Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is expected to be available in Canada on September 26th


  • notbillable

    Finally it is here.
    Cant wait to grab one!

  • superfly

    Only if it was 4g for $499

  • John Lee

    With the Windows 8 Smart PC available for just a little more, and also with S-Pen, I am going to hold off and see which unit is better.

  • EddieWinslow

    There was a review on Reddit, and they were not pleased with this device. I was upset as I really like the idea for it.

  • Danny

    I just pre-ordered mine! Anyone else notice the differnce in prices and specs between US retailers and According to, specs list it with 32GB built-in memory at $499.99. However the US versions are all selling for 16GB/$499 and 32GB/$549. Finally something that is actually cheaper in Canada!

    BTW anyone know if the older Galaxy Tab keyboard dock will work with the Note 10.1?

  • Patrick

    Anyone know if you’ll be able to tether this to an ICS device? I want to use my H+ / 3G from my UNrooted Galaxy Nexus 4.1.1 with this.

  • Danny

    Do people still tether devices? In any case you can still hotspot your phone with ample data plan to the tablet. I currently hotspot from my SGS2 to my Google Nexus 7 tablet without the phone ever leaving my pocket.