CyanogenMOD 10 nightlies now available for the Samsung Galaxy Note


  • dlo

    that awkward moment when the nightlies have more changes/upgrades than the iphone (which takes a year, yearlies?)

  • Mark

    I guess this is for the i717 galaxy Note? I really like the work of DaGr8 on the note + he’s from the same province as me.
    Chech his thread on XDA.

  • Jeff

    It’s quite good but still a bit buggy (hard freezes here and there, Bluetooth oddness). Just went back to cm9 today for the increased stability. It’s a bit frustrating though because jb is much much better.

  • ferg

    This seems more difficult to do. Any help would be appreciated.

    • gnote

      @ferg – boot to recovery, wipe cache/system/dalvik. flash rom + gapps.

    • vn33

      @ferg: Navigate to the XDA forum. You will find a lot more detailed instructions than on a thread like this.