Nokia reaffirms its commitment to maps and location in Windows Phone 8


  • Ryan

    I love it when companies admit defeat in some areas on charts like this — the “traffic” row here, for example. It is pure tactics, but it is also brilliant.

  • Basement Dweller


    • Keith

      You really should get out of the basement a little more. Nokia devices use Windows Phone not Android.

    • paulysworld

      Odd statement. Did you read the article? You see, it’s about how NOKIA and NOKIA MAPS, on the saying Lumia 920, (and the Lumia line for that matter) on the Windows Phone platform is far superior to ANY other mapping program on ANY smartphone/platform on the market… just sayin’

    • stylinred

      to be fair pauly maps and city lens works better on symbian 😀

  • Jon T

    City Lens on my 900 as of a week ago! Mmmmmmmmm Nokia. I’ve already found things in my city I didn’t even know existed. Best app ever.

  • Rhett

    I had the nokia n95 before my galaxy s2 and it was the greatest phone of all time, 5 day battery life, beautiful camera, stereo speakers and just the overall package. I’m happy to see them starting to climb back and the lumia 920 is my next purchase, even though it’s not going to be here for a while. Start selling unlocks on ebay please..

  • Peter

    Why do I care how many countries the maps cover as long as Canada/USA is covered?

    • paulysworld

      Uh, dude, many of us travel to other parts of the world, that’s why.

      Perhaps someday you can do it too!

    • Mr. Miyagi

      I guess you don’t travel much… sad…

  • John Marshall

    Shrewd timing on your part, Nokia. Hope to see release dates from carriers soon.

  • Chew

    With the 920, Nokia has everyone else beaten soundly in all the areas that should matter day-to-day to anyone using a smartphone. If they don’t get major market share this time around, they will really need to evaluate their marketing and distribution model.

    This should be an easy sell, especially with more and more people waking up to the fact that Apple is more a marketing and patent-troll machine than an innovator of any sort.

  • duw

    Nokia maps is dead to me until they add Calgary Transit and Translink.

    • paulysworld

      Is it available on android?

    • duw

      GMaps got them yonks ago, with schedules.

  • ruddias

    I like how they let Samsung win one instead of just leaving it out. It shows how confident they are in their product. That is something rare to the industry, and definitely respectable.

  • Jesse

    I like this factual stuff way more than childish commercials that just make fun of someone’s intelligence just because they like a product.

  • Jesse

    I like this way more than the childish commercials that insult a person’s intelligence.

  • David

    Here’s an area where Apple is lagging behind and Nokia can take advantage of it and get a head start

  • zzZZzz

    Next we need Samsung to make an ad against iOS maps. Just had a conversation with my friend in which she complained that public transit doesn’t work on her iPhone anymore. Had a good laugh.

  • John M

    Duw, the Nokia Transit app supports Calgary Transit now. I know this isn’t integrated Into maps as it is in Google maps but then Google offers nothing as brilliant as Nokia Transit either…

    • duw

      Thanks for the heads up John. The lumia 920 suddenly becomes very attractive.

  • shadyguy

    Wow really puts in perspective how puus-poor Apple’s Map system is. Not even in the same ball park as Nokia or Google.

  • Real Monkey Face

    I’ve always loved Nokia designed hardware. Not a fan of anything Windows OS based.

  • why doesnt windows 8 itself has map? i mean bing has a map right? why doesnt microsoft make app for it. i dont like his messed up system of htc having its own and then nokia. then subscription and blah blah.

    • stylinred

      Bing maps do have an app and it is available in windows phone (or they did i think its being removed for win8)

      the thing is though Bing maps uses Navteq (3/4 of the worlds auto navigation uses navteq) and Navteq is owned by Nokia

      so its a bit redundant to have 2 of the exact same mapping apps offered (except in branding)