Update: Samsung’s “ATIV S” Windows Phone 8, and “ATIV Tab” leak online


  • Vengefulspirit99

    S3 specs with s2 design… Apple will be on this too

    • GrapeApe

      Pfft… not this time.

      Windows Mobile / Pocket PC phones did the slick Candybar long before the iPhone changed from the bloated Jellybean. And it was more the OS issues that truly sunk Samsung, and iOS looks stale and old compared to Windows Phone; No worries here.

      Apple didn’t invent the smooth Candybar.. problem for Samsung was they didn’t either and didn’t know where to point the judge/jury (other than the failed Sony ref), HTC, Siemens Fujitsu and Toshiba might have an argument for body form, but Apple would lose in any action against this platform.

  • Darth Paton

    What’s the point of getting a Samsung Windows Phone? Their specs will be the same as everybody else but their build quality blows. Save yourself a plasticky piece of junk and get Nokia or HTC

    • Keith

      HTC is as boring as Samsung is plastic. Just get a Nokia and you cannot go wrong.

    • John Marshall

      That sure is some sexy brushed-aluminum looking “plastic” there.

      Though I’m still looking more forward to the Nokia Phi.

  • MB

    wow..the next weeks are going to be very exciting! except for Apple…

  • Cody

    Nokia and htc rightfully own WP.

  • GetwithIT

    is this the iphone 5?

  • Gsizzle

    Is that a dedicated home button?

    Why sammy why?

  • kayn

    I really don’t like the look of WP, at all. I may actually dislike it more than iOS.

  • Aaron

    WP8 will be my next device.

    • monsterduc1000

      @Aaron, Why a wp8 phone? So it can be incompatible with wp9 and be obsolete in a year? The best phones are the Android Nexus Phones. You are getting around three years of use out of them with timely official updates, then even longer when the custom rom community keep the development happening after official support is dropped =)

  • TK Chan

    ohohohohohoh, I am so getting this one

  • mike Neufeld

    Is it 2011???

    • Keith

      Why does your phone make you think that after seeing these?


    Why does that tablet look like a playbook?

  • metoo

    From the front, it is definitely S2 inspired. Given how well that worked out for them with the S2, I have to assume Samsung execs are retarded.

    • John Marshall

      That was more a software issue than a hardware one. The S2 was a damn sexy design, and it’s cool to see it getting a WP8ified update.

  • coolwin8

    I like the look of Win8 but will wait and see what HP, Dell, Nokia, Asus, Acer,…release their Tablets then I’ll make a decision which one to buy. I love Win8 preview on my ALL-In-One Touchscreen.

    • chris c.

      HP and Acer will probably not release any Windows 8 phones or tablets.

  • David

    Heck yes, my next phone will be between Samsung flagship wp8, Nokia flagship wp8, or if possible, the Surface phone

  • lirodon

    Actually it seems a bit more Galaxy Nexus-like in my personal opinion (check out that rear, the Nexus has a similar chin)

    But meh, why couldn’t they make it look more like an SIII

  • n00b2000

    Oh come on, what the hell is an ativ? Please let this be a codename.

    • John Marshall

      It’s “Vita” spelled backwards. Just don’t tell Sony.

  • Stan10

    4.8? Jebus Christ!

    I can’t see myself going above 4.3, maaaaybe 4.5, if I really stretch it, but 4.8 is a bit too much for my normally sized hands.

    • Brandonite

      I have to agree. I have the 4.3″ SGSII and my small hands can just barely hold it in landscape. When I first got it, people were laughing at how it was too big for my hands.

  • isdfoa

    @stan10: i have small hands and the galaxy s iii can easily be used with one hand for me. (im 5″4′).

    and i really like the grey look that samsung’s been going for recently. blue, grey, and white look extremely good on phones and beats plain black anyday./

    • metoo

      You must look a little strange to have such a small frame with such monstrously large hands. Girls probably love you though 😉

  • GTP20

    I can’t wait for these to hit the market!

    Android lost me when they stopped supporting flash. My phone doesn’t open most websites now and my tablet I have never found very useful. Really excited about Windows 8 devices.

  • kevin

    Nice looking iPhone! Apple has done a wonderful job!

    • Semion

      You’re not the only one wishing that IPhone actually looked somewhat attractive. A more or less same design for 6 years and counting. I would be sick and tired of looking at that brick year after year as well!

      Thankfully, I go for quality phones at a reasonable price, and am smart enough not to fall for hype and marketing stunts, so no Apple for me 😉

  • SpeakingTruth

    To all the morons saying that Samsung will be sued by Apple for this phone, unlike Android Microsoft has a cross-licensing deal in place that protects the designs. So if you want a phone that won’t be in question, definitely buy this! I think it’s gorgeous!

  • bob

    This is a SGS3 with half the RAM. It’s better than what is was (WP7.5 devices were just pathetic and outdated), but Windows Phone is still trailing on the hardware front.

    • GrapeApe

      Not if you know anything about the platforms.
      WP8 can do more with less resources. The Mhz / GB debate is pretty pointless if it takes you more resources to do the same tasks. Would I still prefer and eficient OS on a more powerful device, of course we all would; but don’t try to compare the two based on specs alone, it’s not the same, and will likely perform better than many phones that mistakenly appear to be better equipped, when it’s their OS acting as a boat anchor.

      Still think it’s what shoulda come out with Nokia’s re-launch into the space, but finally something close to what was promised in the original WP7 platform.

    • Keith

      This makes the SG3 look like a plastic dog. Plus I suspect we will be even more wowed by Nokia on Sep 5th.

  • Mr. Miyagi


    • John Marshall

      Not for now, but it might be added before it makes its Canadian debut.