Pinger releases Android app to provide free VoIP calling and texting in Canada & U.S.


  • Zeake

    LOL. No thank you. I’ll have to pass on this one.

  • Kai

    How is $18.99 comparable to Skype for pricing?
    I get Unlimited via Skype for $2.99/mth.

  • Brock

    Ephone 100% better! Must try people!

  • Sweet

    It looks like the difference between Pinger and Skype is that with Pinger you get issued a phone number whereas with Skype you don’t. I’m assuming that number is to receive incoming calls. But the last I checked, companies like Skype weren’t allowed to offer incoming calls because Skype doesn’t support enhanced 611 services. Did Pinger get around that restriction ?

  • Eric

    You can purchase country-specific number(s) from Skype as well.

    • rchl

      Except for Canadian numbers.

  • Dave

    Why bother! Just use Magicjack app or NetTalk App, truly free over wifi.

  • Chris

    Vonage Mobile is way better. Free domestic and international calls and texts to others who have the free app, and you get to keep/use your current phone number.