Rogers, Bell, TELUS and Virgin Mobile all price drop the Galaxy S III to $0 on a 3-year, Galaxy Note also gets slashed


  • jeff

    that didn’t take long.

    • ProductDoesNotExists

      It should have been $99 on a T W O yr contract!

      the SG3 16GB has a “Starting Device Balance” of $650 while
      the SG3 32GB has a “Stargint Device Balance” of $651!!
      So it’s $0 NOW and $50 min per month for 36 months; if you are already paying over $50, it might be not so bad to go for a 3yr plan; the problem is the phone has ONE YR Warranty many people do you know that have a 3yr old phone.
      Ask ROBELUS why don’t they give you a 3yr phone warranty, their answer will be: “No phone lasts 3yrs and batteries start dying after yr one”
      -Why do they sell phones on a 3yr term then??
      -Canada is the only contract where we have 3 yr terms.
      -The rest of the world have an 18 to 24 term maximum.
      -US gives you a phone for $100-$200 on a 2yr term.
      -Make Canada’s term ( because we have less people etc etc) to pay $200-$300 per phone on Two yr contracts and align Canada with the rest of the World!

    • staeit

      “Also, this is the weekend all the carriers 6GB/month data plan promos end (September 30th).”
      a) this is very interesting that they are all terminating this “deal”, which is essentially the same across all carriers, at the exact same time. Furthermore, my initial reaction when noting that the “deal” will be expiring is that this is a good thing since hopefully another “promotion” will be released which is better than this. Time will tell…

    • Nathan

      To ProductDoesNotExists, products come with a MANUFACTURERS warranty, not carriers warranty.

  • ELNY

    Don’t let the carriers take all the credit, thank Samsung for allowing this.

    • Fandroids 4Ever

      Wonder if iPhone is making a dent in sales…

      Why would the best phone in the world be $0 so quick after launch?

      If only the rest of the world was as smart as us on this forum…

  • zzZZzz

    So this for 0 or new iPhone 5 for $180……
    I’m some will still go for the iPhone 5, or the 4s (for $80)

  • nrj4life1

    Time for some Nexus love!

  • Big

    3 year contracts!
    Awwww Yeeeaaaaahh!

  • aviking

    Excellent info.

    I have to go at lunch and get my wife one and get her off her BB torch.

  • jon

    why would anyone buy the useless iphone 5 when u can get the Galaxy S3 for $0

    • ProductDoesNotExists

      Sign up on a 3yr contract and getn a iphone5, sell it for $700 and get one $350 (taxes included) SGS2/2x at Virgin or Koodo and put the rest into your phone bill; or in two yrs you can put those $350 left into whatever phone Virgin/Koodo has in two yrs!

      Not optimum, but its he best you can do until the CRTC bans three yr contracts (never) or lets AT&T and T-mobile to come into Canada (double Never!)

  • Sean

    Wouldn’t this be price colluding. It’s just a coincidence they all drop the same phones to the same prices on the same day and offer the same plan this weekend only…

    • Fandroids 4Ever

      Why would anyone complain about a $0 GS3 sale?

      Telus started a day earlier and everyone looks like they’re matching.

      Wouldn’t it be more weird if other carriers didn’t match? This just means that there’s some competition going on and isn’t this competition good?

      “How dare they have a sale?!?”

  • Hi

    That’s nice and all. Definitely would love an s3 but they can get f*cked with their three year contract sh*t

    • Kroms

      Well then look how much more Fked you are going with the Iphone5.

      You get the same 3yr contract but wait ! you still have to pay them $180 ? L M A O

      Are they nuts ?

  • HTCman

    They can stuff their butts with those 3 year contracts, never again!!!!

  • Collin

    Great deal!!! If i wasn’t already in a new contract for my Galaxy nexus id be all over the gs3 baby!

  • Andy

    For everyone complaining about ‘three year contracts’ – you all need to learn how subsidies work. Don’t want a three year? Go pay $600+ for your phone. Otherwise shut the hell up.

    • lmps56

      Wait, what? I can’t have the best phone on the planet for $0 without a three-year plan?

    • EvanKr

      Go look at the American carriers, many phones there are the same price or cheaper on a 2 year. Even then, I’d gladly pay $50-$100 more to get a phone on a 2 year. After 3 years it’s guaranteed that either your phone will break and you’ll be wound into another 3 year, or your contract will be so outdated that you’ll be overpaying by at LEAST $20 a month.

    • Martin

      In other parts of the world if you bring your own phone (no subsidy) you get a discount on your plan.

      When the carriers offer no discounts on plans when bringing your own phone or going on a contract and getting one for ‘free’ which one do you think people will choose?

      You get gouged either way.
      Only in Canada do you pay an additional $8 for CID, everywhere else it’s included in the monthly fee.

    • Alex

      It’s exactly what I did 🙂 I got my Galaxy Nexus for 599.99 + GST with 40$ plan from wind. Noone will ever screw me with post-f.-statement. 40 means 40, not 140 or 1000$. )

    • John

      In Europe and Asia there is only 2 years contract and the price to get iPhone 5, S3, Note etc.. are all at zero dollars.
      The amount they pay for plan is more or less the same with what we have.
      Soooo we have 3 years contract and have to pay for the top tier phones.

    • al

      Until you see that in other countries you get subsidised phones and don’t get ripped off in the process.


      Vodafone in the UK. They’ll give you a free Galaxy S3 on a 2 year term and the monthly cost is GBP 33 (about $50) and it has 600 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB data and stuff like voicemail and CID which is standard um…everywhere else but Canada. So over the 2 years you’d be paying about $1200 for the phone and a plan that kicks the a*s off what most of the companies here offer you for that sort of money.

      If you want unlimited minutes, texts and 2GB of data it works out to about $65 a month.

      If you want a ONE year contract, the phone is like $230.

      So GTFO with nonsense about how subsidised phones are the reason for 3 year terms. ROBELUS are more than happy to give you a 3yr term AND charge you for the phone too. It’s just Canadian companies ripping off Canadian customers.

  • tomatoes

    Not looking good. It looks like the iPhone 5 curbed the gs3 sales. Hopefully it manages to beat the GS2 30 million.

    • Pat

      Simple economics. There are a lot of good phones on the market, and because they look more and more alike, the companies will start competing on price.
      This may not be that visible, when you buy through a plan, but most of the world buys unlocked phones outright. Then, the price difference becomes more noticeable.

  • Jono

    This pisses me off, I just got an S3 on September 8 and paid around $160 – anyone know if there’s a way to work a refund or discount?

    • MattyMattMatt

      Cell phones only have a 14 day return (and thus 14 day price protection) policy.
      Maybe if you were real nice to the carrier, they could do something, but even on the 8th, that was too much. Source gives better discounts than that, easy.

    • kevy

      The same thing happened to me when I got my Atrix. They won’t price match, but I called Bell customer retention and they gave me a 5% discount on my monthly plan for the whole 3 years. It ended up being more savings than the 100 bucks for the “cheaper” phone. I also negotiated no charge call display and voice mail so in the end it was a pretty good deal.

  • S3ownerz

    Got a S3 last week for $149 and called Rogers today and they credited me for $149 since they dropped the price this week! Ballin’

  • Betty

    Naw, I love RIM! Waiting for BB10

    -sent from my blackberry style 9670

  • James

    @Jono is there a 30 day return policy?

  • Jono

    @James, not sure, got it at London Drugs. I’ll start with Rogers and see what happens.

  • andy c

    must resist….

    must wait for new nexus

    • Sonya

      When is it being released? Haven’t been able to find release dates for this anywhere.. 🙁

  • David

    Damn! Just got myself one yesterday … paid 99$ + tx for it!
    Guess they’ll be seeing me again this evening!!

    • Kyle W

      If you have a chance let us know how you work out with this. I had zero luck while talking to the CSR reps but some are better than others.

    • David

      Will try to let you know, yes.

    • Travis

      I called Telus today. After a bit of pushing, I was able to get refunded the entire price of the phone on my bill. My girlfriend did the same thing, but she had to go all the way up to the manager before she could get the whole price of the hone credited. So it is possible to do. Paid $100 for the phone and got it all back in credit

  • David J

    So, when is this sale ending, cuz I might want to wait for some other phone like Note 2, but this deal looks too great

  • iDroid

    Wonder why it’s 0$?

  • deli

    Rogers has a 14 day price match policy. DO IT

  • Kyle W

    I did a HUP on Wednesday of this week at $150 with a $50 credit. I phone a bit ago to try and get refunded the additional $100 but was told that I was not eligible for this pricing as it is fore “New” customers only and the $150 is still the HUP price.

    Not sure I buy this answer at all..

  • Sonya

    Does anyone know if Fido will ever be getting the S3? Or any new Androids any time soon?

  • alex

    I would still pay the 180$ for the iphone 5.

  • Marco

    I was really surprised by this when I saw this on Rogers site at first. But then I saw all the BIG 3 was doing the same thing -.-‘

  • Henry

    The big 3 are clearing stock of the S3 not because it is not selling well. It is because the LTE, QuadCore, 2GB ram is around the corner. That has just got released in Asia countries.

    There are 3 versions right now
    International: QuadCore, 1GB ram
    International LTE: QuadCore, 2GB ram, LTE (new)
    NA: DuoCore, 2G ram, LTE

  • DTO

    I purchased my GSIII 16gb 40days ago when it was $149, when it went to $99 I called Telus loyalty and they credited me $50. I called them again today and they couldn’t do anything about the new price drop but gave me 50% off my bill next month, saving me $30. Wish I’d waited 40days more and got it for free… oh well. Great phone, still happy.

  • kevyh

    Bell charges 11.94 per remaining month for an early upgrade. Time to start looking for a decent deal on an unlocked phone and try to find a good plan and stop paying these subsidized phone/package prices.

  • Jared

    I feel bad for those who did switch from iPhone or Windows Phone to the Galaxy with Samsung’s recent marketing push over the last 2-4 weeks and do not qualify for the price protection.

    A really raw deal being out a $150 bucks or more just like that. Why not do the price adjustment and push alot of sales before the iPhone release and not after?

    I am an Iphone guy but the S3 is a good deal at $0.00.

  • Manny

    It will come for 0 dollars + gift card too. As nobody is buying this plastic oversized clone when u have the original one in the market. And I guess who all can’t afford to buy the original stuff will tick off the unlike button on my post.

    • Nathan


  • Jto

    Got my S3 a couple of weeks ago at future shop for $0 plus $0 activation.

  • Jto

    @Manny clone of what? I just sold my iphone 4s to get my new plastic clone and I’m pretty damn happy to be free of that ball and chain.

  • Chris

    They’re also waiving the administration fee this weekend. Just upgraded from Nexus S and and definitely happy I didn’t decide to upgrade a couple of weeks ago. Saved myself a few hundred bucks!

  • NorOntByndWrlss

    What crazy comments:
    1.Only in Canada do you pay an additional $8 for CID, everywhere else it’s included in the monthly fee. – TELUS includes it with All of theor plans. Not just select promotional plans.
    2.Wouldn’t this be price colluding. It’s just a coincidence they all drop the same phones to the same prices on the same day and offer the same plan this weekend only… – Once again TELUS started this a day early. Rogers is still selling the Galaxy Note at $49 on a 3 year. Additionally what this is is price matching by the competition of TELUS who put the S III down to 0$ on a 3 year first.
    3.When the carriers offer no discounts on plans when bringing your own phone or going on a contract and getting one for ‘free’ which one do you think people will choose? – TELUS gives you a $50 on a mtm when you do this. They are offering a $100 credit this weekend.

  • NorOntByndWrlss

    4. US gives you a phone for $100-$200 on a 2yr term.

    I previous worked for an American Cellular provider. we were the only ones that did not offer a 3 year contract option. All others did. Our phones averaged $199.99 and could go up to $399.99 for newer high end phones.

    I am not sure where some people get all of this misinformation. I do not even work for TELUS but this information is easy enough to find.