iPhone 5 pre-orders now shipping between 3-4 weeks


  • Bobby

    iPhone 5S!?!?!?

    • Tyson

      When do pre-orders of BB10 happen?

  • Hank Hill

    Bobby, if you weren’t my son, I would hug you.

  • Dizz

    It’s a great great phone. It’s no galaxy S3 mind you, but still a great phone.

  • common_sense

    Blah blah blah…

    The iphone 5 fans should have expected this.
    Doesn’t concern me one bit. I won’t be wasting my hard earned money buying this disappointing device.

    With last week’s “big” announcement, Apple totally sold me on an Android/Samsung device. If that’s what Apple intended to do then…job well done! 😉

  • Vincent

    I’m surprised they reached 2 million per-orders even tho most says its a big disappointment..

    • andy c

      it looks like a nicely built phone. but ios is not for me.

      wife’s 4S has been sold and the ip5 is on the way to the store. I really need get that phone on friday…. so i can get my galaxy nexus back from her 😛

  • Robert

    I have a S3 and I have put it up for sale and I have ordered an unlocked IPhone 5 the S3 was a disappointment as it was going to be my travel phone.

    • andy c

      iphone 5 for travel??

      good luck finding a nano sim’s for it

  • andy

    i’m surprised Apple is still pushing the fake hype tactic again. Announce huge preorders, then delay the phone for a lot of customers.

    This creates the false perception of over-hypiness, yes, hypiness. This shows to the normal person who was never going to get the iphony in the first place, that there is some magic in the phone that so many people are crying over, like a teenage girl at a One direction concert.

  • Dustin

    I ordered mine at 3:23am and it said it was to deliver Friday but it still hasn’t shipped yet 🙁

  • Kid.Canada

    Expect a lot of customers to realize it isn’t as as good as the galaxy S3 and return it the next day…except for the iZombies of course

  • Miknitro

    They weren’t ready again, what’s that, yeah same old.
    Go figure, it’s a hype tactic.

  • shadyguy

    By the time it actually ships seeing as its already pushed back to October the new Nexus devices will be announced and new iphone owners will be drooling.

    • Andy

      There’s no need to argue this point. These people are already stuck in the reality distortion field and will never be able to escape. You can give them the Galaxy S9, with a super model, they will still take the iPhone 5 because it’s what they’re used to. An apple product. It’s almost like the phone fills void for them.

  • craig

    typical Apple tactic

  • Crocography

    Hey this will be just in time for the Nokia 920 release! Great timing.

  • Jordan Hill

    I bet this is what the iPhone 5s will look like!!!!!!

  • haxor99

    I dispise how Apple does business. It’s disgusting that they make their customers wait 4 weeks for their phones. I know most of us think this is a hoax by Apple to over hype their product… I have a better theory.

    The executives figure, instead of investing the infrastructure and $$ towards pushing out all the needed devices in a timely fashion for thier customers they instead decide to leave it as it is… save a boatload of money and benifit from all the extra hype of the product being in short supply.

  • Bill

    Hmm. My iphone5 shows that it was received today at the Rogers store. I wonder if they’ll allow early activations..?

  • Curtis

    So in reality… the Pre-Order Volume is Zero. and the Sales between Sept 22nd and October something are 2 Million.

  • TK

    Best in the market? I doubt it
    Best OS? Maybe not..
    Is this what market want? I believe so

  • Gabe

    Im surprised at all the iBashing. I mean let’s be a little less stereotypical here. I’ve used android since day one on the first htc. Nexus s than galaxy. But I am no fanboy. We were at a concert back in may and I recorded videos and took pictures and do dd my friend on her iPhone4. Not the 4s. The iPhone blew the galaxy nexus away. Faster pics, better pics. Way better. Side by side mine looked like I took it with a disposable compared to hers. And te video? Let’s not even mention that. My sound was unusable. Distorted, horrid. Hers was clear. Not even like we were at a loud concert. I took an interested in the ipone right after that. Switched for a day for shuts and giggles. The old iPhone 4 liked the galaxy nexus butt. I felt ashamed. It’s not the specs man but actual usability. Kinda like having a corvette with minivan suspension. That’s what the androids remind me. Bought an iPhone 4s and now I preordered the 5 my girlfriend wants me to replace her nexus s real bad. So she will get the 4s. So stop the bashing. Makes you look unintelligent. Try a real comparison.

    • BB

      @gabe you kind of just answered your own question. People are hating on apple for the same reason you switched over…for a camera. As well, you say “It’s not the specs man but actual usability”. you tested the phone for a day and came up with that??? thats why people are targeting apple users. I’m sure your change had nothing to do with iphone girl saying you have a cheap phone and you should join the ios crowd! p.s next time you are at a concert turn the volume on your phone down if you want better sound! wasnt a noisey concert…hahaha

  • shadyguy

    @Gabe horrible comparison – should have compared to premium phone at the time Samsumg S2 – not even a fair fight like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

  • Gabe

    @shadyguy In a S2x vs iPhone4s comparison I still think the 4 wins hands down. And I’m not a fan of Samsung bloat ware and shouldn’t have to root to enjoy my phone. All I’m saying is I’ve been with android for a long time and there’s no reason to bash the other side for a specs fight. There’s lots of people out there that like what the iPhone has to offer such as myself and aren’t fanboys. We just go for usability vs specs. Cause in the end it’s my pictures and ui interactions that matter. Not ram. That’s why the iPhone sells.

    • haxor99

      Interesting @Gabe. I would love to see a side by side comparison between the Audio, Video, and picture results of the SG3 and Iphone5

  • BD

    @gabe – So when you are talking about not having fun when using your droid because you have to root it…tell me, can you change themse or add widgets on your iphone without jailbreaking it? The user customization on an android is wonderful, hundreds of themes/lockers/launchers..and we don’t have to root or jailbreak it. I love my nexus with jellybean, but might look into the Lumia 920 when it is released. Apple was supposed to be about innovation/evolution..they are just playing catch up with android/windows…terrible.

  • happyboy

    I fell sorry for all that will buy an iPhone

    • Kostas Kritsilas

      Aside from the typical lack of availability in the launch phase of the iP5, why? From all indications, the iP5 is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, cell phones around. It is lighter than most, but has as good build quality as the Motorola Android RAZR family. It is fairly thin, not as thin as an Android RAZR (sorry Mr. Cook), and has better battery life than most Android phones. Screen has better color reproduction than the iP4/4S as well. What is it exactly that is making you feel sorry for all of those buying an iP5?


  • Paf88

    Maybe the tactic’s true, but the numbers don’t lie. In hours, Apple sold 20% of the SGS3 number. In a month or so, they’ll have surpassed 10 million (SGS3 number) units easily. This is why I own AAPL and not SSU.SG.

    • Phucmeister

      beeeeh… beeeeehhhh…