Samsung announces Galaxy Note II with Jelly Bean and many S Pen improvements


  • mrnote

    BEST PHONE OF 2012 HANDS DOWN. pass on the iphone 5

  • Preston

    I know what I want for christmas

  • brunes

    What are the bands??? We desperatley need a quad-core pentaband phone.

  • :)

    I wish Mobilicity can have Galaxy Note 2 !

    • Yes

      Yes. I hope Mobilicity and Wind get this phone. Zero interest in the iphone.

    • Cool

      They should! samsung did a good job with realeasing s3 on all carrier i dont see why they wouldnt do it this time too. Most important is motherboard and modem if its same as gs3 then it will be on wind and mobilicity.

  • Pieqib

    BB10 has hexacore n styliss functons

  • mike Neufeld

    What an AMAZING Monster of a device!!! Best mobile Device made to date, IMO… Good job Samsung!

  • Paulman

    How can it not have full RGB pixels?…

  • EvanKr

    PLEASE be pentaband like the original! I’d love to see this on WIND!

  • 45

    The features with the pen are really cool. The thing is too big for me to ever want to use as a day to day phone, but the features sure do sound amazing.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    tbh anything under 7 inches should be 720p max. anything above that is a waste

    • 45

      that’s what she said

  • I eat apples.

    Looks too much like an iPhone with the curve edges…

    Will Apple block this phone?

  • pats

    same phone just new pen features.

  • kris

    if you watch engadgets hands on the samsung rep says super amoled plus which would be mean rgb well wait and see

  • Jesso2k

    I just got another battery and new otterbox case for my GNote so I’m all in. I will say I’m crazy jelly though. If I can sell this baby for at least half the cost I the new phone I will definitely consider it.

  • Scott

    Wow, some cool ideas here with the S pen. Some of those new features could be pretty useful. I’ve got one of the original Notes and it’s a great phone, too bad I can’t afford to upgrade right now…

  • Mike

    I want this in black

  • andrich

    I want one now with 64GB.

  • aviking

    I hope this means that the sgIII with be getting its JB upgrade sooner than later.

  • Ryan

    I would love one. I only wish they’ll launch it on as many carriers as possible — just like the SIII.

    MobileSyrup, please find out a Canadian release date! I believe in you!

  • nextgenprocessorpls

    i like it, but where is the cortex A15!?!??! this makes me sad

  • Dewey

    Does it have a microSD slot still?

  • S2556

    Samsung is doing all the right things in 2012

    • Tim

      Beside losing a lawsuit lol. Otherwise, I agree. Love my S3.

  • SuperPinkSox

    Does anyone know if Bell Mobility will be carrying the Note 2?

    *Via Galaxy Note l717M*

  • Eric

    sooo…nothing really new…just a bigger version of an S3 with worse screen screen resolution. They increased the size of the screen but didn’t increase the pixel density? LAME