Wind Mobile releases the LG Optimus 4X


  • Eugene

    Don’t buy LG. You’ll never get updates from them.

    • john

      its only $50 less than GS3 :/ why would anyone get it?

  • AndroidRootGuy

    $549.. wow. Wind is learning fast from big 3! Going with this, Galaxy Note 2 will be $800!

  • ActivesiN

    this is a nice phone, too bad it will never get any os upgrades

  • holler back girl

    hehehehehehe “Wind Releases”

  • Anon

    Despite what the article says, don’t expect this to ever get an update. LG always abandons perfectly capable hardware.

  • kenypowa

    LG is far worse than Samsung, HTC, Sony or Motorola in updating their phones.

  • Danny

    Will the LTE work on Bell’s network?If I unlock it

    • COB


  • Derp

    > 4.0.3

    At least LG is letting you get used to being behind the times, they’re starting you off on an old version right out of the gates!

  • amc

    Android 4.0 released on October 19, 2011. One year ago.

    Why I am not going to buy that LG?
    Smartphone OS is what making phone smart.
    That device is one year behind the pack and NEVER going to be updated because it is LG.

    Something I can forgive if price ~200 but not for 500++

  • Ron Mexico

    “LG previously let us know that they are working on bringing faster upgrades to their Android devices”

    LOL, ya right

  • Nathaniel James


  • Miknitro

    I’ll pass on that no problem.

  • Cyrano

    “will most likely see an upgrade to Jelly Bean”

    did you guys miss three words, “only thru xda”?

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    LG, you’re reputation is tarnished, you best not come ’round these mobile parts no more, ya’heard? Stick to making TV’s and other stuff you’re actually competent in. Don’t let the door hit your giant butt on the way out.

  • 2c

    this is going to be a very slow moving item in wind inventory.

    • Aaron Bates

      You’d be surprised! Most people don’t know sh!t about phones. And let’s face it, a considerable chunk of Wind’s demographic aren’t very bright people to begin with.

  • willy wonka

    Stay away from LG… worse build quality ever, and worse… no updates and no communication! LG Optimus 2x users on Wind did not even receive Gingerbread!!!! LG = Big FAIL! Do not buy you will regret it…

    fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!

  • willy wonka

    I have an LG Optimus 2x, never dropped the phone, however one day i was using it the screen internally just died. Brough it to a repair shop and they said it was cracked!! Garbage…and worse is no updates, and horrible support. Stay away from LG!!! (Bad hardware, VERY BAD SOFTWARE AND UPDATE POLICY)!

  • mehmeh

    DO NOT BUY LG SMARTPHONES. (Maybe except for the LG Nexus 4 because that’s controlled by Google)

  • mehmeh

    Once Android 4.2 is released, this phone will be two versions behind without any support from LG.

  • Bri

    I have LG Optimus LTE and I actually like the phone.
    Got the update on August unlike many other LG device owners..
    I guess LG is doing better with their updates.

  • Sanjiro

    This is way too expensive, especially in light of the LG nexus selling for $399 unlocked and being better in every single way except storage. At $400 outright, might have been tempting for people who want a large screen display and extra storage or can’t wait for the LG nexus.

  • RocMon

    Anyone else annoyed at the way these ‘reports’ lack any reporting? I get the slimy feeling I’m reading a paid press release masked as ‘news’ instead of a guiding report from an industry enthusiast website… Fracking overall lame state of the web! (imho)

  • RocMon

    Which is why I always read the articles and immediately read the comments…. At least in the sea of nonsense (fanboy trolls) there always a contributor who enlightens – which is the power of the people and the reason the web can be awesome!

  • DrRegulator

    2 Years later and Roc is still an i***t!

  • Piotr

    After a recent experience with LG I will never buy LG
    1) you have to go through wind for warranty, cannot deal direct.
    2) if you unlock it warranty gets VOID.
    3) Updates… keep waiting and praying and if lg comes out with a newer version no more update ever as your phone is deemed old.

    • hoo dat

      While I agree with you regarding your final point, I disagree with your first two:

      1). Most device manufacturers run their warranty programmes through their carriers. This streamlines the process quite considerably and gives the consumer significantly more points of contact;

      2). As far as I know most manufacturers will void your warranty if you unlock your phone. Only one comes to mind and it isn’t LG.

      Having said that, I personally would avoid all things LG until such time that they prove they’re will to support their product updates properly and can treat their consumer with respect.

  • Thomas Yu

    LG’s inability to give updates doesn’t bother me quite as much as the LOCKED BOOTLOADER. Meaning, no CyanogenMod – which always runs better than the stock ROM and is sometimes a way of bringing an update to a phone that won’t see it officially.