CyanogenMOD 10 alpha released for Bell Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE

There is a very small market for the Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE, which debuted on Bell only weeks before the Galaxy S III. While we’re still questioning Bell’s decision to release the device, there’s no question as to whether it’s a great smartphone.

We first told you about dsixda’s CyanogenMOD 9 builds shortly after the phone was released, and now he is back at it with a release of Jelly Bean-based CM10 for the SGS2HDLTE. According to initial reviews, everything seems to be working out just fine, but there are some stability issues with the camera. For an alpha build, it’s quite a triumph and will be good news for stock users who want an alternative to the newly-released TouchWIZ Android 4.0.4.

Head over to XDA-Developers.com for more details.

(Thanks Danial!)