Sony’s 2013 flagship C650X “Odin” reportedly caught on film


  • I Like Good Food

    I hope it impresses us and I also hope that circle Thing is the camera reflection and not some sort of button/wheel

    • caribouroader

      It’s the lens of the camera that is taking the picture of the phone.

  • iphoneee

    patent infringement on iPhone 6s

  • Gsizzle

    Nexus or Fail.

  • Osama

    The circle is the reflection of the DSLR camera used to take the picture… looks good but 5″? Thats pretty much a phablet, Note 2 is already out anyway… dont have to wait for February!

  • Travis

    Still be junk.

  • relevant84

    Must be Andre the Giant holding it if they want me to believe that’s a 5″ screen.

    • Tomatoes

      It’s possible. The 5 inch Panasonic Eluga Power is actually small.

  • 5Gs

    Sony wannabe iPhone

  • monsterduc1000


  • jack

    dislike the silver across the top and bottom

  • J

    Only three fingers and a thumb. Shouldn’t that be the news?

  • JL

    Just make the PS Vita phone already.

    It’s the only thing that Sony brings to the table that Samsung and HTC can’t.

    And I’d buy one if it didn’t suck like the Xperia Play (which had a pretty good gamepad but shitty screen, processor everything else).

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    You sure it won’t be shipping with Gingerbread?

  • gurnblansten

    Here’s to Sony yet again – the keystone cops of Android Phones. Interesting specs, staid and tired design showing no innovation. Likely shipping with a very out-of-date OS by 2013 standards which is the hallmark of Sony. Honestly wait for HTC, Samsung or a worthy Nexus as Sony has never, ever, ever seemed able to get the job done right. Ditched my Ion due to bad battery, old CPU with a 3 month update for OS that should have shipped at release – ICS. That means another year for Jellybean (With newer versions rolling out) and likely the last one available for it because they’ll end of life it – 2011 models case-in-point. Sony is possibly the worst at Android and showing no signs of improvement.

  • Ron Mexico

    ” Android-powered device and currently runs OS 4.1.1, but by the time it’s released it might have OS 4.2 Key Lime Pie.”

    Lol, joke of the day

  • SC

    This looks very similar to the Sony Ericsson X2

  • gjeff12

    A Sony phone with decent specs? I dont believe it.

  • Asad Ali

    Very nice phone , a great addition to the sony collection