Pinger releases Android app to provide free VoIP calling and texting in Canada & U.S.

Pinger has waded into the saturated voice and texting app market, by expanding its free service into Canada. Previously available on iOS, Pinger has taken its free texting app (called Pinger Messenger) and added free voice calling to anywhere in North America.

Like its competitors such as Dell Voice, textPlus, Vonage Mobile and others, with Pinger you get your own phone number that can be used to make and receive calls and texts. While the service claims you get free unlimited calls to North America, you actually only start with 20 minutes and can earn more by completing ‘Tapjoy’ promotions. If ad-based isn’t your thing, you can purchase 100 minutes for $1.99 and up to 1000 minutes for $18.99. This makes the service comprable to Skype in terms of pricing, though you can’t make outbound calls beyond North America at this point (though if they’re using the app, you can make free calls to more than 100 countries).

The app is quite pretty, with a simple user interface that is consistent between Android and iOS. I was able to get a pretty nice “647” number in Toronto, and the company assures us that more improvements are being made to the app soon.

If you’re interested, download Pinger for Android and iOS.