Bell launches the Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE


  • iphoneee

    is that an iPhone? if not, does it come with apple maps? if not, is it available in white?

    • UnSimplified

      “Bell launches the Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE”
      -The World doesn’t care!
      -Is this a joke? $450??
      -The now “olde Nexus Galaxy is now $250 and the N4 is $360.

      EVery phone has to compare itself with the price and specs of the 16GB at $360. I wonder if Google will manage to match demand before the Holidays?

    • UnSimplified

      Mobilsyrup has to start announcing the Outright price of the phones.

      That or to add: “With new activation on a 3-yr. term on a post-paid voice and data plan or a post-paid voice plan and a data feature with a min. value of $50/mo” to the price!

      Is like saying that a car is $199, and exclude the conditions. Just quote thefull price from now on. Thank you Syrup.
      I know you did it in this case, just keep on doing it 🙂

  • Jenna

    30 year contract? damn that’s long

  • Babu

    DOA!!! Nexus 4 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Q

    30 year contract, hahaha.

  • Me

    Should be 70 bucks on a one year. When are they gonna get it. Bought my last two phones off contract.

    • me2

      have you paid the same carrier for the last 3 years?

  • Jason

    I wish it had an 8mp camera!

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    mobilesyrup, you forgot to include the outright price. whats the point of comparing it to telus without all the pricing details?

  • Miknitro

    Lol, no.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    hey mobilesyrup, if you change your postings later after users point out errors please include an edit history, it would give this site more credibility

  • determinator

    mobilesyrup can’t give the outright purchase price from Bell because it isn’t on the bell website ( just the 3 yr contract price is listed)

    hopefully bell will come forward with info regarding the other purchase options.

  • confused

    What the hell is PTT? Speak English!

    • 2dfx

      Push To Talk good sir. Basically a walkie-talkie over HSPA service.

    • techie 01

      How are you on this Site looking at phone specs and don’t know what PTT is? and its really called Press-to-Transmit.

    • Eh?

      PTT = Punch the Troll. Get it right people.