Live from Nokia’s Lumia press conference


  • Jordan Hill

    “Is this BB10?”

    • some guy

      Yes. Yes it is. By the way, your Grandma asked me to tell you to move out of her basement and get a life. 🙂


  • some guy

    “The most advanced smartphone in the world today.”

    OK, I want to like your product… but that’s just BS and you know it!


      I’m sure Apple has a patent on that kind of BS.

    • some guy

      Haha you make a good point. Better watch out Nokia, Apple will drop the Ban-Hammer for false posturing! They own that racket.

  • mike


  • jellmoo

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Sadness

    Wow, this looks great!

  • LEKO

    Will it be enough to fight against the fruits and the little green robots?

    • some guy

      I hope it is enough to stir up the market a bit. Always a good thing when companies start to innovate bigger better ideas and put them into action.

  • Zorbsie

    This thing looks great! love the curved glass. Really love Nokia’s designs.

  • superfly

    Apple will sue Nokia for sure now. Doesn’t Nokia already know that Apple has already patented the mobile pillow. It will be passed out to attendees on sept. 12 along side the announcement of the iPhone 4s2. It is so everyone can fall asleep comfortably during the Apple keynote of all the revolutionary new awesome fantastic things it has.

  • David

    At least this looks like a real press conference than Apple’s propaganda show where you got fan boys going crazy every 5 seconds for just seeing a scroll of the screen.

  • js

    screenshots? peace out android.

  • TestMe


    • Drew

      I see what you did there. Drizzy!


    ryp rym

  • Bob c

    WOW screen shots lmao windows

  • Zorbsie

    Lipstick red, take my money!

  • Miknitro

    Not what I was expecting really.
    Hype an Bs, go figure.

  • earthspark

    wow wow wow…i just want to know when i can buy it?can’t wait to get it

  • Jared

    lol, Steve. I can’t wait to see ‘Naukia’ phones.

  • Hilman

    Nothing really exciting shown off, why would people switch to this from Android? I don’t see their market share hitting above 5-10% any time soon.

    • Nemet

      As someone who has owned several Android phones and a tablet, I can tell you exactly why I switched from Android to Windows Phone.
      It’s better. It’s slick, fast and the apps work well. I find Android to be relatively slow and clunky, even the latest versions still can’t seem to get past that sluggish feeling of the OS.
      On top of all that Windows Phone has a better music player than anything and Android developer has to offer.

      Microsoft is often late to the game, and they certainly were with Windows Phone, but I honestly think they’ve got the best OS out there.

  • iEtthy

    WTF?!?! thats it?!?!?! NEXT!!!!

  • WSK

    So, on the one hand, people complain that a phone is too common and not “exclusive” enough, therefore they don’t want it.

    Then people complain that Lumia’s will not capture a significant share of the market (thus remain uncommon) so they don’t want that, either.

    Make up your minds, already!

    Even though I’m fairly disgruntled with Nokia over their reluctance to provide good customer support to existing Lumia owners (re: MMS configuration), the 920 almost looks too good to pass up, grudge or no grudge.

  • Hilman

    @ Nemet, you have obviously never used a Jelly Bean device, the fluidity and smoothness is better than anything out there including iOS (or WP7).

    For the life of me, I don’t understand why people make a big deal out of live tiles, they are fugly and nowhere near as useful as Android widgets.

    • jellmoo

      Jellybean is a massive improvement, no doubt, but it still cannot match the fluidity of WP. The experience really is apples and oranges though.

      I’m of the opposite mindset. I find Android widgets to be fugly since they all look different and offer no unified experience.

    • jPhoneUser

      so 7million lumias sold and 1 million in q3. still symbian outselling nokia. lets get it over with msft , buy nokia out their stocks are 11% down. they r at 9B, i think it is better to spend 9B in this than skype for 8B.

  • jPhoneUser

    so a phone that takes better photos ? is that nokia’s selling point ? oh funny how 2010 , 2011 were also “the year of windows” .

  • Nitroslice

    agreed, although the yellow and red are a little too flashy for me, the gary slate should be rpetty cool. and the shape of the phone is very nice. The camera is whats going to set this apart (along with the nokia maps which are very good). hopefully apps i currently use with android will be available. (still a couple of months to create them windows… :)).
    Also windows across all types of hardware is interesting).
    Anyway, this phone doesn’t have to try hard to beat the new Iphone 5 look (i know not official, just leaks…), which seems boring, and same old.

  • abc123

    No doubt that W8 phones will require you to switch all your “cloud” services to windows compatible ones.

    This is where they will fail.

    Millions upon millions of smartphone users have invested years into google and apple cloud services and won’t be so eager to switch everything to MS just for a friggin’ phone.

    Who cares if it’s fluid or takes multiple pictures a second or it comes in yellow… What does it matter if it has the best built in music player when you can’t access your itunes library?

    If consumers can’t get their music, movies, magazines, pictures, email, contacts easily off their existing platform or if W8 doesn’t provide the same level of integration to other cloud services, it will be DOA.

    • mrdeeds72

      Ahhh… You are correct, the ecosystem is truly where Windows Phone 8 will succeed or fail. Where I disagree with you is that they will eventually succeed. All the ground work is there for this Windows ecosystem to capture the hearts and minds of the consumer. It will not happen overnight, this is a great next step.

  • Anrea

    Why did you have to have a S**ty OS like Windows inside such a beautiful phone? Sorry no buy! Not for me!!

  • Stupid


    Not real pure view.
    No sd card.
    185 grams? The only phones that weigh in that realm have keyboards.

    But it has windows 8. Which has built in screen shots. Woohoo!

  • glonq

    Screenshots! Welcome to 2008.