Huawei “Ascend W1” Windows Phone 8 press shot leaks online


  • jess

    so chic!

    • tech

      so when is HTC going to sue them?

  • John Marshall

    That phone’s a looker, but its specs seem kind of lame.

  • Michael

    This looks good and battery life seems good with a 800×400 resolution, 2000mAh battery and Windows Phone 8. Plus it’s not too big.

    Only thing that’s not doing me justice is the 5MP cam.

    • Saurabh

      Yep, I have to agree with your comments about the size of the phone; it’s ralley too small to type adequately on it. It is possible to download Swype for this phone I think Huawei are providing it for free; some people might find it helps them type on it, though it didn’t ralley improve my typing all that much.One thing that annoyed me about the phone is the lack of a hole for a lanyard. I’d have thought this sort of thing would be a no-brainer on all phones, these days.I also agree about the camera it’s pretty horrible. Fortunately, I bought the phone just for development, not for general use. I’ll just stick with my Nokia N85 for now.

  • mjolnir

    Guys, this is not meant to be a flagship phone, so do not treat the specs as such. If you want a flagship WP8 phone there are still plenty to choose from. I personally have a hard time deciding between HTC 8X and Lumia 920..

  • Rylee

    Not to mention that its Chinese crap.

    • andy c

      if you want a smartphone not made in china the only one i can think of is the Nokia N9 (made in finland)

    • stylinred

      @Rylee China is making all the phones now if you mean to point out that the Branding is a chinese company well I must say I felt the same way until i played with a Huawei P1 its a great device and I was thoroughly impressed

      @andy c lots of nokia devices were made in Finland but not anymore they’ve closed down their Finnish plant now its china/korea/india

    • stylinred

      @andy c and brazil

  • John

    4GB of space? Yeesh that is small.

    VGA camera, that is horrible.

    Phone is right out of 2007

  • sam

    Everything is chinese these days

  • TK

    yup~ get over it, everything is made in china those days~ however, wtf is with this color? nokia lumia wannabe?

  • dv

    I lol’d @ 4 inch display with a resolution of 800×400…

  • deli

    looks good for a mid-entry phone.

  • Drew Moreberry

    I was wodnering what the best way to give the Chinese government all of my info would be. I thought just using a crappy gmail password was the best way, maybe I should just buy one of Huawei’s phones instead…

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    512 megaflops of ram is sufficient for win8

  • kayn

    This is just another Windows Phone 8 polycarbonate brick. They all look the same. There is nothing to differentiate the products – excluding very minor spec differences that will have no real bearing on daily use or interaction with the device – produced by the various OEMs.

  • R.Dot

    Why do all WP8 devices look the same?

  • Jesse

    I think coloured devices all looking the same is a hell of a lot better than a bunch of black devices that all look the same.

  • RocMon

    As @Drew Moreberry pointed out sarcastically, wasn’t this company just on the news regarding its hidden covert information steeling … Accusations – doubt the sell too many of these.

  • jabba52

    Apple makes all their items exclusively in China. And I think Blackberry is avoiding some components in China for security reasons, but not all. I know Blackberry has some plants in North America and Europe.