Nokia Lumia 800 spotted running Windows Phone 7.8, shows off new homescreen and sharing options

The Nokia Lumia 800 is still a great device, and will represent Nokia’s resurgence into the smartphone market, at least in North America, for years to come. And while it’s not quite a year old at this point, the device, along with the rest of the legacy Lumia line, is about to be obsoleted with the release of Windows Phone 8.

But according to Nokia and Microsoft, the Lumia 800 and its ilk have a lot left to give. Once new devices are launched, existing handsets will be upgraded to an interim Windows Phone 7.8, which will look awfully similar to its newer and more powerful cousin but will lack many of the features, such as mobile wallet and advanced camera options, that make Windows Phone 8 so exciting.

One clear improvement over WP7.5 Mango is the new home screen, which allows users to customize the size of live tiles to suit their individual tastes. Tiles will have three sizes to choose from: small square, big square, and rectangle. Some apps will be upgraded to support the extra space of the rectangle tile, or the minimal space of the small square.

It also looks like Windows Phone 7.8 will support app sharing from the app list: when holding down on an app, the traditional way to uninstall it, you’re now presented with an option to “Share” the app, likely over Bluetooth or email.

Hit the break for one more look, plus a short video demo of Windows Phone 7.8 in action.

Source: Windows Mania (Polish)
Via: PhoneArena