Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 goes up for pre-order, 32GB Wi-Fi priced at $499.99


  • Vengefulspirit99

    Where is jb? I’d buy it if it came with jb or got it soon after release!

  • James

    wooooo! finally!

  • Diddly doo

    I’ll stick to my Xoom running stock jellybean thanks.

  • eshizzi

    I’m sure it’ll be awesome, but I’m craving the LTE version!

  • jellmoo

    I’m not gonna say that it’s a bad deal for the price, but the price is likely higher than what the market will forgive. Android hasn’t been able to crack the “premium” tablet market, and I don’t think this will be the device to do it. Of course, it could prove me wrong.

    On the other hand, that Seagate 1TB drive might be a tempting deal…

    • Stimulator

      I managed to grab a 1.5 TB on sale last winter for $79.

  • P

    NICE! Was gonna pick one up in the states, now I don’t have to

  • James

    where is the link from? The newsletter? I couldn’t find it in this weeks flyer but I don’t subscribe to the newsletter so I can’t find the link. I noticed the one here is permalinked to an error page so it probably won’t work even if the other link goes live.

    • fogman_white

      James, what do you mean by “functional stylus” ? Can’t you work on other Android tablet ? I’ve tried the A200 and it’s working… well, it’s ok but strangely, my S3 is working better with a stylus than the A200. What are your expectations for a stylus ?

    • James

      basically a stylus which isn’t capacitive and just mimicing a finger. Even the best styli (like the adonit jot pro series) aren’t anything similar to a stylus that meant to function as such,like those found with wacom drawing tablets. Given that this is a wacom digitizer I expect the input to be superior to that you find with any capacitive stylus.

  • Kevin

    The newsletter as been updated. The Note as been replaced with a Asus 300T.

    • James

      what a bunch of turds

  • AP

    Earlier this week, a video surfaced showing the N8020 model (LTE Capable) already running a stock 4.1.1 JB build. So it can’t be that far away.

    These are the model numbers:
    N8000 (Wifi + 3G), N8010/8013 (wifi Europe/North America), N8020 (LTE)

    I currently have a 32GB Wifi model. While I don’t think its worth $499 (purely becuase of the screen resolution and slightly plasticky build), its still an outstanding tablet. Performance is way better compared to my ASUS TF700. I didn’t pay $499, so I’m content with it.

    • James

      where did you get one and how did you get it for less than 499?

  • androgynousAndroid

    $500 for the worst resolution on the market? No thanks.

    • James

      the only tablet with a functional stylus.

  • john

    So wait. people keep talking about resolution

    the acer a700 and the asus tf700 are the only ones with high resolutions for android

    lol so what are you guys comparing it that keep saying it is the worse on the market?

    1080p is not even a standard on the market, you guys are hilarious .

  • AP

    I’m down in the States for a few months. Found a lightly used, week old one for a good price.

    While I loved the 1080p resolution on the TF700, I don’t mind the drop in resolution in exchange for the performance benefits. No more ‘Application Not Responding’ hiccups that are common in ASUS tablets. I actually find myself using Multiview and stuff often.
    Come the Note 10.1 2 with a FHD screen and I’ll definitely jump.

  • simisimi

    they took down the link. -.-

  • chris c.

    I think all 7-inch tablets should have at least 1280×800 resolution while 10.1-inch tablets should have at least 1920×1080 resolution starting around this time.

    I can already see some blurred pixelated places (especially icons) on the Nexus 7 even at arm’s length so I’d reckon that 1280×800 on a 10.1-inch screen must be worse.

  • John G

    Price too high for me – I have an Ampe A10 with fairly similar specs, latest Android and works great and way less costly.