Nokia reaffirms its commitment to maps and location in Windows Phone 8

Nokia is going on the offensive in promoting the maps experience in the upcoming Lumia 820 and 920. Earlier in September, just after the announcement of the Lumia 820 and 920, the company spoke about its improved location services, including offline maps and improved turn-by-turn directions in Nokia Drive. Nokia will be powering all of Windows Phone 8’s mapping data, including offline maps in both Maps and Drive, which will be available for all devices. Lumia devices will benefit from turn-by-turn pedestrian navigation, augmented reality with City Lens, and indoor venue maps for large malls, airports and conference centres. These assets are aimed right at Google Maps, but with the disappointing turn of Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app, the company is reinforcing its stance as the “best of the best.”

Today, Nokia has released an infographic explaining just how much better its mapping experience is than both Google’s and Apple’s. The core of the argument revolve around data: Nokia has been building its mapping database for years, and owns Navteq, one of the world’s largest providers of mapping data. Not only does Nokia’s turn-by-turn navigation work in more countries than both Google’s or Apple’s, but the company claims its data points are more detailed and accurate.

This is a powerful argument, especially as Apple’s iOS 6 Maps already has a Tumblr showcasing all the false or incomplete data. Check after the break for the full infographic. We’ll be sure to do a head-to-head when we get our hands on a Lumia 920, just to be sure. Source: Nokia Conversations