can find an investor to expand coverage drastically. A few masts in Peterborough is nice for Peterborough, eh.

  • nick

    when you going to get a signal up in the curve lake – buckhorn area

  • Dopey Mobi Chicka

    Go up to cottage country, and you’ve got instant success.