Swype beta for Android gets ‘hotwords’, new tablet layouts


  • Alex

    i think this update releases tomorrow

    i got to used to it…but has been buggy. was about to switch but now i will give it another shot

    ive tried them all….swift key is alright, so is stock, but nothing beats a gesture and getting a full word

    so lazy to tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tomorrow….swype is NOT for the two handers though

  • Alex

    OH and i hope the let us use google voice when we want to speak to text…..OMG DRagonGois beyond unusable !!!

  • crimsona

    Rather than trying to be Swiftkey with a split screen keyboard, they should have just had a micro-sized floating keyboard for one handed thumb usage. There’s been a floating keyboard available for a while, but it’s not thumb-friendly due to thick tablet bezels

    The beta’s coming tomorrow, but I don’t like how Swype’s direction after being bought out by Nuance.

    Having said that though, I absolutely can’t stand tapping on SwiftKey and iOS keyboards, so Swype for life (or any similar alternatives)

  • god

    Android key Lemon PIe ?

    • god

      wrong threads lol

  • christian

    when update available? tomorrow?

  • Zeake

    I’m currently typing this perfectly written message on my qwerty keyboard. Long live the qwerty!

  • Kiri

    Once you Swype, You’d never type ever.

  • Jeremy

    Swype would be better if I could turn off internet access for it. I really don’t want all of my usernames and passwords transmitted over the net. No company has perfect security.

    Toggling between keyboards is too much of a pain to only use it occasionally.

  • Studystand

    Has anyone had issues with this latest release? I just installed it and I can no longer set it to be my default keyboard. Everytime I attempt to set it up it just reverts back to the stock Android keyboard.

  • cass_m

    @Studystand-did you have the previous Swype installed? On the device I did have it installed on, it won’t set as default (JB Nexus) but on the new install, it works fine.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    I used to swear by Swype; then Swiftkey came along.