The first Windows Phone 8 device is official: here is the ATIV S


  • Vengefulspirit99

    looks gorgeous as opposed to the crap Nokia is coming out with.

    • EvanKr

      Nokia’s far from crap, the design of the 800/900 was gorgeous and a refreshing change to the standard slab look. However, tha should give them some nice competition! I was getting tired of Samsung’s previous underwhelming plastic deigned, this à la HTC styling is very nice. I’m assuming that it also offers a removable battery and expandable storage, so that gives it a few points over the Nokias.


      The title should have been:
      “Samsung releases SG2 LTE HD for Windows!”

      Nothing wrong with that. That Hardware mix is a winning one (almost 30 Million SGS2 sold up to July) good amount of RAM, good CPU GPU, great Camera, battery, HD,and LTE.

      Looks like the way to go for Windows is to get SAMSUNG to make the phones for them; NOKIA was an epic fail. Not enough RAM, Small Battery,(They gave exclusives to TELUS) etc.

  • David

    Looks promising! And Mr. Heins, you better bring your A game comes BB10 release.

  • Matt Demers

    Better be careful, that rectangle looks a little too round.

  • Alexander

    Still inferior to the Galaxy SIII. It’s missing LTE, has half as much RAM and the body is thicker (though the battery is slightly larger).

    • DRI

      I have found that LTE is still very iffy. When I had an LTE phone I would lose the signal while moving from one room to another. LTE would work in the living room but not in the kitchen or bedroom. Outdoor it would work in front of my house but one block away it was gone. It was a good phone too, a Samsung.

    • WP74Life

      Samsung is now receiving donation because of their fine.
      Half the RAM ? hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaah

    • drone

      You missed the biggest advantage: GS3 runs Android.

  • Young Cardiac

    Saw this phone on the GO bus. The guy was a bell employee, must have been testing it.

  • Joey

    Apple is so screwed….

  • Tim Cook

    This design is a blatant rip-of of Apple(AAPL) Trade Dress, and will be met with swift litigation to quell any whispered questioning of my company’s unassailable awesomeness.

    Where my laywers at?

  • EAK47

    Hey Samsung, I just met you, but this is crazy
    I love this phone, so here’s a dragon and give me one maybe?

  • Frank

    Is that an iPhone??? What?? No??!?!?!?! OMG I had to look really closely 400x before I noticed the samsung logo, windows logo, capitative buttons, and bigger screen that would clearly indicate its not an iPhone!! THAT RECTANGLE AND ROUNDED CORNERS ARE SO DECEPTIVE !!! Whenever I see a rectangle with rounded corners, I always assume its an iPhone because I was told that Apple invented that shape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andy c

    Aluminum instead of cheap plastic?


  • DRI

    When this comes out my Android phone will be listed on Kijiji very quickly. It will be a real good deal.

  • Threecube

    The back bottom part of that phone reminds me of the front of an HTC phone. Nice looking phone though. Hope the battery life is decent.

  • farooq

    i think they beat nokia because nokia still using window 7 .

  • superfly

    “underwhelming, build quality “? You sir are whacked! Dropped my plastic phones many times, better than glass loser.

  • Derek

    Jesus, that looks exactly like an iPhone. When will Samsung learn.

    • Ron

      No, it looks better than an iphone.

    • AllanVS

      Apparently, your sarcasam/humour is lost on those poor souls who clicked you down! *L*

  • Senk

    I wished my S3 looked that good.

  • John Marshall

    This looks like a Bell phone if ever I saw one.

  • gjeff12

    You’d think after all the problems they’ve had, Samsung wouldn’t risk a design that looks kind of similar to an iPhone. with the lights off on the front you do have to admit you could confuse the two.

    • gjeff12

      I’m not saying I agree with apple, but personally I ewouldn’t risk it.

  • Ron Mexico

    Sold, when can I get one?

  • MikeTheCanuck

    When will we reach the point where we can choose to install any OS on the phone of our choice? Especially considering how closely identical the insides of this phone are to the GS3.

    Would make sense that I could by the hardware from Samsung and then purchase Android JB 4.1 or Windows 8 Mobile. Of course we would buy the phone pre-loaded with the OS of our choice like buying a laptop is today.

    Technically am I missing something that’s proprietary and would prevent this from working? My guess is the chipset is the problem.

  • Phyxius


  • Smee

    I think you’ll find people will quickly port some build of android onto this phone. Why? no idea.

    WP8 is licensed software, and you can’t buy it anywhere outside preexisting hardware (not that it is available yet anyway)

    We’ll see what nokia has to say about things on sept 5th. Right now I’d still pick a pureview nokia WP8 over this.

  • Blas

    I was honestly thinking the new Nokia’s were going to be the only option when it came to WP8 platforms, but this is looking like it might be a more than worthy contender as well.
    Elop better bring it big with their new line-up.

  • sp

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!! that phone looks freaking amazing.

    Almost makes me want to give Windows another chance….almost.

    Jellybean on my S3 is just too butter right now…cant even imagine going with another phone. At the moment……

    BB10 and Win8 … if this is what we have to look forward to…a lot of people are going to be broke in 2013 lol.. me included.

  • ELNY

    If Jellybean wasn’t so damn awesome, this would be the phone I would get to try out Windows Phone 8.

  • Tim Cook

    Looks like an iPhone, I’m gonna sue you b*tches!!!

  • ExcessDan

    so it takes them releasing a windows phone to put the back button on the right side of the phone? or should i say LEFT?

  • doitright

    now this is Fckable!!!

  • Pewz

    do you think I can send a picture of a rotten apple to Samsung and get one free?

  • Ken

    Please get this TELUS

  • Tatoes

    Looks brilliant. I still think the GS3 looks slightly more elegant though. But this looks great for the must be aluminum or is cheap plastic crowd. Too me aluminum or any metal is too hard core and should be reserved for jewelry.

    Now to decide if I should get this or the nokia. I am stumped between the windows 8 tablets too. Either surface or Samsung.

  • haxor99

    I like the look of this… who knows, might actually have a windows phone one day.

  • Miknitro

    Nice looking I’ll give it that.
    Lost me at WP8, don’t like tiles.

  • Free

    They should make this an android phone!

  • JCLG

    Hopefully the transition to brushed aluminium foreshadows an upgrade in design materials for future Galaxy flagship phones. I have no qualms about the build quality of my GNex (or even of the SII i9100 and T989 I had prior), but I do really like the heft and sturdiness that comes w/ aluminium.

    It looks great!

  • MattyMattMatt

    Sort of looks like a cross between an enlarged S1 and S2 HD LTE.

  • Mr Mystery

    I keep coming back to snap another look at this beast, the phone is simply stunning IMO. If that outer trim is real aluminum/metal and not plastic painted to look like aluminum/metal I’m all over this!

  • coop3422

    Wow, this may just be what it takes for me to give windows phone a try, I like this hardware. The physical home button is something I really like! Great looking device.

  • Ants

    Didn’t they just get dinged for constant radius rounded corners? Looks just like the Galaxy S2 HD.
    We all know Samsung has a great catalog of parts, now it’s time to design something that doesn’t look like a Galaxy S, Focus, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Ace, Droid Charge, Focus S, Captivate, Fascinate, Omnia…
    HTC, Nokia, and Sony can do it. Ball is in your court Samsung.