Nokia Lumia 920 could hit Canadian soil by November

With no shortage of disappointment, we reported on Wednesday that the Nokia Lumia 920 would likely not arrive in Canada until early next year. Nokia was very cautious in giving release dates for the new flagship phone, saying that it would arrive in select focused markets in Q4 of this year. As we know with the Lumia 800, it took many months after its November launch in Europe for it to hit Canadian soil on TELUS.

According to a source at The Verge, the Finnish company may be in a better position this time: they’re going to be releasing the Lumia 920 on AT&T only three days after the official Windows Phone 8 launch on October 29. The source cites November 2nd as the date AT&T is planning to release the Lumia 920, making it perfectly feasible for the device to come north on that day or shortly thereafter. Considering the date is just under two months away, we’re sure Nokia has a lot of work left to do optimizing the software and hardware, but it sounds doable.

Considering the iPhone 5 is coming out by the end of this month, and the Note 2 in Q4, along with refreshed HTC Android and Windows Phones, are you planning to hold out for the Lumia 920? Though our preview was brief, we really enjoyed what we saw.

Source: The Verge