This is what the HTC One X+ looks like, but you already knew that


  • iphoneee

    if it’s not an iPhone, why would I want it?

    • Jordan

      Prepare for your onslaught.

  • Rayzorexe

    hmm… 1800 mAh Battery doesn’t sound too much for a phone this size. Needs to be at least over 2000

  • Michael

    The Lumia 920 was luring me away from Android… But this is pulling me back.

  • eshizzi

    Loving the black with the red accents!

  • akeem

    quad core? yes 64GB? yes the dropbox is a great plus but i would want it with LTE in addition to all of those things.

  • mjolnir

    a bit bummed on the battery… the current onex barely manages a day with moderate usage (no games and vids, but extensive browsing)

  • np

    So long as HTC keeps the beats by dre logo on their devices, I’m keeping away

  • Mark


    They dont seem to care about the users feedback. Users want a bigger battery and micro sd expansion slot. I guess they like to see their stock going down

    • Bystander

      It’s funny how a lot of people think their opinion is the majority’s opinion.

  • Pedro

    I am excited for this!!!

  • iDroid

    Looks the same

  • JesseS

    My wife has the One X, and the batty is the only negative… Maybe get by with some light browsing, but as soon as she uses that beautiful screen for games etc, then it needs two full changes a day to keep alive… and gets HOT! They need to up the battery specs, even if it bulks it up a bit i’d be in for it

  • Adam

    LTE is overrated right now. It murders the battery. Dual channel HSPA+ is fine for me until they figure out how to get LTE with less battery drain. Up to 42 Mbps is a nice speed for a phone. This phone looks sick and I can’t wait to get it to switch between it and my Lumia 920 🙂

    • Bystander

      I used to agree with you until I got LTE. Yes when you’ve never had LTE, HSPA+ seems fine. But once you’ve had LTE, HSPA+ is just unacceptable.

      I went through the same thing when I had dial up and broadband became available. “What’s the big diff? My dial up is fine.” But then I tried broadband at a friend’s house.

      Went through the same thing with old cell phones. “If people have to get a hold of me they can call my house and leave a message if I’m not there.” But then I got a cell phone.

  • One X+

    Sexy phone

  • mattprime86

    That looks and sounds absolutely gorgeous EXCEPT for that s**t battery size.

  • Hal

    Same old story, still no SD ability, still a small battery and if it has no LTE then I’m not interested. Releasing a new smartphone without LTE in todays world, is not a smart thing to do.

    • Bystander

      In today’s world, a lot of places have no LTE. Unless when you use the word “world” you really mean the country that you’re in.

  • baconeater

    Would rather see this on Wind than the LG 4X.

  • Random Canadian

    It would be nice if bell would stop losing all the good phones to rogers and telus.

    On LTE, its not that widespread yet and dual channel hspa+ vs LTE you are talking about less then a second difference for most web pages and stuff, if its THAT important maybe you should take your phone out of your face a bit more often.

  • Matthew

    I have the one X and the battery is fine. I get about 19 hours before a charge but then again I’m running a custom rom. Great phone the screen is just to good to give up!

  • ByGeorge!

    Nicer specs than the original and quite good-looking too, but why didn’t they upgrade the battery? As I understand it this processor is not more energy efficient than the Snapdragon S4 in the upcoming LG Optimus G and they’re using a 2100mAh battery. What gives with this HTC shortcoming? Or is it?

  • bob

    Marginal upgrade. They should at least include 2GB RAM.

  • a

    was excited until i read there’s no removeable storage and the small battery size.

    • Shenzen

      maybe you should learn to spell removable then they will add it.

  • Shenzen

    is this what the new bb10 will look like?

  • Tonyy

    I had the HTC ONE X right when it came out. and it was amazing. best phone ive ever had. but saddly i got robbed for it. so now im stuck with some boring windows phone. I am so planning on getting this tho. better be more carefull and not get this one stolen TOO. Edmontons GHETTO !

  • Tyrone

    When will HTC have a phone with a decent battery no lower than 2000 mah’s Really I like their phones and I love the sense UI a lot but the battery life really starting to turn me away from them.

    I know there going for the thin and slim but I bet if you ask anybody what they want i’m pretty sure battery life is at the very top.

  • Ilya Sverdlov

    If this beauty works on Wind, I’m buying it the instant it’s available.