Google to unveil OS 4.2, a 32GB Nexus tablet with HSPA+ connectivity, plus a 10-inch Samsung Nexus tablet during October 29th event


  • shiftastic

    I really hope that Google sells the nexus 4 to Canada through the play store instead of having to pay $300 more to buy it outright from a carrier.

    • Bobby

      Well, there we have our 5 Nexus devices for this year:
      1) Nexus 7
      2) Nexus Q
      3) Nexus 4
      4) Nexus 10
      5) Nexus 7G

      So no second phone unfortunately.
      Now the only question is: LG Nexus 4 or HTC One X+?

    • howitzer

      don’t buy it from a carrier or you’ll end up with the False nexus mess; yakjuux models anyone ?

    • EvanKr

      Hopefully they’ll bring it here for $400-$450, and then drop the GNex’s price even more. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d definitely pick up a GNex for $200-$250. With JB, that’s a bargain!

    • tech

      wondering what the nexus tablet looks like.
      Talk about element of surprise these day….

    • Shey

      well….you know what this means.
      RIP RIM.

  • Martin Chmiel

    Wow! That LG Nexus looks hot!

  • John Marshall

    I’m more looking forward to the Windows Phone 8 event, really.

    • DRI

      Me too! Android is actually Blandroid. 😉

  • andy c

    Still no word on lte for the phone….

    Just read Engadget’s review of the optimus g. They seem to like the hardware

    • 600bucksPhone

      The nexus is a GLOBAL phone with mid-upper specs and mid(Best)price around; offering the fastest updates, strongest support and highest re-selling value.

      Bottom line: the Nexus is about offering the BEST Android expereince.

      LTE is HUGE in North America as a Cash Cow, but is close to non-existent in Europe/Asia. Instead they have focused on improving the HSAPA+ speeds over there without the costs of a new LTE network and without reducing the battery life of the phones.
      While the theoretical max speed of HSPA+ in NA is 42Mbps, and typical speeds are around 12 in Canada or 20 in the US; in Europe you get close to 35Mbps tipically anywhere in Europe.
      The Nexus will work/sell all over the world; it will be bad news for NA because the device won’t push for LTE use but its a global market-phone.
      Pitty they are still forcing you to store your life in the GOOGLE Servers, instead of an SD card, but at $400 is still one of the best value phones out there!
      Wonder if the Nexus will be forcd to drop to $500 now?

  • bigshadyray

    Pass….note 2 for me.

    • jellmoo

      I dunno. 5.5 inches is too small for a tablet. I think that 7 inches is a good starting size, and 10 inches makes a great high end size.

  • _J_

    Looks like I’ll wait for the nexus 10 tablet…. Sweet

  • CluelessCompanion

    A 10″ Nexus Tablet with HSPA+. Take my money already.

  • jack

    id buy the nexus 10

  • tkmckay

    Hoping that the “Nexus 10” specs come true. I’ve been sitting on the fence for a long time when it comes to my first tablet purchase but this might just get me off that fence depending on the rest of the specs and of course price!

  • Gsizzle

    I am actually excited to see what the JB 4.2 Maintenance 1 features have in store for us. And obviously the release date of LG Nexus 4 in canada.

  • Hinds2009

    Well I know the nexus 4 will be my next nexus!! It’s gonna be a stellar launch on the 29th!

  • skullan

    Personally, my hopes are the HSPA+ version of it is only like $50 more. If it is, you’ll see me pick that up for a Christmas Present for my wife, with the long term hopes she gets bored of it and I can adopt it for my own needs 🙂

  • monsterduc1000

    Google really needs to put out a 32gb+ version of a Nexus phone if they are not going to include expandable storage. 16gb (which is never really 16gb as my Nexus S has only 14.2 that is usable, and many other devices like the One X are only about 10gb usable for some reason) just does not cut it anymore with games and apps getting better and using up more space. I’ve had to delete quite a few games because newer, amazing and quite big games have come out, some taking up to 2gb of space!!!

    • DocB

      Totally agree. The 16GB limit was what stopped me from getting the Galaxy Nexus. I held out hope for the rumoured 32 GB version, but that never materialized. Google, if you are not going to give us a MicroSD option, then at least compete and give us 16/32/64 GB options. And for those of you who keep saying “use the cloud” that’s only good for streaming. What about apps and secure documents? I store some sensitive material on my phone (audio interviews) that can be erased via Cerberus if necessary. Technically, anything stored in the cloud is not yours any more (read the terms of service).

  • Dkai

    Personally.. I would never buy another LG product..

    • 600bucksPhone

      Made by LG but will be updated promptly by being a “Nexus”; The one you want to avoid id the LG Optimus G!

  • Paul

    I just bought a note 10.1. If that 10 inch is coming soon I may bring it back and wait!!!

  • Kandy Kane

    I still think it is very premature to call the next OS “key lime pie” when all indications are that 4.2 will be Jelly Bean build. The web has christned the next OS as key lime pie for ages, but Google has never confirmed this. The do typically drop very obvious hints at what the next treat will be, and the hint they have dropped has nothing to do with pie.

  • Jake

    All I want is for the nexus 4 to have LTE. Don’t think that’s too much to ask. There’s no reason for it not to have it.

    • Mark

      Actually I think after their experience with the Sprint and Verizon LTE variants Google might move away from LTE for now. They had battery problems, radio problems, and support problems. I think GSM is safer investment.

  • jay

    Hm the lg is pretty good. But want to know what apple gonna do. Maybe a iphone maxx with a 5.2 inch screen???

    • monsterduc1000

      You can’t tell Apple what you want, they tell you what you want =D

  • Roberto

    Great newa, I have a Galaxy Nexus & Nexus 7 and both are excellent…I waiting a Nexus 10 for purchase…

  • Kid.Canada

    Lol good one Jay, you’re gonna have to wait at least 2 more years for the screen to get slightly bigger let alone 5.2″.

  • drone.

    If it’s more than $450 then it’s a bust.

    • 600bucksPhone

      Looks like the Current Nexus will drop to $299$ and the Nexus 4 will arrive at $399.

      Wonder if the Samgung Galaxy S3 will drop to $499??

  • Redheadednomad

    New tablets sound great – let’s hope that Canadian carriers are willing to offer some good data plans for the new HSPA+ tablet. Gonna want more than 3Gb/month!

  • Jeremy

    I’m just hoping that once these are announced I’ll be able to get a great deal on a Galaxy Nexus.

  • RR

    LTE on the Nexus 4 would be nice, but the 16GB limitation is the real killer!

    • 600bucksPhone

      I care not for LTE.
      but the 16GB could be a killer for me too!
      I would rather get a Samsung S2 or S2x from Virgin, Koodo, crappier screen but they have SD card, and beter 2MP front Camera for Skype…all for $300!!

  • John Marshall

    “I wouldn’t want this thing, but I want that other thing. This thing is what I really want!”
    – Every single comment on MobileSyrup

    • vn33

      Here’s something different:
      I don’t want anything from the Fruity Company

    • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

      Nah, that’s just if it’s not an HTC or Samsung phone.

  • Josh

    I do remember Samsung claiming that the Nexus 10 will be quite high-end.. but I really hope the price will be somewhat affordable. T^T

    • Tomatoes

      It is extremely difficult to replace the ipad 3 unfortunately. I have been looking for awhile now and even owned an Nexus 7 but ended up returning it. I was going to settle for a low res Windows RT tablet but if the Nexus 10 is like the Nexus 7 with a way better screen and build quality, i’ll pay the ipad price for it.

      If it ends up being budget like the Nexus 7, then it might be poorly made like it as well.

  • Trev

    To many devices, just got the s3 and already, I’m thinking about the new nexus. If only my wife would understand.

    • caribouroader

      Amen Trevor! Bringing another mobile into my house may have my wife claiming adultery!:)

  • Randyw

    Hope to have 4.2.0. on my Galaxy Nexus soon!

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    This Phone is your Father.

  • Doug

    I highly doubt that Key Lime Pie will appear on any devices this year. Looking forward to the Nexus10 (my first tablet). Does the Nexus4 still have a non-removable battery? if so,no good.

  • Rob VH

    I’ve held off buying a tablet because I don’t want another gadget. I was a productivity tool. For a tablet to be that, it needs to have the ability to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents without a bunch of lousy compromises. Give me a good productivity experience and I’ll buy your tablet. Otherwise, I’m sticking with my laptop.

    • Christmas Daniels

      Windows 8 non rt tablet will do it no broken promises

  • chris c.

    The Nexus 10 will surely be a great tablet. I wish to get it simply because I’ve never experienced retina-quality display screens before(don’t like iPad). But if it does not come with a Micro-SD card slot, then it could be dead on arrival since every other 10-inch Android tablets have had one. Unless it will be a repeat of the Nexus 7 business model–16GB followed by 32GB and so on.

  • Slype

    I sat on the fence for quite a while and pulled the trigger when the Nexus 7 came out and I have quite enjoyed it. I think this will give iPad some competition because it will be a better tablet with an open eco system + it will be cheaper (I think that is a fair assumption).

  • Skippypaccino

    I pray to God that we don’t have to settle for just an LG nexus phone. My contract is up and was planning on getting the new nexus around Xmas time. If it’s only the nexus 4…sucks to be me. Might have to wait for the new BB10 phones. Please baby Jesus bring us a Sony psv nexus phone.

  • Richard

    I will be sorely disappointed if they don’t day 1 launch the lg4 in Canada. I honestly don’t have any faith that they will. We still can’t buy the Galaxy Nexus.

  • oil5darling

    What some of you are forgetting is the rumored price point of the Nexus 4 being in 300-400 range. If essentially I am getting the Optimus G with a vanilla android (updated by google)but have to get forgo LTE in exchange for the price, I am more than willing and excited to do so.

    Now it might be different when I am looking to get the Nexus 5..

  • germaican

    can someone tell me how they’re releasing a new version of android yet I’m still waiting to get an older version of android for one of android’s biggest sellers? people knock iphone but after just switching to android I am kinda confused. It’s like the americans voting for romney

  • Manny

    Lol good news for all those who can’t afford to buy apple products, the clones are back in market with some new cheap ripoffs.

  • Zoomus

    Personally I I could care less if any of the carriers sell the Nexus 4 in Canada, with the fiasco they caused last with the lack of updates this time they can go Fcuk themselves. (I know I still have to use their network so they don’t care) I just hope Google ships to Canada, I am a big Android fan but this time around I am getting both the Nexus 4 and the Nokia Lumia 920, going to give them a look see what its all about,

  • billywilliams

    I have galaxy nexus yakjuux from bell. As this model is now being discontiued. Does this mean i wont receive any more updates. If i buy one of the new models coming out what is to say the same thing does not happen again.
    As i am a noobie it is too complicated to change to yakju.

  • Zoomus

    I highly dought you will ever see any more updates from Bell, take a look at XDA, I changed mine from the Bell firmware to the Google Yakju soon after Bell release the Galaxy Nexus, I get all the updates as soon as they are release, currently I am running 4.1.2 I highly recommend you do the same, its not that hard, and I am sure that Google will release 4.2 for the Galaxy Nexus, and with the Yakju Firmware on your Galaxy Nexus you will get it as soon as it is release, I did the same for my Motorola Xoom, I changed the firmware to the USA firmware, my Zoom is runnning 4.1.2

  • Sai

    I can’t wait for the update on my Nexus 7! (if it’s pushed to my device, that is)