LG Optimus 4X HD coming to WIND Mobile and Videotron in October


  • Robbie

    Just wait until the LG Optimus G…

    • i was just gonna say that. that phone is a beast!

  • ruddias

    Negri Electronics has this for $430. Wind should price it at $500 to keep it worthwhile, otherwise the international version is the way to go.

    • Sanjiro

      Only problem is that the international version doesn’t support AWS (1700MHz), so can’t use it on Wind, Mobilicity or Videotron. The international version is quad band HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 only.

  • Tommy Crosby

    “(will be updated to jelly Bean)”
    Somewhere far in 2013 like the G I guess?

  • Anthony

    its an Android..i’ll pass..WP8 FTW

  • Wes

    LG optimus 2x… stuck at gingerbread… LG FTL!!!! LG NEVER AGAIN!!!

    • aliwhatsit


  • B

    That’s actually quite a surprise. Good work WIND and uh videotron too.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    second rate phone on a second rate network… GG

    • aliwhatsit

      …second rate comment

  • max

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. LG!!! We have all learned our valuable lesson!!

    • David

      I still stuck in the Android 2.2 – FROYO!!!
      wIND MOBILE lg optimus x2, stay away from LG!

  • Omis

    See where it says it will be updated to jellybean. What they really mean is it won’t ever be updated to jellybean.

    • aliwhatsit

      Translation error from korean? lol

  • wewewi

    Nobody gives a damn ’bout that one anymore!!

    Just give us the Optimus G already!

  • Munir

    Stay away from LG. My 2x is still at gingerbread! We should teach them a lesson… The only way to do that is to ditch their phones… I can’t believe they can ditch a customer after taking ~500$… There should be a law that if they release newer OS version in a phone then all the phones with better specs should get that OS version within 1 month. Waiting for that day….

    • JC Chong

      My sis’ Wind LG 2X is stuck on Froyo; I won’t recommend any more LG phones to others.

  • Aiden

    lmfao froyo. lg is for poor people anyways

  • sak500

    FU Lousy Goods.. Have O3D with GB which was their flagship 3D model and they ditched it with no support. Glad i bought S3 now smooth as butter on JB leaked update which samsung have been releasing every few days in past few weeks. Way to support your products. Not a fkn high quality hardware with no software to make it run.

  • Upgrade! Yeah right!

    LG and Wind don’t update their handsets. If you buy this be prepared for it to never be updated to Jellybean.

    LG optimus X2 onj Wind is still stuck on Froyo and it was sold as being upgradable.

    Never again!

    Stay away from LG!

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      What does Wind have to do with LG upgrading its crap phones? LG didnt update ANY phones for ANY carrier. Take a look at their facebook page for evidence. Comment after comment from people all over the world mad at LGs lack of support. LG is done, they dug their own grave.

  • Fandroid


  • rip rim

    rip rim

  • Eugene

    People ! Don’t buy LG ! Because you’ll never get updated firmware !!! They don’t care about existing customers.

    (LG Optimus 2X owner)

  • TP

    AFAIK, their support in Korea has turned 180′ and people now say LG’s suppports and updates on the more recent phones (maybe starting early this year) have been decent and on par with Samsung.
    I want to believe that shows LG has learned its lesson…I really like the design and the specs (but the build quality is not the best yet).

  • Pablo Moses

    If LG never send the updates, you could count on Android Communities specially XDA.

  • Ultraman

    What about Mobilicity? Will they carry this phone as well?

  • Thomas Yu

    I’ve heard it has a locked bootloader, and as one of those enthusiasts who prefers custom ROMs with zero bloatware or OEM UIs, that’s a VERY bad thing for me.

  • willy wonka

    stay away from LG, … the so called G2X/LG Optimus 2X is still on froyo in canada! Shame on you LG….put your money where your mouth is and do not buy LG. They have crappy support.

  • T1MB0T

    Yet another sub par phone on the worst network. 9 weeks and counting for a repair, not even a warranty one! some guy in a back room fixing winds phones! Jabronies! Vimpelcom just released the numbers. 426k oh no was tony ” mistaken ” again!

    warren put down that lipstick..

  • Lex

    Wind Mobile should bring the Xiaomi Mi2 to Canada.

  • mehmeh