Bell and Virgin to release the Motorola MOTOLUXE in White on September 17th


  • MotoFail

    MotoFail @ $300, for that money you can get the Koodo SGS2x for $300 on prepaid with $50 credit.

    Gingerbread in mid Sept 2012? 512RAM, 1400mAh, 800MHz Adreno 200…..and all for $300??? That’s hilarious!!

    The right price for a phone like that would be $150, to compete with the One V from Koodo at $175 with ICS out of the boc and better specs.
    MotoFil indeed.

    Now if they price the Droid RAZR M at $300 I will take it in a sec!!

  • XR999

    Oh lord yes, the Motoluxe is a downright fail. I’ve setup/used one owned by someone I know and it’s downright laughable. The stock launcher is slow, laggy and even with a lightweight replacement, still not perfectly fluid. It comes with a horrible stock music app, usual Motorola ****ware and it’s slow in general. In one case for a prank, a few co-workers sent probably about 20-30 texts to the Motoluxe and it just couldn’t keep up with them. Not to mention this device has poor community support and a very shaky future as to getting ICS, let alone Jelly Bean.

    Needless to say, if you’re in the market for an Android phone in this price range, either look at the Galaxy S II (and it’s variants) or the HTC One series. Both are far better spends of money than this fail of a phone.

  • cedqc

    LOL the phone is always available im white for virgin…
    get one for 75 $ not bad when you delete all bloarware
    great rf and voice quality

    • FadedSpark

      25 @ Best Buy and has been that way for a while. on a 150 tab.

      Sorry about your luck. Best Buy and futureshop are the only places worth going.

  • Miknitro

    Wow, this has got to be an internal screw up as that is a steaming pile of phone and for only, only $300, WTF GB too, MotoFail.