Samsung sends invitations for New York City-based Galaxy Note II launch on October 24th


  • superfly

    Yup. 100%

    • Sam

      Sure, for the right price.

  • Beso

    sweet … I will be buying the international version unlocked so I dont have to worry about carrier bloatware!

    • Sam


  • northy

    take my money now,, im in,, but im keeping my nexus also,,
    just waiting now for phone with a projector,

    • lol

      wow, and android users are always calling apple fans sheep. You havn’t even seen the thing yet…hypocrites.

    • Alex

      Get a Samsung Galaxy Beam!!!

  • Nick

    I still feel that phone is way to big. But to each their own.

  • Trave Thibeau

    I agree with Northy, take my money, show me the line. Wish I could get to NY and go from there.

  • David Yaffe

    Super excited for this phone. My wife who is a Blackberry fan is also considering switching to the Note 2.

  • Dalex

    It is a really great device and the size thing is really easy to get over. I’m personally not going to buy it, since I’m not a big fan of the glossy plastic back and Samsung’s skin (Touchwiz left a bad taste in my mouth on my old GS2, thank god for CM9/10), but for a mainstream consumer, this is awesome. I’m going nexus for my next phone.

    It’s an amazingly fast and fluid device, backed by an OS that is growing ever more advanced than anything else out there. It’s got a great camera and vibrant non pentile display. The s-pen is a great addition and some of its functionality is really striking. The 2 app simultaneous multitasking view really blew me away because of how fast and fluid the device remained. On top of that the battery is massive! Samsung ticked all the right boxes.

    If the only reason you aren’t buying this device is because it doesn’t fit in your jeans (and it actually does, unless you are wearing skinny jeans and we already know what device you bought if that is the case), then you are doing it wrong!

    • Pat

      I wear tight jeans, and my Note , even with a cover, fits in the back pocket. No problem there.

  • baus

    Same screen resolution as Nexus folks… why bother with a mega screen?

  • Ron Mexico

    I’m all over this 🙂

  • Steven

    I sold my 3GS in August (before the announcement of the iPhone 5 could lower the value) and I’ve been using my old bb8300 since then, waiting for the Note 2, so I can use my hardware upgrade toward it. Finally, it’ll pay off. Stoked!!
    And I know I’m going to get “dislikes” because I’m doing a hardware upgrade, but seriously, for those of you who say it’s not worth it to do a 3-year HUP…you might want to take a look into Rogers’ new FlexTab subsidy.

  • LJK


  • @maikelparets

    I keep throwing money at the screen but nothing’s happening!!!

    • Ron Mexico

      LMAO so true!

  • EvanKr

    I understood Samsung’s “The next big thing is already here” slogan, as it mocked Apple’s “The next big thing”, but now they’re just asking for a lawsuit.

  • Abdullah Bahram

    I have always loved advance tech which is why i owned every single handset from Apple but now the game has changed as samsung has taken over za advance tech phones. Iphone 5 was such a disappointment apple. So here iam loving my GS3 and i cant wait to upgrade to note 2 any ideas wen will Rogers be carrying it?

  • HM

    I’m with Fido, doesn’t look like they will get it, so I will most likely be jumping ship, of course I’ll be asking customer retention to bring it from rogers and if they say no I’ll be leaving fido (and rogers) behind. It’s sad that carriers can’t be more free with their “budget” brands, they use the same networks, the devices themselves are what the consumer desire, and all the carriers have pretty similar plans.

    • nely

      I know, I’m with virgin and I want the note, same position as you… I guess I’ll be jumping ships too

  • Plan Shopper

    I’m all in on this one.

  • realitycheck

    Same screen resolution as 4.65″ screen but it doesn’t fit in your pocket, yeah revolutionary!

  • Frie

    Cant they not think of another line? It is the same thing over and over again

    • Ron Mexico

      How about “the best thing to happen to the Note since the Note”?? Oh wait…

  • alex

    lol hardware upgrade… same insides as galaxy s3… but bigger screen and battery

    I guess if you paid 600$ for s3 might as well pay 600$ for the note 2 to get the bigger screen and a bigger battery

  • Youdontneedtoknowmyname

    I mock at people standing in line at apple store in cold winter for a stupid fone. I think I can understand now why…I think I have never been so excited for phone like this before.. cant wait for Note 2.

    p.s. i still laugh at people who stand in line to get a phone…which now would include me

  • I Like Good Food

    note 2 or nexus 4….hmmmmm decisions…or htc x5…HMMMMM

  • Slype


    Why stand in line? Most carriers have pre-orders or online ordering.

    As for this phone, I’m blown away at the OS functionality. Google needs to make the functionality available on their stock OS. This pushes the boundary so far forward in terms of what a phone can do. The other OSes had better take note (ahem) of this because they are now way behind. Anyone who tells you otherwise has not seen what the note can do. Plenty of reviews (engadget one is good) and videos available to show off why everyone is buzzed for this phone.

  • Vince

    I have the original, great device.

    Somewhat, disappointed the new one actually is only 720 pixels wide vs 800 on the first version.

    Not sure its worth upgrading as the current one more than meets my needs,
    but can highly recommmend the Note I or II to anyone considering them.

  • Alex


  • awsguy

    I guess I can now be officially called “S-Sheep” 🙂 I dont mind standing in line for this!!!

  • 5Gs

    I am with WIND and i can’t wait till i get this phone..

  • Kevin

    I hate to burst your bubble 5Gs but if you’re going to use WIND with a note 2 you might as well use the damn thing as a telescope as even that would be less frustrating and more fun.

    I don’t see how there is any merit in using a phone as Internet and resource rich as the note 2 with WIND, unless you live directly below the wind communications tower. And even then you would still need to don a tin foil hat to get at least 2 bars.